BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 49 HIGHLIGHTS: Suchitra Eviction!

Bigg boss tamil Day 50 Highlights


BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 49 HIGHLIGHTS: Suchitra Eviction!


Bigg boss tamil Day 50 Highlights

Today’s Bigg boss Episode started with Kamal’s entry. Today, his costume was quite different. It looked like military wear, but stylish. I think He carries himself very well. Pretty much all his attires suit him well.

Kamal said that when he was planning to host BIGG BOSS (Season1), many discouraged him. But, he was stern in his decision as he saw it as an opportunity to interact with different kinds of audience.

During the current season, due to COVID-19, he is unfortunately not able to interact with the live audience. However, he thanked the digital world and the ability to interact with virtual viewers.

Today was a special day for BIGG BOSS TAMIL, season4. It completed 50 days ! Days are running very fast! Kamal interacted with few social activists. Ms. Padma Priya, (Sutru Sulal Arvalr) was one among them, and her talk was good. She told the importance of environmental safety, and said that the current generation is well aware of it. Kamal also conveyed his wishes for their efforts.

Pirgu, Agam TV vaziyaga Agathirkul sendrar Kamal.

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Bigg boss tamil
Bigg boss tamil

Kamal informed the HMs that 50 days were over since BB season4 started. The HMs felt very happy that they were able to pull on inside the BBH for 50 days!

HMs shared their contributions:

Kamal asked them to share their contributions to the BB house, for a minute ,on this 50th day.

Kamal asked Balaji to be timer, and asked him to keep track of the minute, by finger snapping. He teased him not go too fast, as he did in the Mani Koondu Task! WHen Bala spoke, Rio counted the time. Almost everyone finished within a minute, except 3 or 4 HMs.

Archana’s Anbu thollai thanga mudialai. She spoke as usual, about her Thai sentiment, and said that she is giving her Anbu to this kootukudumam without any parapatcham. Is it so? We are all watching, Archana. And no, we are not as dumb as you think we all are!

Somu while speaking, paused for three or four times. He said he was not used to talking fast, as he had stammering. Though he has largely overcome it, he still had issues when talking fast. Kamal said that Somu spoke very well, and that he conveyed whatever he wanted to.

Bigg boss season 4 review
Bigg boss season 4 review

Kamal said Mr Kalaimani, Assistant Director had stammers. Kamal would always call him, to narrate the story to him (Kamal). Even while going outdoor, Kamal would take Mr Kalaimani, for story telling. Initially, Mr Kalaimani felt shy and embarrassed, but later overcome the issue.

Mr Kalaimani is the story writer for the movie ’16 vayadinilae’ , said Kamal.

Anyways, Kamal appreciated Bala that he counted time well. Adukaga save pannalai, but you are saved. Kamal said.

During the break, Somu was so emotional. Archana and Rio consoled him. He said he was so touched with Kamal's appreciation for his speech.

Good that Somu overlooked his deficiency. Everyone can't do it. Hard work is required to overcome such issues. Somu worked hard and his ’Hard work has been Rewarded!’

After the break, Kamal said that Somu delivered his speech well, but he wasn't saved for that. He was saved by the viewers.

Ajeedh’s captainship, analysis:

Kamal congratulated Rio for becoming captain of the BBH for the coming week. Kamal discussed about Ajeedh's captainship. General opinion was that, since he is the youngest contestant, he was little bit hesitant while asking others to do any work.

Jithan Ramesh appreciated Ajeed's captainship. Ajeedh said he didn't want to be so strict as in a school. Since this was a home, he wanted to be a bit more lenient, and also allowed people to sleep for a long time.

Kamal said the (Bigg Boss) house also has certain rules. And as a captain he had some responsibilities and duties that he had to carry it.

Ajeedh was too scared and obedient to his group (read, Bala) to give instructions, or be authoritative.

Introduction of a book:

Today Kamal introduced the book, ’Obalapurathu Makkal’ written by Ki. Rajanarayanan.

His full name is Raja Narayana Perumal Ramanujam Naicker. He is 98 years old.

He won Sahitya Academy Award in 1991.

Then, Kamal gave a send off to the virtual viewers.

Eviction process:

Kamal started the Eviction Process. Out of the seven in the eviction list Aari, Rio, Balaji and Somu had already been saved. Remaining were Samyuktha, Suchi and Anitha, Kamal asked the HMs, whom they wanted to be saved. Most of the HMs preferred Samyuktha. Aari and Gabi named Suchi on the grounds that she had stayed only for a short period inside the BBH.

Sanam supported Anitha.

Finally, Kamal showed the card in which Suchitra’s name was there. She didn't take the time given to her, for leaving the house. She left immediately. She gave one coin to Anitha and one coin to Aari, and broke the undi. Aari, Sanam, Bala and Anitha gave Suchi a proper good bye! Other HMs didn't even come near her. Where did Archana’s unbiased Anbu go?

Suchi’s speech and review:

Suchi met Kamal on stage. Suchi said that she was quite confident that she won't be out so early. She said that maybe proper footage was not shown to audience, which might have resulted in a negative image.

She said her father had come in her dreams two days ago, and had told her that her footage was not shown properly, and had asked her to come out.

RJ Suchitra
RJ Suchitra

She said she is scared of Troll Padai, and that she won't go online for a week. She would just chill for a week.

Kamal said that the web world is like a hilltop. What we speak will only echo. There were a lot of online pleas/requests/asks going around asking trolls/netizens to be sympathetic to Suchi.

Kamal asked her to give her opinions on the HMs. Her opinion was very crisp.

I have made it sharper and have reduce it to a word each, for every HM.

Sanam: sweetheart

Rio: 2faced

Archana: fox

Ramya: positive

Shivani: bad(vibe)

Anita: unmai

Aari: Nermai

Nisha: fake

Somu : sweet

Ramesh: lazy

Sam: betrayer

Bala: great guy

Bigg boss season 4 eviction
Bigg boss season 4 eviction

Few secrets revealed by Suchi:

Suchi knew Archana and Samyuktha even before entering the BBH. So, in good faith, Suchi discussed a few things with them. Archana misused it and Samyuktha betrayed her.

Archana, Rio, Nisha, Somu and Gabi's gang is called Vel brothers. Every night, they all sit on a bed, which is called 'gossip bed' and gossip about others.

Ramesh is very lazy. He only wants to supervise. (Producer pulla illai!) He often threatens others - veliye vaa pathukaren, as his father is powerful. He even threatened Suchi! Doesn't this guy feel ashamed of himself? He is probably in his 40s, and is still riding on his father's fame. And, not just riding on it, but ruling others using it! Quite disgusting.

Bala, Samyuktha, Shivani and Ajeedh are in another group.

Ramya will be on both sides, but more in Bala's group.

Then, a Video clipping was shown to Suchi. On seeing it, she said the other HMs were looking colourful. Only she was looking ugly, She felt that that could be another reason why people did not vote for her.

Please don't underestimate the viewers, Suchi. They won't go by looks, they would see the character. Maybe as you (Suchi) said, your footages are probably selectively bad. Anyways, good luck to you.

Bigg boss live updates
Bigg boss live updates

She said she wanted to continue her singing, as she likes to sing.

Suchi deserves to find her place in the industry. She is a very talented lady.

Wishing you All the Best Suchi. I hope you regain your old self again.

Tomorrow is the nomination day. Aari ’s name would be there for sure. Bala, Shivani and a few other HMs would nominate Aari.

Keep guessing who the other HMs would be, in the nomination list!

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