BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY42 Highlights: Suchi’s 360 degree ’U’ turn! Nose cut to Anitha!

 bigg boss day 42 review
bigg boss day 42 review

Suchi’s 360 degree ’U’ turn! Nose cut to Anitha!

Kamal started the Bigg boss Episode with the Season - Rainy season. Water stagnation is more during the rainy season, he said, and collective efforts are needed to tackle the problem.

Kamal asked the status of the plants given to each of the HMs. Everyone said that Ramya is taking care of them.

Bala said that his plant died. Kamal asked him to take the pot of the contestant who got evicted from the BBH.

Finally, lemon issue:

Suchi and Samyuktha felt that partiality was shown in the distribution of food, but later, things were clarified. Suchi said that the issue was solved, but put an indent for more lemons!

Throwing food in the dust bin :

Aari brought up the wastage of food matter. I think, Aari is generally correct in his opinions and points. Buttttttttt, he has the habit of going on and on and on and on, and makes everything into a lengthy lecture. Kamal rightly said that everyone saw the episode, and hence no need for Aari to reiterate. Kamal saved us! He acknowledged that Aari's arguments were valid, and that wastage of food should be avoided. He also said that Sanam could have simply accepted and moved on, instead of making it a lengthy argument!

Sanam told that Aari generally liked to micro-manage. Moreover, she was

off mood that day, as she did not want to play a close relative of Bala in the 'Paati Sollai Thattadhey' task. Kamal advised her that kalainargal should accept whatever role comes their way. Sanam said sorry.

'Thank you' and 'Sorry' are the two best words in this world, but most of us think that our ego would get damaged if we use them.

Ramya is the sole caretaker of the plants:

Kamal asked the HMs to show their pots with plants. Gabi and Ajeedh could not recognize their pots. Nisha said that she was plucking the flowers, and keeping them. Everyone, including Aari, said that Ramya is taking care of them.

It is pertinent to note that just like Balaji's, Aari's plant died as well. It was very surprising, as Aari apparently holds a Guinness record for a planting event! In a village near Tindivanam, a total of 2683 persons including students, planted two seedlings each. The event was called, ’Naanum Oru Vivasayi'!, and was headed by Aari. And he, could not take care of one plant! When asked, he gave some random excuses.

I really appreciate Ramya for re-using the pots (with the dead plants), for growing Fenugreek (vendayam). She was also taking care of the plants of the HMs who have been evicted so far. She said that she is using tea dust as a fertilizer. Smart!! She said that the HMs made 3 rotis with the fenugreek seeds, and shared amongst themselves. She asked for more seeds.

Kamal said that they would be getting more seeds and organic fertilizers. Good, BB!

Luxury budget task:

Bala said that though they got zero points, they received some good items as Diwali gift!

Kamal asked him what they would have done, if it had not been Diwali.

My opinion is that, BB sent the luxury budget items in the name of Diwali. If it had not been DIwali, BB would have used some other excuse. BB ka solli tharanum? If there had been no Diwali gift, the HMs could have gotten angry with Bala, for not having any 'non-essential' foods. Diwali saved him!

Honest and honesty :

Honest: used to persuade someone of the truth of something(informal).

Honesty: Truthfulness, fair and sincere.

Gabi explained what happened during the second day of the 'Paati Sollai Thattadhe' task. The main crux was, initially, when she said, "honesta sollu.", Bala responded normally and left. But, he later came back (after talking to his friends), and started a fight.

Kamal asked the HMs if they knew what happened outside! The HMs said no. Kamal said, ’enaku theriyumae!’ Kamal’s body language was funny, but apt!

Kamal asked the person(s) concerned to open up. Shivani said that she told Bala that Gabi was asking him to be honest, and as she was also involved in it she pointed this out to Bala.

Kamal rightly said that it was Bala who first used the word 'honest' in the convo with Gabi. There is a difference between honest and honesty. No one doubted Bala’s honesty or integrity, kamal said. Gabi just asked him to respond 'honesta ’('unmaiya', ) which is not wrong, Kamal added.

Suchi said that it was Sivani, who triggered Bala, and that Bala got angry ,and over reacted. Suchi accepted that she also overreacted, due to anxiety that day, and said sorry to Gabi.

What???? Shivani did start the issue outside, with Bala, but it was definitely Suchi who triggered him. Her overreaction was just scary to watch. Suchi appadiye platae thirupi pottutanga! She threw Shivani under the bus. This might change the relationship between her and Bala/Shivani. 360 degree ’U’ turn by Suchi.

Kamal asked Bala if he could understand anything in this. Bala said he could not understand!! When the incident happened, he thought that his honesty was questioned, and hence got angry. He said that he would try to control his anger, going forward.

Kamal advised him that volume control is more important than angry control inside the BBH. Wow! Not just the BBH, I think everywhere this will apply.

