BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 53 Highlights: "Tough time for captain Rio!"

Latest bigg boss episode highlights
Latest bigg boss episode highlights

Raja veetu Kannukutiyin Ananda Sayanam! Comedy Hero Rio!

Today’s Bigg boss episode was about Day 52, and continuation of the call center task. It ended on a roller coaster ride for Rio! Important to note here: Though it is Day 53, what we saw today, were the events of Day 52 afternoon, evening, and night.

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Day 52: 4.15pm:

Call center task continued:

The 3rd call was made by Rio to Ajeedh. First, he asked Ajeedh to sing a song. He sang ’Minalae nee vandhu’

What feelings do listeners get, when they hear the song, Rio asked Ajeedh. Ajeedh said that the song soothes. “What if I deny this?”, asked Rio. Ajeedh said that certain facts cannot be denied.

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Game strategy:

Then, Rio started questioning Ajeedh. Rio said that Sanam and Anitha were conscious of their image and game. He said that the two had now become good friends, and that it was good to see it, adding that not everything happening inside the Bigg Boss House, is a part of game strategy or plan. He then asked Ajeedh if Bala’s affection towards him (Ajeedh) was a game plan. Bala has taken Ajeedh under his wing, he said, and halped Ajeedh with minute things like dressing for the show, etc etc. Ajeedh said that he felt that Bala’s affection towards him was genuine.

Amma endral Anbu:

Rio, then asked Ajeedh what was wrong in accepting someone’s anbu. Ajeedh said that before entering the house, he wanted to stay away from any kind of bonding, but after coming inside, he felt that there was nothing wrong in it, and that he could accept anbu if it comes his way. He added that Samyuktha was like his Mother!

What!! Samyuktha is just in her mid-30s! Ajeedh is almost 20! Does she look and act like she is old enough to be his mom! But, its much better than Archana claiming that she has thai anbu on Balaji.

Rio then asked Ajeedh if there was anything wrong is sharing anbu among friends. Aeedh said that there was nothing wrong, but sometimes it affects decisions.

I think he was referring to the best performer/worst performer notminations, but aana vella sollala!

bigg boss live updates
bigg boss live updates

Rio asked Ajeedh for an example. He hesitated. Cycle gapla, Rio brought in the Bala helping Sam win the captaincy task incident. Rio mentioned that Bala’s decision to give up the task for Sam, resulted in Somu losing out. Veliya, in the frame that showed the other HMs watching this on TV, Ramya was telling Sanam that Rio, instead of attaching Balaji directly, was doing it via Ajeedh, as a part of the call.

By saying this, Kulla nari Ramya laid the foundation to trigger the sweet but emotional Sanam.

Safe game:

Rio changed the conversation after this, and said that there was a general talk that Ajeedh was playing a safe game. He asked Ajeedh to give an example to show that he was not playing a safe game.

Ajeedh said that if he had played a safe game, his name would not have come in the eviction list. He said that the game he played, was the ‘Ajeedh’ game. Wow!

Ajeedh then asked Rio if he could ask questions. He asked Rio what he would do/how he will react, if Rio was nominated again. Rio said that he was ready to face the audience, and would not be bothered, if he was eliminated.

Ajeedh said that he didn't want Rio to get nominated (which he would, if he lost the task), and hence cut the call. As was customary, Ajeedh called Rio and asked if he had any other questions, and asked for rating. Rio gave 5 stars to him.

Can someone enlighten me – what was fun or interesting in the conversation!? Edho pazhaya visu padam paakara mari irundhudu. With a small difference. Visu padathula, at least there will be one or two rebellious characters that cause some heartaches (which will later get resolved). Inga adhu kooda illa. Both Ajeedh and Rio behaved like sokka thangam, to each other.

After Ajeedh came out of the room, Rio and Somu carried him on their soldiers and congratulated him. Ramya said that though Rio’s questions were not good (agreed. Very chappa), Ajeed’s answers were good.

Ajeedh is matured, but a little inexperienced.

Rio thought that tackling Ajeedh would be was easy, and that he could use the opportunity to accuse Bala. But since Ajeedh not only played well, but also magnanimously saved Rio from nomination, his group celebrated him.

Chilra budhdhi!

Ajeedh later asked Rio if his questions were indirectly meant for Balaji. Rio said that only 2 Questions were for Balaji, and the rest were for Ajeedh. Ajeedh repeated this to Balaji, when the latter questioned him about this.

But the twist here was,… wait for it, wait for it,… Sanam and Anita got annoyed with Rio’s comments on their friendship. Yes, they got pissed.

Rio’s first sorry:

They felt that it would portray negatively on them. Sanam felt bad, and asked Rio why they (Anita and Sanam) could not be close to each other. She said that not just herself and Anitha, but everyone was camera and image conscious.

Rio put “Mother promise”, and said that he spoke purely in good intentions.

