BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 58 Highlights: Bala calling Aari! Egg task!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan

Call center task continued... Aari vs Bala! No points for Bala!

Today's Bigg boss episode had Call Center Part 2. Bala’s game plan in his call to Aari miserbly failed. The episode also had a super fun, interesting, but yucky Muttai task!

Day 58: 8.00am:

Today's episode started with the song ‘otha adi padailae’! This song, knowingly or unknowingly suited Bala’s dialogue with Aari in the call centre task! No, No, Bala’s monologue, with Aari listening quietly. Bala played the role of disgruntled customer, and Aari took the role of the call center employee. Bala had several questions for and allegations against Aari. But he just didn’t let Aari speak! Lol We will see that in detail, in the next few paragraphs!

Continuation of the Bigg boss Call center Task:

Last week’s interesting call center task continued from today, with the customer-employee roles being swapped. The questioner and the questioned changed places!

First call - Ajeedh to Archana:

Wow! Anbarasi Archana must have thought she was so lucky, as she got Ajeedh as her caller!! But… Ajeedh gave a tough time to her.

First, Ajeedh asked if Archana could nominate anyone from her love bed, for eviction (WOW!!). She said no, but that she could nominate someone as the worst performer. Ajeedh asked her why she could not nominate for eviction. Anbarasi Archana said that there was no specific reason.

What would Anbarasi Archana do, if in later weeks, only her love bed HMs remain??

Ajeedh asked Anbarasi Archana to give one reason to nominate all HMs except him. Archana gave one reason for each HM. When Kamal asked Ramya this weekend, to nominate all the HMs with reasons, she couldn't do it. But Archana handled the question very well.

One thing I noticed here, and probably you all have, as well – Anbarasi Archana’s flow is tremendous. Its amazing!!!! She delivers very fast, and with utmost clarity. She also adds a touch of humor. Commendable! Maybe its the benefit of hosting the comedy show with Mayilsami for several years? Or maybe, it is her natural gift? Whatever it is, it is definitely admirable.

Then, Ajeedh asked her to give four reasons to nominate him. Archana gave a spontaneous reply. It was so good that I had a small doubt that the question paper was leaked! Clap! Clap!

Anbarasi Archana wanted to save Ajeedh, and so, cut the call. Ajeedh helped Rio (Anbarasi Archana’s dost). Now, Anbarasi Archana helped Ajeedh. Ajeedh gave her 5 stars!

டார்கெட் ஆரி... பாலாஜி செய்தது ஸ்மார்ட்டா, சொதப்பலா? பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 58

When they came out from the call, Producer Pulla Jithan Ramesh (PP Jithan) told that she had missed his name. Anbarasi Archana immediately said that since he is the captain of the house, she didn’t nominate him. Her Presence of her mind is appreciable. Then, she said that she forgot, and that Ajeedh didn't remind her.

Second call - Gabi to Somu:

Gabi asked Somu the reasons for entering the Bigg Boss Game. Somu said that he had a relationship break up about ten years back, and he could not come out of it for long. Then, he learnt MMM, and gradually came out of it. Now, to restart his career, he entered the BBH, Somu said.

Gabi asked him to name one good characteristic about each HM. When he spoke about Ramya, he blushed, and told four or five great things about her! Somu said Ramya would blabber when she slept.

Is this a good characteristic? Maybe, if you are in love with someone. Otherwise, its not! Anyways, Gabi asked him to give only the good character.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Gabi then asked him to tell three good things about her, and he said.

After this, he pretended to get another call, and cut Gabi’s call. He saved her from nomination.

Ippadiye ellarum oruthar oruthara save pannikittu & friendsku help pannitrundha, BB might get pissed. Avar vera naalaiku edho twistnu solli irukkar. Kovathula ellaryum nominate paanida porar.

After this call, Somu got emotional, as ten years’ memories rushed into his mind. Gabi consoled him. Gabi, Ajeedh and PP Jithan teased him about his blushing, when he spoke about Ramya.

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Third (and pivotal) call - Bala to Aari:

This was the most expected call, after seeing the promo, but it was super chappa and disappointing. Bala had a questionnaire in his hand, and started asking. No! No! He didn't ask ‘questions’. Kelvi irundha, badhil irukanum. Question irundha answer irukkanum. Bala didn’t allow Aari to answer anything, and simpley used the time to unload the ‘baggages….’ from his mind. He said he wanted to clarify a few issues with Aari, but didn't ask for any clarifications. For each question Aari asked him if he could explain his side, but Bala said “naan ennudaiya adhangathai solren.” He said he will take Aari’s explanation later, but conveniently forgot about that later. After unloading his ‘baggages….’, he ended the call.

Bala first said that he (Bala) is a fan of Aari outside the house, but sathiyama, not inside!

Bigg boss tamil Bala
Bigg boss tamil Bala

His main allegations were:

1. Aari did not accept his apologies even after he(Bala) touched his feet. Aari called it a drama. Aari too sought apologies to Samyuktha before the audience with regard to vivada media task. If aplologies are a a drama, was Aari’s apology a drama as well, he asked.

