BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY41 HIGHLIGHTS: Bigg boss contestants Diwali performance!

Bigg boss day 41 Review
Bigg boss day 41 Review

Ulaga Nayagan’s Day! Nisha’s stand up comedy Fabulous!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the Grand entry of Kamal, and ended with the grand performance of Kamal! He is definitely, an Ulaga nayagan! We are proud for him!

Day 41 started with Kamal’s entry on stage. He said that during COVID, each day should be seen as a Tirunaal, and every day should be celebrated!!

My submission:

Yes, social distancing and wearing a mask is mandatory. My humble submission to all - please wear a mask and socially distance. Lets be safe, and overcome this pandemic together.

Kamal’s voice:

He also said that November 14th, Nehru’s Birthday, is celebrated as Children’s day! This year, Diwali and Children’s day have fallen on the same day! In Tamil Nadu, the air pollution was lesser this year. People were vigilant, and used mild crackers.

My mind:

I also want to take this opportunity, to appreciate our children, who have been angels, understood the reality, and supported the parents and our Government, in making the atmosphere less polluted.

Over to Bigg Boss House!

Friday’s clipping was shown.

Samyuktha advised Ajeedh to be strict with his instructions, when his captaincy started.

Archana on the other frame, was massaging Gabi’s legs, and said that before entering Bigg Boss House, she thought that she could minimise the fights inside, but in reality it has been tough.

Aari and Sanam were discussing Anitha’s attitude. Aari said that Anitha demanded space for herself, and wanted everyone to listen to her. But, she was not giving space to others. Aari has analysed Anitha’s character perfectly.

Sanam said that knowing Anitha's sensitivity and double standards, everyone was talking to her very carefully, but still, she (Anita) was finding issues to fight over. This, she said was Anita's character, which no one could change.

’Siruthai thanudaiyae puligalalai matrikkolladu’! Anita is like a siruthai!

On another frame, Shivani was venting to Samyuktha, that Archana and Rio were good in delivering (TRPs), and hence were giving strong content and occupying the screen space. She was not good at delivering xxx, and hence, was not able to give content.

Samyuktha replied that they (Archana and Rio) were good at Tamil. If they could talk in Englih, she (Samyuktha) can also deliver content.

They were both giving lame excuses. Sanam, also has language problem. Isn’t she delivering good content? The actual drawback for Samyuktha and Shivani is their lack of involvement in tasks! Mixture saapudra gang!

Over to Kamal on stage:

Mookuthi Amman movie promotion:

Kamal asked the HMs to inaugurate the poster of 'Mookuthi Amman' movie, followed by its trailer.

Aari being the Captain, opened the poster, and conveyed his wishes to the Mookuthi Ammam team.

The trailer was too good. Nayanathara and RJ Balaji combo will surely rock!

Hot star + Disney was marketing their online streaming channel.

’Tamilnaattin pudia thirai unga thirai’!

Ennal mudindadhu, I am also recommending these channels, amidst COVID!

Kamal’s task to HMs:

A variety of crackers were kept inside.

Each HM had to pick an item, and compare it with an HM. They could also discuss it with others.

Most of them took the task jovially. A few HMs, to be on safer side, asked Kamal the significance of the cracker they selected!

But Gabi took ’Pambu’, and said she had one HM on her mind, and asked the opinion of others. Yes, she named Suchi!! She gave that Pambu tablet to Suchi. Suchi’s face turned kadu kadu kadu kadu! Kadugai thalikalam pola aanadhu, aval mugam!

Recap of Diwali letters:

Then, Kamal spoke about the Diwali letters the HMs wrote to their dear ones, conveying their Diwali wishes.

This was like a recap.

One thing I appreciated here was, Kamal pointed out Rio’s letter to Dear Alcohol! Immediately Rio realised his mistake. and asked sorry (for mentioning Alcohol as a loved one, in a show that kids watch).

I, in my earlier review, had pointed out how Rio in ’Paati sollai Thathadae’ task, jovially mentioned "kudichitu jollya irukalam!", which was not right. I even questioned Vijay TV, for not editing it.

Today, Kamal rightly pointed it out, but with reference to Rio’s letter.

Kamal generally said that writing letters has become old fashioned and lots of people have lost touch. Nehru’s letters, to his Daughter Indira Gandhi, were illakkiyam he said. Even Gandhi was good at writing letter, Kamal said. And sometimes, if needed, Gandhi would use both his hands, to write letters, Kamal added. Wow!

Post-man Sivan:

Kamal spoke about a recently retired post man, Sivan, who was posted for duty in the forest. On his retirement, the people of the area gave him a grand retirement party, he said. Vijay TV arranged for a virtual video of Mr. Sivan. He (Mr. Sivan) said initially, he was scared of the animals living in the forest, but later, they became his friends.

Hats off to Sivan sir!

Letter to our military heroes:

Kamal requested everyone, including the HMs, to write a letter to our military heroes, who are serving our nation. He said, "don’t feel that you dont know them! They dont know you either, but they are braving the cold and other adversities for us. They are protecting us." Well said, Kamal. Hope everyone would take his request seriously, and write a letter to our military men and women!

