BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day88 Review: R-I-A-Aari stole the show!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights


Today’s Bigg boss episode had the visits of Gabi’s mom, Aajeedh’s mother and cousin sister (Aajeedh’s sister bayangara massu), and Aari’s wife and child. The morning song played was not catchy. But the songs played for the families’ entries were too good! We will go one by one. And, if this episode has proved one thing, it is this – Aari is the only person who deserves to win the title. I have said why, in my main assessment.

After the morning song, Vasanth & co., New Year promotion task was held.

Vasanth&Co., Task:

HMs had to be divided into two groups. They had to arrange the blocks as per the logo.

Aari, Rio, Shivani and Aajeedh were in blue team.

Bala, Somu, Ramya and Gabi were in red team.

Red team won the task. Vasanth & co., sent the New year cake to the HMs along with the gift - headphones.

Bigg Boss asked the HMs to freeze. ’Oru Deivam thandae poovae’ from the movie Kanathil muthamital was played. Beautiful song sung by Chinmaye, when she was just 14-15 years old. One of my favorite singers. Also, a very bold and inspiring lady who spoke against Vairametoo. Hope she rises above the Kollywood boys club to shine more!

Bigg boss season 4
Bigg boss season 4

Entry of Gabi’s mom:

Gabi was in the kitchen when her mom entered the house. Gabi ran from the kitchen. They both became emotional and hugged. Gabi’s mom entered as a lightening, spoke with lightening speed with HMs and with Gabi, and left quickly. She looked likes Gabi’s sister.

On seeing Aari she said that she has seen his Nedunjalai movie and she liked him. Gabi said – ‘you too brutus!’. Her mom said she likes Aari. Yay!

Jolly note:

All the families that entered the BBH ensured that they appreciated Aari. Not sure if they really like him, or are trying to please Aari’s fans and Aari army. Andavanukuthan velicham!

Bigg boss season 4 Gabriella
Bigg boss season 4 Gabriella

Then, when she was alone with Gabi she asked her to raise her voice for her individual self, even it was a team play. Otherwise, she said that Gabi played her game very well and asked her to enjoy her game. She conveyed her New year wishes and left.

Entry of Aajeedh’s mom and cousin sister:

BB asked the HMs to freeze again. ’Arariraro naningu pada’ from the movie Ram was played. Beautiful song sung by K.J. Yesudas. Aajeedh’s mom and his cousin sister entered the house. Aajeedh broke his freeze by himself, ran and hugged his mom and his cousin sister.

Both mingled with the HMs nicely.

His mom said that Bala is looking like her uncle, and so, her mother (Aajeedh’s grand mother) liked him.

Aajeedh’s cousin sister made some soft hurts like Ramya!:

1. First attack Aajeedh’s sister made was that the HMs were fighting for sweeping such small space! Two days back lazy Bala fought.

2. Aajeedh’s sister asked the HMs why none of the HMs bothered to explain to him how he can involve himself better in the game, instead of just nominating him for not doing well. He was afterall the youngest, and until now, has not understood why people were nominating him.

Bigg boss season 4 Aajeedh
Bigg boss season 4 Aajeedh

3. She also appreciated Aari’s advise to Aajeedh during the New year Resolution task, and said it should have happened at least twenty days back. Aari said he tried to give tips, but was tagged as advise (karuthu ) master. Aajeedh sister bit her tongue and concurred.

4. Aajeedh’s sister asked Bala why he was being quiet. Aajeedh’s sister teased him, for this.

6. She said she could see nakkal behind Ramya’s smile. She has the capacity to predict things in advance, and smiles. Ramya is clever, said Ajeed’s sister. The right word is narithanam. But Aajeedh’s sister spared her of this!

When Aajeedh was speaking with his mom and his sister alone, his sister cribbed that Ramya, who was acting like his sister in BBH could have guided him better. Aajeedh said that she is after all a competitor. Then she should not play with the brother-sister relationship, she said.

However, his sister and mom advised him to open up for his remaining days even if it is only for two more days.

BB then said ‘freeze’ to all and asked Aajeedh’s mom and sister to leave. All HMs asked Aajeedh to get released and say Bye. But Aajeedh’s sister said that they should later not blame the any deduction in Luxury points on Aajeedh. Semma punch!

Key point:

Aajeedh sister was very smart. Like Ramya, she also made soft hurt on Ramya and other HMs. I think Aajeedh’s mom and sister might have been very pissed for the last 88 days, seeing the older HMs manipulate the naïve Aajeedh. It is true that Aajeedh is quiet and does not do much. But it is also true that there were several people (such as our small fox Ramya and lazy Bala) who took advantage. Aajeedh at this age, would be very naturally attracted by arrogance and rowdy in older men, and ‘sister like’ acting in an older female.

"பிக்கி பிக்கி பாஸ்"... குட்டி புயல் ஆரி மகள்... ஆஜித்துக்குக் கிடைத்த அட்வைஸ்! பிக்பாஸ் - 88

Two episodes back, during Shivani mom’s entry I registered that the minimum age for participating in BB should be at least 21 years. Today also I felt the same. Only young player so far in all BB seasons, who showed exceptional maturity was Yashika in season2. Though she is young, she is very matured.

