BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 50 Highlights: Nail Biting Finish! 7 HMs in the eviction list!

Bigg boss today episode highlights
Bigg boss today episode highlights

Nail Biting Finish! 7 HMs in the eviction list! Aari Vs Balaji!

Today's episode started with the Day 49, midnight discussion among Aari, Bala, Sanam and Anitha which has resulted in a huggggge fight between Aari and Bala in Day 50! There was a Twist in the Eviction process, which was so exciting! One of the best Episode of this season!

Day 49: (Night)

Aari, Bala, Sanam and Anitha were talking. Bala told Aari that during the captaincy task, Rio’s group was shouting against Aari, that the wooden plank was touching his body, but In fact, it was Rio who was not holding his plank straight.

Aari said that he knew Rio was finding the task difficult. Aari wanted Rio to play and lead for himself, and not for his group. So, he (Rio) lost the task for the sake of Rio. He said he also told Rio to lead in an unbiased manner.

Bala said that he too, during the first captainship task, carried Rio on his shoulders for a long time, to see how Rio acted after becoming captain! Bala said that he would crush that group one day.

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Day 50:

Day 50 started with the song ’en peru meenakumari’. Rio, Archana, Nisha and Somu danced together! There would be a day, when the four will nominate each other. It will be funnnn to watch!

Nomination process:

Each HM nominated two other HMs for eviction. While Aari was about to go to the confession room, Producer pulla Jithan (I've decided to call him that, after learning yesterday, about how he still rides on his father's power in the industry) said "count down started!" Sanam said he (Aari) would come out in a minute, and wont take time! Aari got angry, and asked Producer Pulla Jithan, to not criticize him, as it blicks his mental flow. Even after he went inside, it took awhile for Aari to start talking.

One interesting thing from today's nomination process - Amma nominated her Pillai. Yes, Archana nominated Bala!

Safe game, breaking rules, scene creation, one person is playing the game for four or five, calcutative, Raja veetu kannukuty were the words used by some HMs while nominating other contestants. It was surprising and shocking to note that Somu is the Raja veetu Kannukutty (ya, I know, the first person that comes to mind when we hear this is Jithan). Nisha and Archana were washing Somu's clothes. Not only for Somu, but also for Rio and Jithan. Apparently, for last 50 days, this practice has been going on. It was also seen from the extra footages, that Nisha always washes the plates for Somu, Aari and Jithan. Disgusting. Why is BB not questioning it? For Nisha and Archana, it is probably just a game strategy, maybe the only game strategy they have. But in one stroke, they have knocked out years of women's struggle for empowerment. Speaking in general terms, I am totally for the sensible 'division of labor' that goes within a family unit. But in the BBH, these two women doing the domestic chores ('mel' velai) of the male contestants of their group is beyond nauseating. Yuck!

Bigg Boss Day 50 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 50 Highlights

Aari vs Bala & other HMs:

After coming from confession room, Aari asked sorry to producer pullai jithan, for his reaction. He said he would forget what he wanted to say, if his mind gets distracted. With that, this topic should have ideally ended. But, cunning fox Bala voluntarily interfered, and said that the same pressure will also be felt by others when Aari interjects and puts pressure on others. "Practice what you preach", fox Bala said! Fox Bala also revealed (partially) the conversation he had with Aari, Sanam & Anitha, the previous night. Cunningly omitting what he said about Rio and the group, Bala shared with everyone that Aari said that he (Aari) intentionally lost the captaincy task.

Bala planned to hit two mangoes in one stone. He wanted to trap both Aari and Rio. The HMs would question Aari for giving away the captaincy, and Rio will feel embarassed, as it would mean that he didn't deserve the win. Cunning fox, illa illa, Foxa vida cunningaana Bala!

Samyuktha immediately pounced on this, and started nailing Aari. She brought up her own captaincy winning, when Aari questioned Bala for helping her win. She pointed out Aari's double standards. Everyone cornered Aari, except Rio. Aari’s stand was that, his loss in the captainship task, was his alone, and not anyone else's (as it came down to Rio v. Aari in the final minutes of the task). It was not the same in the Bala helping Samyuktha case, as then, Somu was also a participant, and lost out when Bala gave away his winnings to Samyuktha.

Bigg boss eviction nomination
Bigg boss eviction nomination

Ramya supported Samyuktha, and started shouting (Yes, the silent killer, softhurt and sirichikite irukara Ramya) . When Aari was about to say something, Ramya hit Aari’s hand. Aari got wild and shouted at Ramya for hitting his hand. Aari re-questioned Ramya about the time when she had lost the game in the e-pass task, to let Ajeedh win. Chinna fox Ramya quickly grasped that her 1 minute of showing (her) true face was backfiring, apologized, and left the place.

Nisha vidala. Thirumbi, she questioned Aari on how he could take credit for Rio's victory, when her anbu thambiana Rio won the task with so much hard work! Rio came, and dragged Nisha inside, saying it was not their fight! lol.

Rio later said to Archana that after the task, he asked Aari why he gave up the task. Aari just smiled. Adviser Archana asked Rio not to share this to anyone. In a way, Bala’s plan only worked half way. The HMs ganged up against Aari. But the Rio side of Bala's plan didn’t work out. Better luck next time, fox Bala!

