BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 57 Highlights: New captain Ramesh! Bala's Misconception!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

Jithan Ramesh new Captain of the Bigg Boss House: 7 Housemates in the eviction list!

Today's Bigg boss episode started with the captaincy task, followed by the nomination process for eviction!

Day 57: kaalai 8.05

The Morning song was played, and HMs danced. Nothing new or worth a mention here.. After dancing, Aari was shown smashing something in the Ammikkal, and Ramya shown wearing make-up! Gabi, Rio and Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) were teasing Somu, asking if he had feelings for Ramya. He said no. If so, they asked him to distribute the chocolate that Ramya gave him. Somu escaped from there.

Somu should distribute the chocolate soon. Or accept that he has a crush on Ramya. Until then, his friends are not gonna leave him!

Cubes hitting and picking, for captainship task:

Bigg boss announced the captaincy task. It definitely looked very difficult!! Simply put, 3 different colored cubes (several small sized cubes) were thrown on a net that was hung high above the ground. A cube color was assigned to each of the 3 contestants (Ramya-red, PP Jithan-blue, Bala-green). The contestants had to use a long stick to hit the net above them, so that the cubes of their assigned color fall down. Then they have to pick their assigned color cubes, and put it in a basket. Sounds simple? The tough part was, the 3 different colored cubes were thrown together, and if an unassigned color cube fell to the ground when a contestant hit the net (with the stick), points would be deducted for that person. To win, a contestant had to hit and pick maximum number of cubes, and stick to hitting their assigned color, as much as possible. To make the task tougher (to play, and to decide), all contestants had to play at the same time, under the same net. It was chaotic!

In one of the previous weeks, when the ‘rotating around a pole, with a rope tied around the waist’ task was given for captaincy – the one during which Nisha fainted, I had written about how some of the tasks, especially those that determine the leader, are skewed towards males and masculine characteristics. This task is another data point for it. Genetically, the average height of men is approximately 6 inches more than women. With this fact, I rest my case.

Given the potential chaos that the existing captain, Rio expected, he assigned 3 non-competing HMs to observe each contestant, and to count their assigned color (positive points) and non-assigned color (negative points) cube hits. Aari was to check Bala (edhukku indha vendadha vinai). Somu was to check Ramya. Rio himself was to check PP Jithan. In addition, all the other HMs were also watching the task and observing the contestants (this is an important point to note, your honor!).

PP Jithan won the task.

But… Balaji didn't accept his defeat. Since Rio had asked Aari to supervise Bala’s performance and cube hits, Bala conveniently blamed Aari, saying that he intentionally gave a wrong counting to Bala, keeping in mind, the old grudges. This reminds me of what Kamal Haasan said yesterday. If you are good, you see the good in others. If you are bad, you see the bad in others, and will always have a sandhega kann! Correctaa, Bala!?

Anyways, Bala complained to BB. The fact that most of the other HMs also confirmed the score that Aari gave Bala, did not suffice for him. And surprise surprise! BB immediately replayed the clippings in slow-motion. BBye Bala voda attagasam pathu bayappadraar nenaikaren! The clippings clearly justified the score Aari gave Bala. But still, Bala didn't agree! He threw tantrums. Horrible sportsmanship. At this point, I was seriously starting to think that my 2.5 year old grand son has more maturity and understanding than Bala!

Looks like Bala desperately wanted to become the captain of the house this week.

ஹிட்லிஸ்ட்டில் ஷிவானி, பதறும் பாலாஜி, நிதானிக்கும் ஆரி...பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 57

When he helped Samyuktha to become the captain, a few weeks back, other HMs asked him why he didn't play for himself. He said that he would become the leader whenever he wants to, at the right time. Neraya 1990s-2000s Rajini Cinema paathurupano!? Bala forgot one thing. Man proposes! God disposes! I think Bala, being the tallest, youngest, and possibly the strongest of the 3, must have thought that he can easily beat PP Jithan and Ramya. But, alas! Kamal advised Aari this weekend, to have sportsmanship. Looks like Bala needs that advice more!