2. During the lemon issue, Aari commented that Anitha had inferiority complex, and that he didn't question PPJithan since he was, well, Producer pulla.

3. Aari gave a tag/’mudirai’ to every one. Like, ‘kadhal kannai maraikudu’ (for Bala himself) and ‘china paiyan’ for Ajeedh.

“Naan nallavannu solravanai nambalam. Naan kettavannu solravanayu nambalam. But naan mattumdhan nallavannu solravanai namba mudiyadu. Aari belongs to third category”, Bala alleged.

4. Aari twisted words during the recent captainship task, and gave wrong counts for Bala.

Then, Bala said that he told all the Aadangam he had in mind. He wanted all the HMs and the audience to know it, and that, that was the main reason for him calling Aari. Bala then cut the call. He gave Aari 5 stars (for listening to his aadangam, I think!)

Bigg Boss announced that since Bala had cut the call, he would nominated for next week.

Something I observed. Vijay TV always creates a sensation with their promos. But the actual scenes would either not appear, or in actuality, be so chappai. The editors are doing an amazing job! The Bala-Aari call was made to look so well in the promo. In actuality, it was disappointing.

Everyone was surprised that he gave 5 stars to Aari. Aari said that Bala played a smart game! He appreciated. Aari even asked Bala ’unn manasu clear ayiducha?’

Bala said that he didn’t have any more baggages, and hugged Aari. Smart gamenu Aari dhan solanum. The public reaction was quite bad for this tactics.

Bala was later shown sitting on the love bed and discussing his phone call with Anbarasi Archana and Nisha. Bala said that his main focus was to reach the audience.

Gabi told Somu that Bala behaved this way, to create a negative impact on Aari, before audience. Gabi asked Aari is he was ok, after the call. She told him that Bala took up this tactic, to finish Aari’s chapter!

Bigg boss live review
Bigg boss live review

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My opinion:

Bala always had the problem of misunderstanding the luxury budget tasks. The task was for the caller to ask the questions to the customer care staff. Bala didn't ask any question, and instead shared his grievances with Aari and the poor viewers. It was a one way street. ( othayadi padai, today’s morning song). It was call center task. Not a grievance cell task. Hayyo! Hayyo!

While selecting the worst performer, let's see whether the other HMs would bring this point. My bet is, no one would!

Bala under estimates audience, and thinks that we are not aware of what is happening inside the BBH. In fact, we audience know more than the HMs, as we see a lot of one on one and small group conversations.

Also, just for your information (FYI) Bala, we audience are not fools!!

My take is that, Bala tried to portray Aari in a negative light. Instead, it only reflected on Bala’s naivete, immaturity, and extreme jealousy.

Other HMs’ opinion on Bala v. Aari:

PP Jithan took offense to the lemon issue, and told Bala that Aari had infact asked him about lemon issue. Without knowing, Bala one sidedly alleged that Aari didn’t question PP Jithan. PP Jithan also didn’t like the fact that Bala dragged his father’s name into this, and called PP Jithan Producer Pullai!

Ayyoyo! Appa namma reviews ellam padicha evlo offense eduthupaaro! But, do I really care! But Bala apologized. Naalaiku padathula chance venum illai! He said that he just spoke in a flow. Flow la yaaru venalum pesalam Bala. But it is important to have a filter! It is that, that shows maturity.

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Other gossips:

Ajeedh, Anitha, and Ramya were discussing Bala and Shivani. Ajeedh said that Bala told Shivani that she was like his sister. Ennadhu!! But, Shivani just said “poda loooosu”. Everyone laughed. Ramya was imitating Shivani. In the meantime, Bala and Shivani came there. “Naan Nominate seiyapatten” board was on Bala’s neck. He asked if anyone else can hang it on their neck, on his behalf!? Oh god. Is he mad?

Muttai thalaiyil adikura task:

HMs were divided into two groups, just like in the call center task. PP Jithan was the judge.

Bigg boss season 4
Bigg boss season 4

The game was interesting. Sanam raised a dispute when she played against Shivani. Shivani touched the egg first. But Sanam said that her 3 fingers were also touching the egg. PP Jithan said that the egg was in Shivani’s hand, and so, she would be the winner. Shivani hit the egg on Sanam ’s head!

Bigg boss today
Bigg boss today

This went on between a few HMs.

Jithan declared team B as the winner. If interested, do watch this game (if you have not already). It was fun!

Ajeedh was later teasing Nisha that in almost all the Vijay TV shows that Nisha appeared in, she said the same comedy. Rio, Somu and Archana also teased Nisha.

Bigg Boss later announced that there would be a twist in the call center task.

’samarasamaga nadai perum indha task

swarasiyamaga inimel dhan


Let's wait and see what the twist will be.

Edirparathadai Edirparungal!

அடுத்த கட்டுரைக்கு