BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 61 Review: Bigg Boss pulling the legs of the Housemates!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 live updates
Bigg boss tamil season 4 live updates

Highlights of Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode!

Today’s Episode was the Bigg Boss’s Day! After the morning song and dance, BB called the HMs into the confession room, 1 by 1, and asked their contribution to the audience, in the 60 days that they were in the show. He trolled everyone! Today, Bigg Boss completed kalaaichifying 6 of the 13 HMs!

Day 61: 8.00am:

’Sopana sundari naanthanae’ song was played in the morning. Instead of writing that the HMs danced as usual (which they did), I would like to write a small note about the song. It is one of my favorite songs. So peppy!

Film: Veera Sivaji

Singer: Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

Lyrics: Arunraja Kamaraj

Music director: D. Imman

Special note on the singer: Vaikom Vijayalakshmi was born blind in Vaikom, Kerala. Later, her parents moved to Chennai.

Vaikom Vijayalakshmi is one of the best examples for ‘Vida Muyarchi Thiruvinaiyakkum!’ She has won several awards!

Morning warm up task:

Gabi was dancing while doing house hold work. First, she showed how to dance while washing clothes, and while dressing up.

Then she asked the vessel washing team, to dance with her, while (pretending to) washing vessels. After this, she called the cooking team dance, while acting like they were also cooking simultaneiously. It was good fun to watch. Everyone did well.

Archana triggering other housemates:

Archana was injecting strong venom (poison) into Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan), Rio and Somu. She was also using Nisha as her trump card. Horrible person! Ennadhaan game strategynnalum ivlo mosama va!? Cunning to the core!

Bigg boss tamil archana, rio, som, jithan ramesh
Bigg boss tamil archana, rio, som, jithan ramesh

Quotes on Cunning:

’The terrible immoralities are the

cunning ones hiding behind masks of

morality, such as exploiting people while

pretending to help them’.

’Cunning surpasses strength’.

Archana said that Aari was teasing Nisha’s comedy, and that she felt bad for it. She said that Aari teasing her would affect Nisha’s career for the next 5 to 6 years.

A quick question - Aari enna Rajiniya, Kamala, illa Ambaniya? Why would Nisha lose her career if Aari does not like her jokes!? Also, Ajeedh also commented on her jokes saying that she repeats the same. Even Archana has commented on it, calling it ‘standard’ for its repetition. What about that!

PP Jithan and Rio replied that Nisha should have told Aari then and there, if she was not comfortable with his comments. “We asked her to talk to Aari” they said.

Simultaneously, in the kitchen area, Aari and Nisha were working together. Nisha clarified her doubt. Aari said that she was ’comedy king (queen)’ and that he didn't tease her. He said that he just wanted to try comedy in a different way (sarcastic comedy), but it turned badly.

Ok then, Archana avargale, Aari has now called Nisha, ‘comedy king’ (queen). Since Aari’s words have so much power, Nisha will become the next Charlie Chaplin! Don’t worry! I am sure Nisha will convey this in the love bed. Then, Archana will figure out something else to create problems.

Yesterday in the ranking task, Somu proposed Aari’s name for Rank 1, and Rio, PP Jithan, and Gabi from the love bed group raised their hands in support of him. So, Archana wanted to bring them back under her control. She knew that Rio’s weakness is Nisha, and hence using Nisha as her trump card!

Bigg boss tamil Aari, Nisha
Bigg boss tamil Aari, Nisha

Contributions of HMs to audience and their fans, in past 60 days:

The main twist is this. Bigg Boss called each HM into the confession room alone. Once there, Bigg Boss asked them to say what their contribution to the viewers has been, in the last couple of months. Others (outside) will not know what Bigg Boss was asking them. This was not divulged, as BB wanted to put them on spot, and not give them time to prepare their answers.

Jithan Ramesh:

Bigg Boss first called PP Jithan, and asked him to list his contributions. He said that when he was outside BBH he wouldn’t generally mingle with others. But here, he gained friends. Loooooool. BB rightly pointed out that he didn't ask for PP Jithan’s feelings and his benefit, but his contributions to public. PP Jithan then said that Bala was good in physical tasks, and that it was difficult to defeat him in the captaincy task. BB then asked PP Jithan to talk about his contributions, and not Bala’s. PP Jithan then said that he was helping with house work, bathroom cleaning and in calculating the luxury budget tasks. BB again said that these were essentials to be done by everyone.

PP Jithan, being Raja veetu kannu kutty would have thought he gained greatness just by doing basic everyday work that we all do! Anyways, PP Jithan kept thinking (edhadhu contribute panni irundha dhana solradhuku!), and BB finally lost patience and pressed the buzzer.

When he came out, Kooni Archana and her group asked him what happened inside? He quickly said ‘general checkup’, as he was not supposed to divulge BB’s question. Was everything OK, they asked, concerned. He said, “Yes, fine.” Lol!