After Shivani’s mom left, Aari advised Shivani on how she has to continue her game. He motivated and encouraged her very well. This was showed in unseen.

Aari is an exception. Only at the time of the task he treats the contestants as his competitors. Otherwise he would always try to motivate and encourage them. He also shares his analysis. Bala and Anitha were the prominent contestants who benefitted by Aari’s analysis earlier.

Entry of Aari’s wife and daughter:

BB asked the HMs to freeze. Unakenna venum sollu Song was played from the movie Yennai Arindhal. Classy song sung by Benny Dayal and Malathi. Except Aari, BB released others. Everyone rushed to the gate, with an umbrella. It was raining. Aari’s daughter was there alone.

HMs felt very happy. Rio carried her and everyone crowded Aari. But still he was in freeze. He was so emotional, had tears. But still was in freeze mode.

This my friends, is dedication, and this, is why Aari will win the game. Should win the game.

Bigg boss season 4 contestants
Bigg boss season 4 contestants

After a few minutes BB released Aari. It was a touching moment, to see Aari with his daughter. Aari asked Ria, his daughter where her mom was. She said she didn't know. Ria was playing with the HMs and BB happily. After sometime, BB asked Ria to bring her mom from the confession room. Ria was running here and there, searching for the confession room. The HMs went to confession room to receive Aari’s wife. When Aari hugged his wife, Rio timely cut the joke that camera is there inside the confession room also. Rio carried Ria, and other HMs went to the corridor. Aari and his wife were talking. His wife said that she was not supposed to tell anything that happened outside, but she has felt very bad, seeing Aari being hurt by others so many times inside the BBH. She said she saw such incidents only in movies and for the first time seeing such things.

Aari comforted her and said that he entered into the BBH as an empty box and is now learning new things. He said that he is having a chance to know himself, his capacity on handling adversity, etc

Aari’s wife tied a lucky band prepared by her daughter and her, in his hand.

After some time other HMs also joined with them. Aari’s wife said to Shivani that she is also like her. Reserved type. But this is a game show and she has to open up. She said Ramya is an all-rounder and that Bala is playing good.

BB announced that time was over for Aari’s wife and daughter, Ria in the House.

Ria kissed all the HMs and they both left.

Rio and Somu hugged Aari. Rio was so emotional when he hugged Aari. He might have thought of his daughter.

Interesting things noted:

Rio’s sense of humour came out when Aari hugged his wife. Rio has got humor sense, and he could have travelled with this humour like Sandy did, in season3.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Before Archana’s entry he was like that. Only after Archana’s entry, Rio’s anger, the other/bad side of his face which he didn't want to show, came out.

At least, in the remaining few days, let's hope he would show his humorous side.

Bala disrespected the freeze task completely. Yaar family varum bodhum, he didn’t bother to be in freeze. He kept releasing himself. Will Kamal warn him or will he pet him as usual?

Aari and his wife both behaved in a very mature manner – he didn’t ask her what was happening out, or how people perceived him. Even his daughter Ria, threw the dust in the garbage. She called everyone with their short, nick name. Her conversation with BB also so cute. She is being brought up well!

Adhu vera vai, idhu vera vai:

Bala was talking to Aajeedh, ‘naan, illana Aari bro title win panna nalla irukum. Rio, Somu cup vangina othukamaten’! Further he said if he wins it would be the trendsetting. Last four seasons, only quiet and sweet contestants are becoming winners.

Midnight 2.05am:

Bala was talking to Shivani. Her mom is going to be so angry! Indha veetlae Aari title adicha naan othukamaten. Idhai Kamal sir munadiyae solven!’

Bala’s cribbing:

Oh god! How many faces does he have!!!! Midnight 2.05, 1st January 2021, he could have said Happy New Year to viewers and to Shivani. But his mind is fully corrupted.

On seeing the positive response of the families to Aari, all the HMs would have guessed that Aari is having people’s support. So Bala has started cribbing. He couldn't digest it. He also said that Aari is not an honest person at all. Blah Blah Blah. He went on and on. Fulla vesham!

Bigg Boss Bala
Bigg Boss Bala

Key point:

One thing - no one is perfect. It is not possible to 100% perfection from any human being. Aari and Bala, both are humans only, and they tend to make mistakes. Only degree varies. If Aari makes mistakes 10% of the time, Bala makes mistakes 75% of the time.

Shivani’s mom and Aajeedh sister advised them to open up and play their game in the coming days at least. Unfortunately, neither of them opened their mouth against Bala. Bala suppressed them. I pity Aajeedh and Shivani. On seeing this, I could imagine Shivani mom’s blood boiling.

Tomorrow selection of Best and Boring performer would be there. As I already pointed it out, Bala disrespected the freeze task completely, and was sleeping most of the time. Let's see!

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