BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 56 Highlights: Samyukhta eviction!

Bigg boss latest episode review
Bigg boss latest episode review

Samyuktha clean bowled by Anitha!

Today’s Bigg boss Episode started with Kamal’s entry, in white costume. I could not carry further, without admiring his costume and how well everything fits him! First kurumpadam of this season was showed today, which was followed by Samyuktha’s Eviction!

Day 56:

Kamal started the episode with a small speech on nallavargal and kettavargal. In short, what he said was, we see our own reflection in people. If we are good, we see the good in people. If we are bad, we see the bad in people, and will be suspicious of anything and everything. With that, he went into the BBH – agam tv vazhiyaaga!!

Kamal told the HMs to not always play the game, thinking of their image. If they do (think only of their image), they would have to be extremely cautious, to safeguard that image, he said, which sometimes can be a daunting task.

Samyukhtha! Samyukhtha! Samyukhtha!

Then he discussed the call between Sanam and Samyuktha pointing out the word ‘Galeejh’, uttered by Samyuktha. Samyuktha told that she said the word casually, but Sanam had the habit of bringing small things into big forums.

Kamal said galeejh means ‘shit’. He said using the word on someone, amounted to intimidation. Sanam and Samyuktha said sorry each other. Kamal asked if the HMs said sorry only in front of him, or if they also had the courtesy when he was not around.

Bigg boss tamil samyukhta
Bigg boss tamil samyukhta

Aari said that if he realized his mistake, he would immediately apologize. If he felt that he was right, he would stand and fight. Kamal appreciated Aari. Finally!! Kamal added that if any constructive feedback are shared (with Aari), like not pointing fingers while talking, he could adopt it. Aari replied that after the past week, whenever he talk to Bala, he keeps his hands in his pocket.

Lol! Good improvement.

So much change in Aari between yesterday’s and today’s episode, though I believe the shooting is done on the same day!? Yesterday, after Kamal snubbed him, he was quiet throughout. Today, it looked like he had gained his confidence again.

Then, Kamal took the valarpu matter into his hands. He asked Samyuktha how often and how many times she had used the word ‘valarpu’. She said many! Kamal clarified that she knew the meaning very well.

Samyukta said that Aari spoke badly about her motherhood, and so, she commented on Aari’s valarpu. Kamal replied that Aari didn’t talk about her motherhood. He only meant her maturity level. Samyukta said that she didn’t think so, and disagreed(thereby, digging her own grave!!).

Kamal asked for… wait for it… wait for it… KURUMPADADM. He said that the KURUM PADAM can also be a PAADAM, if you add the tamil ezhuthin ‘kaal’!! Good word play, as usual. He was very serious while saying this, knowing the intensity of the charge.

First Kurumpadam of Bigg boss tamil season 4:

During the topple card conversation, Aari while preferring to nominate Samyukta, said that inspite of being a mother, she did not even have the maturity level of an eighteen year old, such as Ajeedh. The HMs who were not with Aari in the topple card room, were watching this outside, on TV! The same day night, Samuktha while talking to Anbarasi Archana and Somu, was shown to say that she felt bad about Aari’s comments. She (Sam) also skillfully changed the narrative, to Aari commenting on her motherhood. The other HMs (Archana, Somu, etc) also willingly went with this conveniently modified version that Samyuktha made.

Whether the other HMs accepted this new story because they are vaathu madayangal, or because it conveniently helped them to target Aari who is a tough competitor, is upto the readers’ conclusion!

After kurumpadam, Kamal asked the HMs what they thought after the ‘show’. Anbarasi Archana raised her hand first, and she said that after seeing the kurumpadam played (which she and other HMs had already seen when it happened!!!!), it was clear. She said that Aari had meant Sam’s maturity, and not motherhood. Her love bed group followed, and repeated what Anbarasi Archana said. When Kamal asked Bala for his comments, he kept quiet. Kamal asked again. He remained silent.

Bigg boss tamil day 56 highlights
Bigg boss tamil day 56 highlights

The funny part in this was, when Kamal asked his BB team to put the kurumpadam, Bala enthusiastically clapped his hands. He might have thought it would be against Aari. In my earlier Aari v. Bala analysis, I had said that in any issue or fight, Bala choose the side based on the people (involved), and not the right and wrong. He is proving me right again and again. Also, if he did not show his hatred and jealousy for Aari, in such a vulgar fashion, he might even earn more fans and supporters.

Samyuktha's tool to take Aari down:

One more thing I noticed was, during the Topple card task, Bala, Nisha, Sanam, Anitha, Somu and Jithan were inside the room, and very well knew that Aari didn’t mean Sam’s motherhood in his comments. But they all either took Sam’s side, or stayed silent. Like I said earlier, why they did what they did, is for each one of us to presume. It could also be because, in the current era we are in, taking a position against a ‘woman’, especially when it involves topics like motherhood, harassment, dowry, etc, can be the end of people’s personal and professional lives. Most (well, I would say, 99.9%) women are honest, and need our support and benefit of doubt. But there is always a small percentage that misuse, and set the wrong example. I see this Sam incident as falling in the latter. In my opinion, she used ‘motherhood’ as a tool to take Aari down.

Even after seeing the kurumpadam, Samyukta asked Kamal, what the parameter is, for motherhood. Kamal said that there is no parameter, but expectations would be there. Finally, Kamal said that Aari only meant ‘maturity of being a mother’, and not motherhood, which was not wrong. Kamal said that this was his judgment.

Valarpu (Upbringing):

After this, as the last nail in the coffin, Kamal took the ‘valarpu’ matter. He pointed out that Sam’s body language and tone while commenting on other’s ‘valarpu’ (growth and brought up) was not appreciable. He used the example of asking someone ‘Neenga Nadika vandirukeengala?’, which could be a general innocent enquiry, but can be said in a condescending manner (with the tone and body language).

