BIGG Boss TAMIL Season 4, Episode 54 Highlights: Aari and Rio in jail!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest updates
Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest updates

Aari and Rio in jail!

Today’s Bigg boss Episode (Day 53), started with a song, followed by the continuation of the call center task. Evening, the HMs were moved to a nearby accommodation, as a safety measure given cyclone Nivar. The HMs moved out in complete COVID personal protective gear/equipment (PPE). The next day morning, the contestants came back to the BBH, and selected the best and worst performers!

Day 53: 8.05am:

Day 53 started with the song, ‘Telephone adikudu’. The HMs danced as usual. Perusa sollikardhuku onnum illa.

The Call centre task continued:

Nisha - Anitha call:

Nisha called Anitha. One of the most eno dhaano and boring calls I have heard. Nisha told Anitha that initially, she left very close to her. Anitha also said that she wanted her own mother to get confidence on seeing Nisha, as her mother had inferiority complex, due to her dark complexion. “Then, suddenly what happened?”, Nisha asked. Anitha said that it was because, Nisha was not playing her game, was acting safe, and was overly dependent on Rio. The rest of the call centered on Nisha defending herself. Yaar call center employee, yaaru customerne puriyala. The roles had reversed.

Nisha went on… and on… and on… about how she was playing her own game. She compared her dependence on Rio (whom she sees as a bro), to children depending on and learning from their father. Ayyo. These explanations are getting stupider and stupider!

Anyways, there was nothing else in this conversation. Nisha asked Anitha to cut the call. She gave 2 stars to Anitha.

Nisha ’s conversation was not up to the mark. She is generally very good with stand up comedy, but she miserably failed in this task. And ofcourse, whenever, she got a chance, she insisted Rio was not backing her. ‘ Engappan kudirukulae illai ’ enum kadaidhan! Moreover, I think most of the conversation was edited. Thank God, they edited. I have still not recovered from seeing the episode’s Promo 1. Idhulla I don’t want to hear more about Nisha-Rio.

Aari - Shivani call:

Next, Aari made a call to Shivani. He said that she was the only one left, as others had already selected their callers. Aari asked Shivani how many times she has been nominated. Shivani said once. Aari asked her why she was not nominated more often. She said it was because she does not interfere in problems, unless she has very strong opinions. The mixture gumbal, basically!!

Bigg boss shivani
Bigg boss shivani

Aari then referred to the ‘honesty’ fight that happened between Gabi and Bala. He said that when Kamal asked Bala who had triggered him, Bala was silent. Shivani owned up, after Kamal said he knew what had happened outside. Bala, was never like that, Aari said. He always played a strong game. After seeing this, Aari thought that Bala was in love, and so, nominated him, Aari said. He then directly asked Shivani if what she had on Bala was kadhal or anbu. Shivani called it anbaana natpu. Aari thanked her for the clarification, and said he will not bring it up again.

I’ve a serious question here. Will anyone accept in front of so many audience that they are in love? Especially if it is in initial stages, and the people concerned are still unsure, and are waiting for things to grow. And also, even if it is love, it is upto the concerned couple to share it (or not), with others. If Aari things ‘love’ is affecting their game, and decides to nominate on that basis, it is upto him. But what is with this constant questioning? How does their personal relationship matter to him?

Aari then asked Shivani to name five people whom she wished to be in the finals.

She named herself, Bala, Ramya, Samyuktha and Rio. With this, he finished his call. He gave her 4 stars.

When Aari came out from the convo, Ramya said that the conversation was good, and that it was like an interview.

BIGG Boss asked Sanam to give her ’naan nominate seiyapatten’ board to Nisha. Also, Aari was not seen with the board. Maybe the contestants moved out due to the Nivar puyal, by then.

Day 53: 6.10pm:

All the HMs gathered in the living room. BB announced due to Nivar cyclone, they had to move out of BBH as a safety measures. Hence, `the luxury task’ was postponed to next week. However, BB gave them 2800 points.

Bigg boss house in nivar cyclone
Bigg boss house in nivar cyclone

BB also announced that their family members were safe, and that the HMs’ safety was also communicated to their families.

Day 54: 8.30am:

HMs returned to Bigg Boss House. ’Nange enga veetu Pillai illai’ song was played.

Sanam Vs Rio:

Somu with the permission of Captain Rio, slept for some extra time. On seeing Somu sleep, Bala said to Sanam that he too wanted to sleep. Sanam asked him to take permission from the captain. But since Bala was not in speaking terms with Rio, he asked his PA, Shivani to get permission on his behalf.