Moving on… Rio, based on other HMs’ observation and scoring, declared PP Jithan as the winner. Jithan played well. After escaping eviction in noolizhai yesterday, he must have finally come to his senses.

Later Bala discussed this issue with his best friend Shivani. She said that the counting was correct, and that PP Jithan played a good game. But Sanam and Ramya were putting jalra to Bala! Sanam pokes her nose into everything, and most of the times, makes a mess out of a simple issue. Another thing that I have noticed (I am sure you all have, also!), is that even though Bala treats her badly, yells at her, and insults her, she supports him. Why!? And with small fox Ramya, she has always seen Aari as a key competitor, and tries to take him down at any given chance!

Teams for next week:

PP Jithan allotted the team. Ramya volunteered for rest room cleaning! Jithan said he would allot only one person for cleaning. Ramya agreed!

Jithan, then formed a team for kitchen, house cleaning, and vessels washing.

Another new thing that PP Jithan introduced was team leader rotation. As in, within each team, a new HM (from that team) would take the lead every day. daily one person from each group would be the captain of that team on rotation basis. Nice thought PP Jithan!

PP Jithan also said that the worst performer would be mainly taken as the person who sleeps at odd times, and kept removing his/her mike. Sanam teased him as in the past weeks, it was he who slept the most, during the day! He jovially said that as he is the current captain, he would enforce strict ruled!!

Vikatan poll for Big boss Tamil Season 4!

I have seen many people with similar attitude, at my workplace. They would not put in any effort when they are the worker bees. When finally, due to seniority or whatever other reason, they start having people assigned under them, they would squeeze the hell out of their reportees, and make their life hellish. PP Jithan seems to be one such soul!

PP Jithan appointed Bala as the vice-captain. As VC, Bala’s primary role would be to catch those sleeping at odd hours, and those walking around without a mike. Bala declined, as he admitted that he himself sleeps a lot, and often removes the mike.

Vice-captain aagarthuke ivlo flawsna, apparam captain mattum eppadi Bala!? Nisha, became the vice-captain of the house.

Nomination process:

The HMs went inside the confession room, and nominated a few for this week’s eviction. As is the new custom, BB announced the reasons (without assigning any names) given for nomination. He said, ‘carrying the baggage’, ‘less involvement’, ‘soft hurt’, ‘no involvement’, ‘no self-standing’, ‘boasting up the issues and spoiling peace’ were the overall reasons that were given, to nominate Shivani, Ajeedh, Sanam, Anitha, Aari, Ramya and Nisha.

Bala, Somu and Rio were surprised that their names were not in the eviction lust.

Shivani got the maximum votes for eviction list. Bala nominated Aari but Aari didn't nominate Bala, showing who is really carrying the baggage. Anyways, they are both playing their games.

Dabur paste task:

Dabur organized a ball game. The HMs were divided into two groups. Aari was the judge. Aari while reading this task, commented that even after seeing the mishap of the morning captainship task, where he judged Bala, he was asked to judge this (He, rightly pointed it out, to show the credibility he had with BB team, and that everyone knew that he judged fair!!)

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Team A: Archana, Ramya, Anitha, Shivani, Gabi and Sanam.

Team B: Rio, Jithan, Bala, Ajeedh, Somu and Nisha.

Team B won the task. Aari announced Jithan, Bala and Ajeedh as the ’Dabur Protectors of the teeth’. They got gifts from Dabur. All HMs ran to the gift bags, as if they had never seen tooth paste in their lives!

Then, the ladies lit Deepam for karthigai deepam thirunal. With this, today’s episode got over.

I think tomorrow, the call center task would reconvene. The HMs who acted as customers last week, would act as employees this week, and vice versa! Let's wait and watch!

Bigg boss tamil Ramesh, bala, aajeedh
Bigg boss tamil Ramesh, bala, aajeedh
Bigg boss house
Bigg boss house
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