Today’s Bigg Boss episode started with Day 44! At 1am, the Mani koondu task went on... Day 45 started with Bala ’s alaparai, morning song and dance, and round 1 for team 5, and round 2 for all the 5 teams and round 3 for 1,2, & 3! Today’s episode ended with wedding day wishes to Aari, and Birthday wishes to Rio’s wife! But the Mani koondu task was not over, and will continue into Day 3 (Day 46!)

Round 1 for 5th team:

Jithan Ramesh, Shivani and Ajeedh took their positions and started counting their time, at 1am! Wow!!


Simultaneously, Bigg Boss announced his next special gift - kulfi !

He said Ramasamy annan (kulfi vendor) would come at 1am and keep his cycle in the store room for 30 sec. One of the HMs can come out and take the kulfi.

After 30 secs, Ramasamy annan would leave, BB said. The HMs had kulfi at 1am.

Reminds me of 2-3 decades ago, when kulfi vendors would come at night. Big and small kids (who are awake) would use konjal and kenjal tactics to get an ok from their parents, to buy kulfi.

Time taken by the fifth team:

Fifth team completed their task in three hours task in 3hours 13 minutes. Not bad! Everyone was waiting to see how this mixture team would do. But they did well.

With this, the first round of the Mani koondu task was over.

Second round of the Mani koondu task started.

Team 1 performed.

Nisha, Sanam and Anitha were in position and started counting the time.

Pei task:

BB announced that Day 45, 2 to 2.30 am, ’pei nadamattam’ would be there, and warned the HMs to be safe.

Ramya, Gabi and Rio acted as pei. Nisha, who was doing the Mani koondu task, and Somu, who was lying on his bed got frightened. But Indha pei patcha vellam Jithanidam palikavilkai. Gabri tried to frighten him, but it turned into comedy.

Time taken by the 1st team:

First group finished their 3 hours task in 4hrs 27 min. They went over by 1 hour 27 minutes. OMG!! Miscalculation!

Bala’s commotion:

Few minutes before finishing their task, at 7 AM, Anitha came to wake up Bala and Suchi. Suchi woke up and joined Anitha in waking up Bala. Later, Nisha and Ramya joined in as well. Still no one was able to wake Bala up!

Actually speaking, had the first team calculated its time correctly, Bala would have been woken up by 6 AM. But, our Rajkumar didn't wake up even at 7!!

Anyways, Ramya and Suchi (who make team 2 along with Bala) took their position, and started counting the time.

Anitha tried to wake Bala up again. He got annoyed, and said he had head ache. He said that if anyone tried to pressure him, he will not do the task. Ofcourse, no one dared to question him. Captain Ajeedh also didn't dare to wake him up. Everyone remembered the bitter experience they had when Velmurugan tried to wake Bala up, when he was in the cleaning team. Now, Because of one person, everyone might lose their luxury budget. Very selfish, inconsiderate, and thoughtless move (or, non-move) by Bala.

Ramya announced the time, and the work to be done at that time (e.g. 7 am - water time, 8 am - morning music)

Bala took his own sweet time, and joined his team, to perform Mani koondu task. Sanam was acting as a replacement (in Bala's place until he came)!

At 7 AM, the water lorry arrived. But today, the HMs didn’t have any kuzhai adi sandai!

At 8 AM, BB played ’what a karvad’ song. The HMs were made to stand outside, in sun and rain. BB actually made them all into karvads, and played the apt song for them.

Time taken by 2nd team:

Bala told Ramya and Suchi that since yesterday, they completed the 3 hours task in 4 hrs 12 minutes, today they could compensate by counting fast (as, BB mentioned that only the average of three rounds would be taken). Somehow, he convinced Ramya and Suchi, and he counted the time in jet speed. They completed the 3 hours task in justttt 1hr 26 minutes.

