BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day71 Review: Bigg Boss House First open nomination!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 live updates
Bigg boss tamil season 4 live updates

Bigg boss tamil season 4 - 7 Housemates in the nomination list!

Today’s Bigg boss Episode started with the morning song followed by the first ever open nomination in the Bigg Boss House! Except for Ajeedh, everyone else spoke bravely and clearly! Based on events today, we can expect the freezing task (with family visit) shortly!

Day 71: 8.00am:

Today’s episode started with the morning song. After the song and dance, Aari, Anitha, Ramya and Bala were discussing about Rio. The talk was about him nominating Anitha as the worst performer.

Nomination process:

Bigg Boss called Aari for nomination, and said that it would not be in the confession room, but in the common room, as an open nomination. Open nomination for the first time, in this season.

Noted nominations:

I think he called Aari first, because he is the only person who always maintained stability, and had some game honesty and consciousness. Other contestants got irked and scared, especially Somu, when BB announced that it was to be an open nomination.

Aari nominated Ajeedh and Rio with proper reasons. HMs clapped after his nomination speech. Rio hated every second of it! Archana appreciated him, saying that it took guts to give such reasons. Bala said that he was curious about how Aari nominated inside. Today, he got to see it, and really liked the explanations.

Next, Rio. Rio said that Anitha should have told people that she was cooking alone and asked for help. Instead, in presence of Kamal, she complained that no one helped her. However, he said he would not be nominating her, but just wanted to register this point. Hahahaha. Sirippu police!!!! Rio nominated Bala and Aari.

Since, he was the only one to nominate Bala, he was not in the eviction list.

7 HMs were nominated during this week. Aari, Rio, Archana, Anitha Ajeedh, Shivani and Somu.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Archana Rio Som
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Archana Rio Som

Rio vs Anitha:

After nomination, Anitha called Rio and questioned him for dragging her name during the nomination, though he didn't nominate her. She demanded that if he wanted to tell anything he should have told to her in person, but not during the nomination. Rio said he wanted to register it with people, and moved. Anita called him ‘what? scared’ and asked him to talk to her properly if he had courage. Rio got wild, and shouted at her. They then had a mindless debate, repeating the same thing. During this, Anitha kept jumbling names, and called humans as robots, and robots as humans. When Ramya and Aari corrected, she walked away. Rio gave it back to her, and called her scared. First standard fight!

அர்ச்சனாவின் `மாமா' கமென்ட்.... கோபமே வரவில்லையா அந்த ரோபோவுக்கு?! பிக்பாஸ் - நாள் 71

Aari, Anitha, Ramya and Bala were later discussing on one side, and on the other side, Archana, Rio and Somu were talking. Both conversations were about the nominations. They were blaming each other, saying the other was playing the number game.

How many are noticing the small fox Ramya trying to merge in Aari’s ‘group’, from the Anbu gang. She was never really a part of the Anbu gang, but was very chummy chummy with them, to stay out of Archana’s radar. Now, with Archana’s Anbu gang coming under attack, she is trying to get into the good books to Aari, Bala, Anitha, etc etc. She is the one person whom I think is more dangerous than Archana, in the Bigg Boss House.

Anita told Somu that she wanted to talk to Rio and asked Somu to inform Rio. Somu informed Rio to talk to Anitha. Archana immediately said “mama velai pakariya?”

Very bad language, in my view. Does she not know that children watch this show?

Anyways, Rio went to speak with Anitha. Aari, Bala and Ramya were also there. Anita asked Rio to be cool. Peedigai! Rio said that he remained cool. Anita said that she was also cool. Anita asked Rio why he brought up the cooking matter after it was already discussed before Kamal. Rio said that it didn't come to him that day, that it was he, who had asked Anita to use the robots’ help in cooking. Moreover, he said that if she had asked for help everyone would have stepped in.

Anita asked sorry for asking Rio if he had guts. Anita said that Rio’s fans would get hurt for talking like that, and send her out of BBH, hence they should play sportively! LOL! She also said that Sanam was sent out of the BBH since she fought with Rio.

Rio immediately gave the fittest reply. He said that Suresh, Samyuktha and Nisha went out of the BBH because they fought with Anitha. She has taken three wickets so far, he said. Anitha got stunned and laughed it off. Ramya and Bala were there, and praised Rio for his accurate analysis. However, they both hugged and compromised.

Maybe they were scared that the other’s fan base will evict them! Gawd!