Kamal appreciated the performance of Archana, followed by the performances of Rio, Somu, Ramya, and Gabi in the Patti Sollai thattaadae task! But he did not mention Bala’s sodappals!

Why no worst performer, BB?

Also, this time there was no worst performer selection, and no jail. I think there are two reasons. One: Diwali. Second: I think BB has a soft corner for Bala. He knew that the HMs would select Bala as the bad performer. So, BB must have skipped it! The same happened last week as well. BB saved Bala from the jail. BB, if you are reading this review, do know that we viewers are smarter than you credit us to be!

Then, Kamal took the parupu (moong dal) matter.

He said moong dal masial would be great to taste!

He said the way Anita asked Rio ’sapida theriyuma’ was so rude, and that kamal felt as if it was pointed at him.

As usual, Anitha argued that she asked him normally, to suggest some other side dish for pongal. Kamal told her that just the way she accepted when he appreciated, she should also accept when he points out mistakes.

Anita bluntly said “ok sir, ungae time idula waste panna vendam!“ What???? Kamal’s job is this. It is his work to bring out the positives and negatives of the HMs and analyse it with them! She thinks so highly of her. Whatever she says is right!

’Deedum Nandrum pirar thara vara’. Anita is responsible for the impression she creates among people.

During the break, she argued with Rio about why he didn't say he got hurt the other day. It had now gone to Kamal sir. She said she never thought kamal would discuss this issue. She thought Kamal would talk only about the puliotharai matter.

I think Anitha was prepared to defend herself, if Kamal discussed puliotharai matter. She didn't prepare for this pasiparupu matter.

She didn't let Rio talk for a long time. Rio was controlling himself. Then, he finally told that he didn't want to raise an issue, and so kept quite.

HMs were not aware that Kamal was watching them. They realised it later and assembled in the living room.

This time, even kamal was more careful while talking to Anita.

’Namba mariyathayai namathan kapathikanum!’

He said she is a news reader and she should know to control her anger, stress and emotions!

Btw, my doubt is, Anitha was reacting as if Rio went and told Kamal to take up the issue in his session during the week end.

Not only kamal, even the viewers felt her tone was rude to Rio. She has no right to ask Rio like that!

Cultural program by HMs:

HMs prepared a few cultural programmes as a part of the Diwali celebrations.

First, Ajeedh and Suchi sang. lyrics and music by suchi. It was good. But in one line, Suchi wrote ’Tharumaru in the season’! Avangathan mechikanum.

No season could beat BB seaon1!

Nisha’s stand up comedy:

Next Nisha’s solo performance! Stand up comedy! Brilliant performance! She described all the HMs with a story! No chance. Really, I think Vijay TV is the best in identifying the best talented individuals in different fields.

Kamal was so impressed and digitally hugged her. Had COVID not been there, he would have come inside the BBh and hugged her, he said. Nisha deserves Kamal’s appreciation, 100%.

Gabi’s performance:

Then, Gabi came. She imitated the HMs morning dance. Jithan Ramesh supported her while preparing for this programme she told. Hence she also called jithan to dance with her while performing her program.

She is a dancer. So, she did very well. Kamal said “Excellent” and hugged her from his position.

Archana and & Rio:

Last but not least, Archana and Rio moved the other HMs. They took the lemon issue and Vivadhamandram task. Kizi kizinu kizichitanga Suchia! Contempt of court played a main role in their programme. Kamal appreciated both.

Kamal said the second time in this episode, he was appreciating Archana and Rio. Yes, he appreciated their performance in the paati sollai thatadey task.

Kamal’s performance 👌:

Finally, kamal spoke dialogues from his movies on the request of the HMs.

He spoke the dialogues from ’Michael Madana Kamarasan, Guna, Virumandi, Thenali, Alavandar, Sadileelavathy, Dasavatharam, Indian, Anbae Sivam, Unnai pol oruvan, Ingi idupalagi song from Devar magan!

Bala asked a dialogue from Varumayin Niram Sivappu. Kanal told in that movie, Bharathiyar songs were included. Similarly in the Telugu version of this film, Telugu poet SriSri’s kavithai were incorporated. He also recited one of his kavithais taken for that movie, with the meaning.

Kamal also mentioned that Bharathiyar said Sundara Telugu! We could get the meaning of Bharathi’s quote on hearing SriSri’s kavithai !

My note:

Srirangam Srinivasa Rao known as Sri Sri, was an Indian Telugu language poet and lyricist.

Varumayin Niram Sivappu was simultaneously shot in Telugu as ’Aakali Rajyam’. It was remade in Hindi as ’Zara Si Zindagi’!

The highlight of today’s episode was Kamal’s performance!

Ulaga nayakan Ulaga nayakan than!

Today Kamal didn't touch the lemon issue. He didn't go deep into patti sollai thathadae task either! Can we expect tomorrow?

அடுத்த கட்டுரைக்கு