Team 2's total time in 2 rounds os 4.12+1.26=5.38 (5hours and 38 minutes). Not bad, but I am not sure that is how the game should be played. I think it is about accuracy. Counting 3 hours in exactly 3 hours is the best outcome. A team's performance should be based on how far (either way - lesser than 3 hours, and more than 3 hours) they are from the 3 hour mark. Anyways, lets see what BB says about this!

When Aari informed Rio about Bala’s idea of finishing their round 2 in extraordinary speed, to compensate for the previous speed, he was surprised as to how Ramya allowed this. Point to note here is, he was not surprised that Suchi agreed to this! Pavam Ramya. Unnecessarily BB put her in Bala’s team.

Like I said earlier, I dont know if Bala's game strategy was right. But his callous attitude came out during the task. He didn't wake up on time, put their teammates and other HMs under stress, and tried coming up with a short cut. ’

’Laziness shall be punished’. Let's see what Bigg Boss has to say for his chella pillai Bala's behavior.

One thing every one should know is ’Laziness is the mother of evil’

Suchi's & Sanam's edaku madakana conversation:

Suchi was cleaning the house. Sanam asked her to take rest. When Suchi said no, a small argument cropped up. Sanam said that if Suchi was working, others should also ideally work. Suchi said, "Let them". But they dont want to work now, Sanam responded. "Let them not", Suchi said.

Sabbah! Idhu oru conversation, idhu oru sandai!!

Third team - Round 2:

Aari, Rio and Gabi started counting their time. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

Rasi palan:

Following the morning song, Archana was telling Rasi palan to the HMs. She followed the structure from a similar show in Vijay TV. Her rasi palan to Nisha, Anitha, Bala and jithan were very funny and catchy. Hopefully, Ms. sidumoonji max should not get upset with this later, and create a scene.

Aari who was role playing as the cuckoo clock, announced the start of cooking and cleaning work .

Bala was discussing his task strategy in the kitchen area, with Archana and Samyuktha. He said that he wanted to finish it earlier (than their 1.26 hrs), but Ramya didn't accept.

Time taken by the 3rd team:

Third team completed their task in 3hours 31 minutes, against the targeted time of 3 hours.

Fourth team's performance started.

Archana, Samyuktha and Somu started counting the time. Somu played the cuckoo role. He did very nicely.

Reverse walking:

Somu conveyed BB's message to everyone, to walk in reverse for 30 minutes. Everyone, except Suchi and Bala walked in reverse. Nisha supplied lemon juice to all HMs walking reversely.

Suchi’s running commentary:

Suchi was lying on her bed and giving running commentary to BB. What is the necessity for this random thing?!

BB is already watching the show through 60 cameras!

She was telling BB that she didn't want to go out of the BBH. It was more like a message to us, than to BB. Does she know that she might be evicted this week? (chances are more). Anyways, It was a good entertainment for her, watching other HMs dancing, and reverse walking.

She also repeated the edaku madaku conversation she had with Sanam, to BB. She then complained to BB that Samyuktha was instigating Ajeedh, and that he came to her again and again, and asked her to clean the place.

BB idai yellam ketkamatingala, she asked. BB Idhellam keppara? Is he the class teacher of 6 year olds?

Gabi asked how much more time was left for the revese walking. Suchi commented, "why adukulae balloon busss ayiducha?" Somu said fifteen more minutes. Somu, who was acting as cuckoo, didn't reverse walk. Suchi commented on it.

Reverse walking task was for all HMs who were not doing mani koondu task. Suchi's comment shows her lack of understanding of the task.

When Jithan finished his reverse walking, and came to lie down on bed, Suchi commented on it as well. At least, Jithan walked for awhile. Suchi adha kooda pannala. If at all BB questions anything, it should be this. Illena, makkal will anyways talk this weekend!!!!

12 ’o’ clock - Somu announced the time for cooking and vessel washing.

Time taken by the 4th team:

The fourth team completed their 3 hours task in 3 hours 4 minutes. Excellent!

Fifth team's performance started .

Jithan, Shivani and Ajeedh took their position and started counting the time. Shivani was playing cuckoo clock role.