Shivani asked, and Rio and gave the permission. Then, Sanam asked Shivani to get Rio’s permission her behalf as well. When Shivani asked, Rio got wild. Apparently, he had first given extra sleeping time permission to Sanam and Anitha. Now, Sanam was asking for more time through Shivani. Rio said “Asingama kepen Sanan kitae”. She should not sleep, he ordered. Shivani conveyed the same to Sanam.

When Rio entered into the room after sometime, Sanam started fighting with him, for saying “Assingama kepen!” Rio said that it was not right to keep sleeping in, when there was so much work. If at all, they could sleep for just 15 more minutes, he said. Sanam continued arguing with him, and Rio just left the place. Sanam commented that Rio is arrogant.

This chappa incident gained so much significance, as most worst performer nominations centered around this. A key reason for me to explain it in such detail.

BB put on the dog barking sound after some time. When Rio came inside to see who was sleeping he found… none other than, his own sister NISHA sleeping!!!! But Nisha denied that she was sleeping, and said that she was just lying on the bed and talking to Shivani. Anbarasi Archana also told vouched for her snehidhi. When Rio asked Shivani about it, she said that Nisha was talking to her, but fell asleep mid-way.

Ivangalukkelam eppidi nenacha thukam varudhu!

Best performer:

Then, BB asked the HMs to nominate the best performer. Bala, Ramya and Producer Pulla Jithan Ramesh (PP Jithan) were nominated as the Best performers.

PP Jithan did well in the task. But apart from that, he was in Ananda sayanam pose.

Most of the HMs felt that Bala handled the call center task in a calm and cool manner, despite Anbarasi Archana’s nasty provoking. Ramya , they said handled the cooking responsibility very well.

Worst performers:

Rio and Aari were selected as the worst performers. Rio was selected for bad captaincy. Lot of HMs mentioned his ‘bias’ in allowing a few people sleep for longer, and for not reprimanding Nisha when she slept mid-day. For Aari, Bala said that Aari showed differentiation between male and female captainship. Indirectly, Bala pointed out that Aari blamed Samyuktha when she was the captain, but he didn’t questioned Rio. Bala’s group followed his footsteps, and nominated Aari.

Aari and Rio in jail:

They were both put in jail. This reminded me of last week when Suchi was in jail, and cried. It was so hard to watch. Anyways, back to present - Aari told Rio that Bala targeted him first, and then his group joined. Rio replied that, they (the group) had decided to send them to jail, and they did.

Bigg boss rio aari
Bigg boss rio aari

Rio advised Aari to not give importance to Bala, and to ignore him. He asked Aari not to focus on Bala, but to focus on other things happening inside the house. Finally, some sensible advise from Rio. Aari accepted it.

I think separately, outside the BBH, they both could be good friends. But inside, Anbarasi Archana would never allow.

Hamam promotion task:

For promoting Hamam soap and hand wash, BB organized Silambam task. HMs (in pair), should show basic silambam steps. Archana and Somu were the judges.

Aari (from jail), taught a few steps to Judge Somu. A small video clipping was also shown. Based on Aari’s guidance and the video clipping, Judge Somu tought few steps to the HMs.

Bigg boss contestants
Bigg boss contestants

BB House la idhu ellam nadakum. A judge learning the art just a few minutes before he has to judge!!

Anita and Ramya were the winners. Hamam gifted them with Hamam soap and hand wash.

Bigg boss winners
Bigg boss winners

Release of Aari and Rio :

BB announced the release of Aari and Rio from the jail. Rio’s group came with plant pots, and welcomed Aari and Rio.

Anita commented that last week, BB had kept Bala (and Suchi) for a long while, but he released Aari and Rio early.

Edulathan poramai edulathan comparison?!

With this, today’s episode was over. Tomorrow is Kamal ’s session. Surely he would talk about the Nivar cyclone and the another cyclone being expected tomorrow. Karuthu solvaar. Nammallam cyclone varappa eppadi nadandhukanumnu solvaar. Government enna pannanumnu solvaar.

My personal opinion is that, general public was aware of the precautionary measures to be taken during cyclone, and followed it. The Government also took good initiatives for safety measures. So, the damages were minimized.

Lots of things happened this week. Hope Kamal would address those issues, especially the valarpu matter, and Balaji kaala neetra matter. Let’s wait and see.

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