Gentleman Aari:

A good thing to note here is, even during the fight, Aari didn't reveal the previous day's conversation he had with Bala, Sanam and Anitha, where it was Bala who said that Rio didn’t play a fair game in the captaincy task, and that he will crush his group. Will Kamal show a kurum padam, or ask Anitha/Sanam to share the conversation, like he asked Shivani to share the 'triggering' conversation with Bala, when the 'honesty' fight happened? Or, will Kamal let Bala go scot free like he did in the weekend that just went past? Let's see.

Yakavarayinum Nakakka:

Later, Bala was talking to Samyuktha, Ramya and Shivani about Aari. Aari was passing by, and asked why Bala was still talking about him. Bala wanted to show his gethu in front of the women, and asked Aari not to point his finger and talk. Then, Bala said, "nee kaiyai neeti pesina naan vera yedaiyavadhu neeti pesuven", and showed his leg. Aari got super pissed, and said "ambalaya irundha vandhu neetu pakkalam!" Oh God! Why do these people bring gender here? Toxic masculinity! Also, Ambalayo, pombalayo, you don't talk disrespectfully.

’Give respect and take respect’!

Bala started shouting at Aari’s remarks. Samyukatha pacified him. Shivani immediately went and called Captain Rio, to de-escalate the fight. By that time Rio came, Samyuktha grabbed Bala, and took him inside the house.

Later, Bala told Rio, that he showed his leg only after removing the slippers! lol, what!? Like that matters! He seems like a stupid fox that tries to be cunning!

Bigg boss Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss Aari Arjunan

Bala touched Aari’s feet:

When Aari was alone in the lawn, Bala said sorry to Aari and touched his feet!!!

Aari said sorry as well.

Later when they crossed in restroom, Aari asked Balaji to not act and be fake(referring to the feet touching). He told Bala that he has lost every ounce of respect he had for Balaji, and will never have any respect for him again. Slipper shot!

Fox Balaji, in his usual style said ’mariyadhaye neeye vechiko’. Lol!!

Twist in the nomination process:

Topple card:

After the nomination was done for this week's eviction voting, BB announced that one topple card was available. The seven HMs who were in the eviction list could decide (amongst themselves), who would be getting it. The one who gets the topple card, can nominate any one of the other unnominated HMs, to replace herself/himself in the eviction list.

The seven HMs - Aari, Bala, producer pulla Jithan, Somu, Nisha, Sanam, and Anitha who were in the eviction list, entered a separate room. Their chit chat was relayed in the living room TV, so that the other HMs could watch.

First-round, all the seven HMs mentioned who they would nominate, if they got the card. I think the first round was probably BB's idea, to add masala.

In the second round, Bala said he didn't want the topple card, and withdrew. Followed by Bala, Aari, and producer pulla Jithan withdrew as well. Producer pulla Jithan, do you know that the viewers can't be threatened with your dad's name, right? If they dont like you, they will vote you out. Anyways, Aari convinced Somu to withdraw as well, and with that, all the men withdrew from the competition for the topple card.

Remaining were the three ladies - Sanam, Nisha and Anitha. Sanam and Anitha asked Nisha to withdraw, as she keeps saying that she is playing for her brother Rio and not for herself. Nisha’s fake strategy boomeranged. She said that she was also playing for herself (finally, some truth from this lady) and refused to withdraw.

Producer pulla Jithan and Somu said that they were supporting Nisha. Some perks for washing their clothes and plates!! Aari said that he supported Sanam. Bala said that he supported Anitha. BB announced that whomever had the majority support could take the card. But Nisha and Anitha refused to give up.

It prolonged for more than 3 hours.

Bigg boss Anitha
Bigg boss Anitha

Mind game by Anitha:

Anita played a mind game. She said "ok, it is dragging on. Let Nisha take the card. I will give up for Nisha." Her tone and body language was such that she was giving it to Nisha on mercy.

Nisha got triggered (as intended) and said she didn't want the card on mercy. She said she was ready to face the public, and gave the card to Anitha.

Anita asked her if she was giving it wholeheartedly. Smart lady! Nisha said "yes." What else can she say!?

Change in the list of nominees for eviction:

The 7 HMs announced to BB, that they were giving the card to Anitha. BB asked Anitha to come out and say which of the other HMs, she would nominate, and to give reasons. Anita said that she wanted to nominate Samyuktha, as she (Sam) has the habit of targeting the HM who has no group.

BB announced that instead of Anitha, Samyuktha’s name would be added in the eviction list.

So, the 7 HMs in the eviction list are: Aari, Bala, producer pulla Jithan Ramesh, Somu, Nisha, Sanam and Samyuktha.

Nisha due to her unnecessary ego, missed her chance. Jithan got angry at Nisha for her careless act. If she gets evicted, who would wash his clothes!? Avan kavalai avanukku! Had Nisha got the card, she would have nominated Ajeedh, as she mentioned she would be nominating him.

Narrow escape for Ajeedh!

Even Trump vs Biden voting results were not that thrilling. So many twists happened (and are still happening) in the recent USA elections. Here, BB kept one twist, which was nail biting. With this excitement, today’s episode was over!

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