Special gift mango:

Rio and Somu were playing video games. Nisha was lying in the centre of the hall !

BB gave them snacks, a sirapu parisu (special gift), at 3.30 pm ! Somu collected the snacks. He sold it saying it was mango & milagu powder. Aari corrected him and said it was manga & chilli (milagai) powder.

Fetching water:

Shivani cuckoo announced that it was the time for fetching water.

The Water tanker came. Aari was standing in the queue. He wore inner garment banian over a full hand shirt. Ramya commenetd on his style, wondering why he wore a banian outside. Archana said that it was 'fashion'!

Naming ceremony for Ramya:

Archana called Somu and asked ” idu yaru theriyutha? Rajalakshmi, Archana introduced. Ramya said she didn't like that name.

Archana asked Somu to go back and come again. She repeated the same question. "idhu yaru theriyutha?" "Yaruka idhu," Somu asked. Maragatham.

Ramaya said she didn't like this name either.

Again, Archana asked Somu to go back and come again. She repeated the same question. "idhu yaru theriyutha?" "Yaruka idhu," Somu asked. Julie. Ramya said she didn't like this name.

Again, Archana asked Somu to go back and come again. She repeated the same question. "idhu yaru theriyutha?" "Yaruka?" Somu asked. Archana introduced Ramya.

Somu said She would look different in TV. Immediately, Ramya put her one leg over the other, like Ramya Krishnan in padayappa. Nice, it was. Somu extended his hands to shake. But she (Ramya) refused. Somu said, "Akka kaiyellam ipathan soapu pottu kaluvinen." But Ramya still didn't give her hand.

Time taken by the 5th team:

Fifth team completed their task in 3 hours 24 minutes.

With this, second round was over.

Third round started.

First team started their performance.

Nisha, Sanam and Anitha took their positions and started counting the time.

Auto task:

BB asked the HMs to use Autos, to move from one place to another

Samyuktha drove the auto. Aari and Ramya with a kid (a doll) got into the auto. Ramya said they were going to q temple. After getting down, Ramya didn't pay the auto fare and said "prasavathuku ilavasam", and also, free for the kid! Then, they should have gone to the hospital, and not to temple!

Auto driver Samyuktha was a vathu madachi. Didn't question Ramya. Samyuktha after dropping Ramya, took Jithan in her auto.

On the other side, Shivani was the auto driver. She took Archana and Rio on a ride. They also went to a temple.


Everyone met in the living room. Jithan asked Somu when he was going to distribute chocolates. Somu said he would give, on his baby’s first Birthday. Ramya said to the kid that he won't get anything except for advise.

Archana asked Somu whether he knew which station jithan was working as SI? Archana revealed his working place ’Railway station’. His Work was SI as in summavae irupar!

Time taken by the 1st team (3rd rond):

3 hours 38 minutes, against 3 hours. In the mean time, the Auto task was over.

It was time for cooking (dinner) and vessel washing. Every one rushed, to finish the work.

Second team started their 3rd performance:

Ramya, Suchi and Bala took their position and started counting the time. Bala played the cuckoo role.

Aari conveyed wedding day wishes to his wife.

Special gift - chuku coffee:

BB as a special gift, gave chuku coffee with the usual condition of one HM collecting it in 30 seconds. Shivani sold the chuku coffee to the HMs.

Aari’s wife came on digital TV with their daughter, and conveyed her wishes.

Time taken by the 2nd team:

Second team completed their target in 2 hours 45 min.

Third team started their performance.

Aari, Rio and Anitha took their position, and started counting the time. When Rio was standing in the Mani koondu, his wife came with their daughter on the digital TV, to thank him for his Birthday wishes. Archana called Rio. In between the task, he came, saw his wife & daughter, and went back to continue his Mani koondu task.

With that today ’s episode over. Third team was still continuing their task. Next, fourth and fifth team would perform. After this, the Mani koondu task would get over tomorrow. I am Waiting for the BB ’s final results! Knowing him, Edirparathathai edirparungal!

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