Hamam soap pendulum task:

Hamam soap organised the next task. HMs had to divide themselves into two groups. Each group contains four HMs.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Team A: Rio, Somu, Gabi and Shivani.

Team B: Aari, Bala, Ramya and Ajeedh.

Archana and Anitha were the judges. Archana was acting over smart and dictating the team. She wants to be the alpha human of the house! In the task, when Aari interfered and questioned her scoring of him, she bluntly asked him to not argue. Bala also had a rift with Archana during the task. Archana had counted the pendulum hitting him 7 times, and he disagreed.

Archana said her counting was correct and final. Extremely dominating and commanding. Bala got irritated, and said that she was only a referee of the game, and not the owner of the house. Archana then asked Anitha the time taken by Bala. Super bulb moment followed – both the referees did not time Bala! They had to finally redo Bala’s task.

Team B won the task.

Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights
Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights

Shivani’s emotional touch:

Bigg Boss suddenly called Shivani to the confession room. BB asked how she was feeling after 70 days. Immediately, she started crying. She said that every time she was the last to be saved, and was unable to handle the pressure. She said that she was feeling depressed, and had no one to share her feelings inside the BBH.

BB then asked her about who she missed the most. Shivani said it was her mom and diamond (her dog). BB asked if she had any message for them. Shivani asked her mom to excuse her, in case she committed any mistake inside the BBH.

Bigg boss tamil Shivani
Bigg boss tamil Shivani

BB said she looked beautiful, even when she was crying. BB made her laugh, and sent her.

Rio’s emotions:

Rio was talking with Aari. BB asked Aari to spare Rio for five minutes and called him into the confession room. BB asked whom he was missing the most. He said his wife and daughter. BB said his daughter had sent a message to him, that his daughter had started walking holding the wall. She also said that she started calling ‘Appa’. On hearing these messages, Rio cried. Rio then told BB that the HMs - Aari and others, vechi seirange! and left.

With this today’s episode got over.

Bigg boss tamil Rio
Bigg boss tamil Rio

Valid points noted in today’s episode:

Bala and Aari were once dead against each other. For the past two weeks, Bala had been sitting with Aari and learning things. Mainly, analysis. Aari is good at analyzing the game strategy of the groups’, as well as each HM’s. Now that the number of HMs are less, Bala is listening Aari patiently. But, Bala is capable of back stabbing, in my opinion.

Today, even Ramya, who recently sang a song ‘Aari vera mari’… ‘Aari aruvai’, with Archana and Nisha, was sitting with Aari and Bala, and joined the discussion. This is the Bigg Boss house. The opinions, Game strategy everything would keep on changing in 100 days.

Everytime Aari goes into confession room, other HMs would tease him that he would talk on and on and on and on and on…. But today, in the open nominations, Archana and Bala appreciated the way Aari nominated with reasons. Everyone, in fact, clapped.

இந்த நாள் இனிய நாளாக... செய்ய வேண்டியவை, தவிர்க்க வேண்டியவை என்னென்ன?

Anita’s name is in the eviction list this week. Initially she showed over attitude, when Ajeedh and Archana were nominated her. With over confidence she also started a fight with Rio. Kamal’s session gave her confidence ,which is ok. But over confidence is not good. When Rio charged her back, she got scared on the grounds that Rio’s fans might target her, and she might get lesser votes this week. This seemed a little weak and stupid!

I think, since her name is in the eviction list this week, she would be more cautious and play with a low profile.

In these 70 days Shivani has no one to share her feelings, and is now, under depressed state. She herself said this in the confession room. It shows that Shivani does not have a true friendship with Balaji. Nowadays, Bala is being seen more with Aari and Anitha.

Ramya, in the name of neutral, is trying to play with, and play both groups! Bigg foxx!

Today was the first time that Ajeedh didn't nominate Aari. And, he nominated Archana.

Shivani, Ramya and Ajeedh were seen many times in the past, singing, dancing and cutting jokes. But today, her so called friends nominated Shivani. This was also one of the reasons for Shivani’s depression, I think. In the coming weeks, more pressure would be there, and the HMs need to be handle it.

Today BB called Shivani and Rio and asked whom they were missing. Tomorrow BB would call other HMs and ask them.

So, we can expect the Freeze task shortly, where the family members would be called inside the BBH. May be. BB would ask them to be under quarantine before calling them inside the BBH.

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