Aari’s captainship:

Kamal asked how the HMs felt about Aari’s captainship. Samyuktha used the chance and shared that during her captaincy, the trio (Aari, Sanam and Anitha) joined hands, and supported each other. But this week, during Aari’s captaincy, the trio were fighting with each other, and that it was fun to watch. She also blamed that there were issues in productivity and efficiency, and that there was delay in supply of food.

Sanam and Anitha said separately, that Aari was lenient, and not aggressive as he was before his captainship. He wanted to be in the good books of others and wanted to have a good rapport. Anita responded to Samyuktha’s trio comment, and said that the previous week, they had the same opinion, and hence stuck together, but this week, had different opinions, and hence argued.

Sanam said that there were some issues between Suchi and Jithan, within the bathroom cleaning team as well.

Aari said that jithan complained about Suchi in the bathroom cleaning work. He (Aari) had called Suchi to sort it out. But she didn't come. Aari said he could only address the grievance if both parties were there.

Kamal asked about the opinion of the HMs. Suchi said that she had problems with Jithan Ramesh in the bathroom cleaning work. She said that she didn't go when Aari called her to sort it out, but later, spoke with Jithan to solve the problem. She also added that she was intimidated by Jithan. Apparently, there was some problem in programming the bath room cleaning routines. Jithan said that he was senior in the work by four weeks, as he was in the bath room cleaning team earlier as well).

Suchi said that Aari’s captainship was good. Suchi added that when Samyuktha was captain, she only supervised. But when Aari was captain, he did a lot of the work himself. At night before going to sleep, he would clean up the kitchen. The same Suchi joined her hands with Anitha and fought with Aari. Now, she changed her story!

360 degree ’U’ turn by Suchi for the second time, today!

Kamal said that there was nothing wrong in maintaining a good rapport and being less aggressive. It should be a leader’s quality. He also said that everyone outside was satisfied with Aari’s captainship. Kamal also asked Ajeedh not to get scared seeing the arguments and fights, and wished him 'All the Best' for his captaincy.

After the break, Anitha started to talk about Samyuktha’s trio comment, but Kamal said he understood what she said, and asked her not to continue on the topic more. Slipper shot to Anitha, for cutting short Kamal in yesterday's episode!

My observation from last week was that, Sanam and Anitha troubled Aari a lot. ’uralukullae thalaiya vitta madiri’. Pavam Aari!

Boring performer:

Kamal asked the HMs to nominate a boring performer. Kamal said that BB might have forgotten it, but not he, himself!

Jithan said Bala's name. Bala said that he misunderstood the patti sollai thathadae task, and took it in the wrong direction. He defended himself saying that he had played the other tasks well.

Archana nominated Sanam, because she didn't participate well in the task. Sanam agreed. Despite being motivated by Archana and Jithan, she said that she could not perform the first day. Bala and Samyuktha disagreed with this. How come? Acharyam anal unmai!

Kamal’s judgement:

Kamal said though Bala took the task in the wrong direction, he played the game. But Sanam didn't play. She stopped playing. So, she would be the boring performer. Sanam agreed to this, and said sorry.

During the break, Anitha was venting to Sanam that Kamal didn't allow her to speak today. She said that she never gets her space to talk. Sanam pointed out kamal’s appreciation of her during the Dasara celebrations. Anita said that, that was the only time he appreciated. At other times, he did not let her speak.

Even if Kamal gives Anita one whole hour, she won't get satisfied. She would murmur.

After the break Kamal introduced The Book of Mirdad. The original version is in Lebanese language and translated in Tamil by the writer Puviarasu. The Book of Mirdad is an allegorical book of philosophy Lebanese author Mikha ’il Na’ ima.

Mr Puviarasu won the Sahitya Academy Award for translation for his poem Puratchikaran, in 2007.

In 2010, he was awarded the Sahitya Academy Award for his poetry collection Kaioppam. He also translated the works of Shakespeare, Omar Khayyam, Osho and Rabindranth Tagore.

Since there was no eviction this week, Kamal asked the HMs to guess the person who nominated them for eviction. Remember, BB arranged a fake nomination?

Most of them guessed correctly.

When it was Aari's turn, Samyuktha correctly pointed out that since he was the captain, no one nominated him. Aari said that the question was, "if anyone nominated him, who would that person be." Kamal agreed.

But, I dont think so. Kamal's question was not related to a hypothetical situation. Nominations did happen, and Kamal asked who the HMs thought nominated him.

While Kamal said goodbye to the HMs, Aari made one submission to Kamal. Aari’s 5th year wedding day is on 18th November, and he sought Kamal's wishes. Kamal wished Aari and his wife, and said Hi to Aari's daughter on his request.

So on 18th November, HMs would get a nice cake from BB!

Advanced Wedding Anniversary, Aari!

Tomorrow is nomination day!

Whose names would be in the eviction list? Keep guessing!!

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