Kamal also said that it’s not fair or right to drag family members into the Bigg Boss House fights. It hurts everyone, including Sam’s own son, Kamal said. He advised all HMs to keep family out of the conversations.

From what I’ve read, Samyuktha is from a well to do, and privileged family. She seems to have a great support system in her parents, husband, and extended family, which potentially gives her a lot of financial, physical, and emotional cushion. This is not the case for everyone in the modeling and cine field. It is a lot of struggle. Samyuktha might be basing her thoughtless comments on others (calling Sanam galeejh, or talking about Aari’s valarpu), on the elitist life she leads. Just my 2 cents.

During the break, Aari (once again!) told Samyukhtha that he didn’t mean her motherhood, but asked sorry for hurting her. Ivlo nallavana irukkane! Hard to believe, in this era! Samyuktha and Aari hugged each other. Anbarasi Archana, did an undher Balti, and asked Aari to feel free talk to her whenever he wanted to share his feelings with someone, and to join her and the gang, on the love bed. Yuck!!!! Her group of 6 is ready to talk to him whenever he wanted, she said.

Anbarasi Archana is either becoming careless in admitting about her ‘groupism’, or is over confident. Lets see!

Call centre task:

Next, Kamal discussed the call between Somu and Gabri. He said it was a very nice conversation. Kamal saved Somu. Then, he discussed the call between Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) and Ramya. He appreciated PP Jithan. Playing Ramya’s game (from the call with PP Jithan), Kamal asked Ramya to nominate every HM, giving one reason. She gave reasons for Anbarasi Archana, Bala, Shivani and Samyukta. While nominating Gabri, she paused a few seconds, as she could not think so a reason. Then Kamal asked her if she finally realized how tough answering questions were!

Kamal asked Ramya which group she belongs to. She said she is neutral.

Everyone knows that Ramya prefers Bala’s group, though she also tries to be pally with Anbarasi Archana and her gang. She is very shrewd!

Kamal informed that the call centre task would continue into the next week.

Rating Rio’s captaincy:

A board was kept. Everyone had to rate Rio’s captaincy, with reasons.

General reasons given by the HMs, for his low ratings were that he was emotional, not able to handle the pressure, and didn’t have much energy (compared to his previous captaincy), etc. Except Ramya and Sanam (who gave 1 star), others gave 2 to 5 stars.

Bigg boss tamil rio
Bigg boss tamil rio

Two noted ratings and reasons:

Ramya said that having been a captain who went to jail (during his captaincy), and given the tall complaints that the HMs had against him, Rio should not be rated. But, still, she was giving him 1 star.

Sanam, in addition to what Ramya said, added that Rio bullied others, and gave one star.

Bala, instead of rating Rio’s captaincy, said that he and Rio had sorted their differences out, and hence was giving him 5 stars!

Is this guy for real!!?? Kekara kelvi enna, ivan kodukra badhil enna!! Tomorrow is nomination day. Maybe Bala wanted to be in the good books of Rio’s team?! He tries to be shrewd. But has a long way to go. Maybe Ramya kitta class eduthukalam.

After the Rio ratings, Kamal saved Sanam. She looked so happy! Anbarasi Archana’s group was fuming!

Introducing book:

Today, Kamal introduced the book ‘Esther ‘ written by Vannanilavan. He said Ananthu introduced him to Vannanilavan, and that he was one of the story writers for the film Aval Apadithan. With this, he gave send off to the digital viewers.

Tamil author vanna nilavan esther
Tamil author vanna nilavan esther


With Kamal having saved a few yesterday and today, only remaining HMs in the eviction list were Nisha, PP Jithan, and Samyuktha. Kamal saved Nisha. Between the last two contestants (PP Jithan and Samyukhtha), he said that the difference was only 26000 votes, which was very meager. He finally showed the name card, with Samyuktha name beautifully written on it!

She was shocked. It was clear that she didn’t expect this. She was even shown telling another HM (earlier) that she was confident that she would not go today.

Anyways, she danced with all the HMs before leaving. Aari, Sanam and Anitha didn’t (openly) show any grudge on her.

Last week, when Suchi was evicted, only Aari, Sanam, Anitha and Bala came to see her off. ‘Elloridamum’ anbai pozhiyum Anbarasi Archanavum, avaladhu gangum varavillai. But for Sam, all HMs came to see her off. Samyuktha broke the hundi and gave the coins to Ajeedh. Ajeedh and Bala wept. Gabri was shown consoling her best friend Ajeedh.

Over to stage:

Samyuktha met Kamal on stage. Her video clipping was shown. Kamal said that her son would be proud of her.

Kamal always says very nice things when HMs leave the BBH, and gives a personal touch. Nice of him!

With this Kamal’s session was over.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 samyukhta evicted
Bigg boss tamil season 4 samyukhta evicted

Over to the BBH:

Anitha, the star of the week, was telling her friends that since Sam was not being nominated by the HMs, she wanted to know audience’ feelings towards Sam, and hence nominated her (and successfully evicted!). She said sorry to Bala, as his friend had gone out because of her.

Edhukku!! But, if we remember her, if Bala had not joined hands with Anitha (during the topple card task), and triggered Nisha, Nisha would have taken the topple card, and Samyuktha would not have been nominated. Bala kanaku thappa poiduchu!! Anita told Sanam that the past week was the best week, for her.

Bigg boss
Bigg boss

Samyuktha clean bowled by Anitha.

Tomorrow there would be a captaincy task among Bala, Jithan and Ramya (best performers of the last week). Of course, there would also be the nomination process. PP Jithan now knows that he was so close to being evicted. Will he put in efforts in the Bigg Boss House at least now? Lets wait and see…

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