How old is this guy? I remember my daughter putting “mother promise” when she was 7-8 years old. And after that, she grew up. Thamizhla ‘amma mela sathyam’nu sollumbodhu, I know it does not sound as silly as ‘mother primise’, but, it all boils down to the same thing!!

Anyways, Sanam and Anita didn’t buy his stories. Rio finally apologized. On Anita’s insistence, he stood before the camera, and said ’sorry’! Bala was laughing loudly, seeing this.

Highlight of Today: Few HMs came up with accusations against Rio.

Rio’s second sorry:

It was understood that Rio being the captain of the House, asked the HMs who were playing unsatisfied customers’ roles, to not reveal that he would be making the call to Ajeedh. But the fact was, he himself had told Ajeedh that he was going to call him.

When Aari, Anita and Sanam questioned him on this, Rio said that he didn’t put any rule. Since Ajeedh was scared about who would be calling him, Rio said that just to drive his fear away, he informed him that it was in fact he (Rio), who would be calling him. However, he didn’t reveal any questions, Rio said.

Bigg boss tamil day 53 updates
Bigg boss tamil day 53 updates

But Aari said that Rio’s tone was not casual, when he asked the HMs to not reveal the caller to Ajeedh. Rio surrendered (again) and said sorry.

But still Sanam was annoyed, and revealed that Aari would be calling Shivani. Neither Aari or Shivani responded to this though.

Later, Aari, Sanam and Anita were sitting in the living room. Archana, Nisha, Rio, and Somu were sitting on the love bed. ‘Anbarasi’ Archana commented “Moonu Aaris utkandhu nammala watch panrange”.

She is saying that Aari kooda irundhu, Sanam and Anita were also starting to act like him (thappu nadanda thatti ketkardhu, etc etc etc)

Rio’s third sorry:

Ramya came with an allegation that without her knowledge, (she is the captain of the kitchen) Rio moved Anitha from the kitchen group to the cleaning group. Rio said that he asked Anita before changing her team. Ramya said that she herself got to know only after the change, which was not right. Her problem, she explained, was that she didn’t have anyone who knew to cook, in her team. Rio replied that Archana (who is not in the kitchen team) was helping Ramya whenever possible.

True, but it is not right for Rio to change the kitchen members without informing the kitchen captain. Rio apologized to her as well. Maybe Rio should hang a ‘sorry’ board around his neck.

Rio’s fourth sorry:

Then, it was Samyuktha’s turn. She told Rio that there was a general opinion that Anita used a lot of vessels while cooking, and hence was changed from the team. Rio said, “mother promise” that was not the reason for the change.

Sabbah. Thirumba Mother Promiseaa?

Rio said that he wanted Shivani to learn cooking, and hence replaced Anita with her! He wanted to give her a chance to learn cooking. Rio apologized to Samyukta as well, for changing Anita from the team.

Rio’s fifth sorry:

Then came Shivani! Her allegation was different.

One person who I have not mentioned today, even once, is namma Raja vveetu kannukutty Produce Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan). You know why!!?? Because... wait for it… wait for it… he was sleeping the whole time! Yes, really! Yesterday, I mentioned that we, viewers watch Bigg Boss from outside. He (PP Jithan) watches it from inside (as he is a mere spectator). But today, I wonder, if he sleeps through all this, how will he catch up on the day’s events. Paavam! Nammalavadhu TV la repeat parkalam. PP Jithan aala adhu mudiyadhu.

Anyways, Shivani complaied that Rio, who insists that everyone wake up on time, did not object to PP Jithan sleeping in during the day. Rio denied this, and said that he wakes PP Jithan up many times (if he sleeps). Immediately, Nisha came to support Thambi Rio, and said that whenever PP Jithan fell asleep (in daytime), Rio woke him up. Shivani pointed out to Jithan, who was sleeping. Rio immediately woke him up.

I can not believe PP Jithan slept through all this fight. Just on TV, the fights went for 45 minutes. Producer Pulla had slept soundly, through the whole thing.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 rio, Jithan ramesh
Bigg boss tamil season 4 rio, Jithan ramesh

Later, BB announced that the call center task was kept pending until further orders.

Today’s prominent points:

PP Jithan - Raja veetu kannu kutty was in Anandha Sayanam throughout the episode! Why are the organizers paying PP Jithan? Just to sleep! Remember, even in the vivadha medai episode, he was found sleeping. He should be sent back, to go sleep on his own bed! Seeing him sleep for a whole episode was so irritating.

And our captain Rio, had not noticed him sleeping. But paavam, the whole day, he was doing defensive batting and apologizing to other HMs. It was surprising he did not and could not defend any of the allegations against him. He wanted to portray himself as a hero, but ended up being a comedy hero!!

Yesterday bigg boss tamil season 4 episode review
Yesterday bigg boss tamil season 4 episode review

Later in the night, Anbarasi Archana’s gang was playing antakshari. Surprisingly, Ajeedh, Gabi, and Samyuktha joined it. They were all sitting on the love bed! Is the big happy family becoming bigger in size? Lets wait and watch!!!!

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