Bigg boss tamil Gabriella
Bigg boss tamil Gabriella

Other HMs also followed PP Jithan’s idea and maintained the same. Good presence of mind to PP Jithan!

மூன்று சிறப்புச் சலுகைகள்: விகடனின் இதழியலுக்கு உங்கள் ஆதரவு #SupportJournalism


Ajeedh said he sings songs for other HMs, dances while performing tasks, dresses well, and respect others. Hahaha!!! Idhellam epidi ooruku contributionsnu aagum? Basic questione puriyala. Ivangellam epidi 1st standard pass pannanga!

BB repeated the question. Ajeedh didn't know what to say, and kept blinking. His time was up, and BB pressed the Buzzer.

When other HMs asked him what happened, he followed PP Jithan’s tactics and said ’general check up’! Lol!!


She said that she danced while doing tasks, and house hold work. BB, reiterated his question, asking her, of her contributions. She said she always supports her friends in need. BB asked her not to share her ‘advise’, but share her contributions. She blinked. Blinked. Blinked. Buzzer went off. She ran out. When other HMs asked her what happened, she followed PP Jithan;s tactics and said that they took ECG! Lol!!

Ramya, Ajeedh and Gabi were later shown sitting in the corridor and watching rain. Gabi and Ajeedh were singing n murmuring in a low voice. Gabi asked the time. He said ‘very bad time’. I think because Ramya (who had not yet gone to the confession room) was with them, Ajeedh and Gabi could not discuss freely.

Aari, Anitha and Bala discussing the ranking task:

Aari, Anitha and Bala were shown discussing the ranking task. Anita asked Aari how he could support Sanam for the second place? She said that he was showing favoritism. Aari defended himself that she (Sanam) had one call as a caller, which went buzzer to buzzer. As for the second call, it was not her fault that she didn’t get a chance to be a receiver. Moreover, it was his opinion, he said. Fair enough.

Bala asked him how Sanam could be compared with the HMs who made two calls. Aari said that even BB considered only Aari, Sanam, Rio and Ramya as the winners of the call center task to give luxury points. BB informed the bad performers’ names, (those who cut the call) in which Bala’s and Anitha’s name were there.

Anita vidala. She said that though she cut the call mid-way, as callers, it did not mean that she were losers. Quality of the call should be taken, she said.

Avanga call qualitya avanga dhaan mechikanum. “Thaan pidicha muyaluku mooney kall” , Anita won't change. But, Aari gave the fittest reply. Good job Aari.

Bigg boss tamil Aari, Bala, Anitha
Bigg boss tamil Aari, Bala, Anitha

Contribution of HMs continued:


Next, BB called Somu. He spoke about how he overcome his stammering, and started advising the audience about the same. BB said that ‘advise was not necessary’. Somu said that it was only tips. He could not talk further about his contributions. Buzzer sound was heard. Somu came out. He told others that they put injection for him. Lol!!


Shivani said that she danced, did tasks, and looked good! Oh god! BB asked her stick to the question, and to tell her contributions to audience and fans!

She agreed that she did not contribute anything for them. Finally, someone agreed. Buzzer sound was heard. She came out.

In the things she does, she forgot to add “mixture sappiduven, Balavai entertain pannuven! Things she does best!! Lol!”

Shivani, Gabi and Ajeedh were talking about this question inside the bedroom. Somebody was sleeping with their face and body fully covered. Gabi signalled not to discuss it there, and they went out. Why did not dog bark if someone was sleeping in the middle of the day?


She also gave the same stereotype reply about dancing, cutting jokes, doing tasks, etc. BB reiterated the questions. She didn’t give any reply. He buzzer came. She walked out.


She said that she was making the HMs, the audience, and her fans happy with her comedy. She also said that she is honest and not fake (Ennadhu!!!!? Nisha is not fake?!) I quickly opened my dictionary to re-read the meaning of fake!

Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights
Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights

She also started telling a story. BB interrupted her and said that there was no need for it, and asked her to give examples of her contributions. Even after the buzzer sound, BB gave her time to give examples, but she could not do it. Irundhadhana! BB asked her to leave.

Nisha, Jithan, Ramya and Ajeedh were later talking about the task and laughing. Nisha said that BB damaged them and was very angry on her. Romba avamanama pochu she said. Others said that they had the same experience as well. Every one laughed.

With this today’s episode was over. While making the HMs realize how they have not contributed anything to the viewers, BB also made us audience realize what a useless show Bigg Boss is! Lol. But still, it’s a good time pass and enjoyment, during the tough pandemic times! Idha sollirkanum, HMs! Also, they are helping Vijay TV’s TRP!

Tomorrow BB might call the remaining HMs. But tomorrow is also, Kamal’s day. Best performer, worst performer and Captaincy tasks are also pending.

Let's wait and see! Happy weekend everyone!

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