BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 62 Review: Archana love on medical leave!

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Today’s Bigg boss Episode started with Kamal’s entry followed by clarifying Bala’s doubts regarding last captaincy task!

Bigg boss showed a slow motion kurumpadam, with graphic effects to mark out Bala’s cube hits seemed to be the way out. Rio’s prayers to Kadavul were answered! Following Bala’s adamancy in apologizing to Sanam (for the slipper incident), Kamal apologized to her, for his behavior ☹! Aari and Ramya were saved from eviction.

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with Kamal’s mass entry on stage. Kamal has developed a paunch (belly). Kaalam evlo seekaram odiduuudhu! Today is ‘World sand day’, he mentioned! He spoke about sand (mann in tamizh). It's used for making religious idols, construction of building. It also provides nutrition for plants, he said.

True. Mann is definitely a key source of life. It’s a part of panch bootham! Also, so much fight happens over mann. If we look at history (and even the present), most of war is waged for rights over ’mann’.

With a comment ’ ullae irupavargaluku oru mannum puriyalae’ (very true), Kamal took the audience agam TV vaziyae, agathirkul.

சனத்தை வெளியே அனுப்புவதுதான் எதிர்பாராததை எதிர்பாருங்களா... ஓ மை ஆண்டவரே?! பிக்பாஸ் - நாள் 62

Bigg boss Sanam
Bigg boss Sanam

Day 61: 7.30pm:

Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan), Ramya, Gabi, Somu and Ajeedh were taking about BB’s kalaai, and were laughing. Ramya said that she had found out who was stealing inside the BBH. Ajeedh said that the Japanese and Koreans were finding (discovering and inventing) so many things for humanity, but Ramya found out the thief in the BBH. Semma mokka!


Today, the contributions task started with Anitha. Based on the HMs fake story on what happens inside the confession room, She was looking for doctors and nurses for the check up. On entering, and seeing the dim light, with no one inside, she started laughing. Her laugh was so weird, high pitched, and scary. My poor grandson (2 and half years old) was sitting next to me, playing, and got scared, hearing this very strange noise coming from the TV. Paavum!

Bigg Boss asked her to stop wandering the room, and sit.

Anita spoke about her contributions. She said that she made the HMs and the audience happy. She said that her concept was ’magilvithu magil’! Its been 60 days inside. Enakku andha maari endha conceptum theriyala. BB didn't interfere while she was talking. As expected, she went on and on and on and on and on… and finally said that she didn't contribute much inside the BBH. Idha solla ivlo nerama?? She also said that she has restricted her talking offlate. These days, she was talking only 4 lines against 40 lines that she would talk earlier.

After she confessed, BB asked her to leave.

After she came out, PP Jithan Ramya, Ajeedh and Somu asked her what happened? She said that she talked about her contributions. Somu asked if BB interfered when she spoke. Anita said that BB didn't interfere at all!! Shivani commented that probably BB was scared of Anitha, like they all are.

Thank God, BB didn't show Anitha’s full speech. But one thing we should accept. Anitha’s speech was far better than the other HMs’ who answered this question. At least she didn’t say that she danced, ate well, and dressed well. Questiona purinjikita.

Over to Kamal:

Over to Kamal on stage. As usual, the HMs praised Kamal’s costume and Kamal praised the HMs’ costumes.

Analysis of call centre task:

Kamal without any extra fittings, directly started hitting the nail of the issues from the weel. First, he started with the call center task. He said that when poojai is being done in temples, some people would get ‘Amman’ inside them. Some Daughters-in law, would purposepully act like they got ‘samy’ on them, and would use it to scold their mothers-in-law. Since it was ‘samy’ who was talking, the older women would be forced to keep quiet, Kamal said.

Likewise, Anitha and Bala used the call center task to remove their baggages, he said. Kamal mentioned that Somu & Gabi, and Nisha & Jithan pairs were playing like mixed doubles in tennis. Remember, the famous Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhoopathi pair that made India proud a decade ago?. Kamal said that a few HMs used this task to save their friends. He said that Most of the HMs were playing in pairs, and there was no individual play, he said.

Kamal asked Archana why she cut the call and saved Ajeedh. She said that his questions were genuine, and as he completed his questions before the buzzer, she cut the call.

Namathupona appalam:

He asked Nisha if she had a twin sister outside the BBH. The one outside, Kamal said, was good at stand up comedy, and rocked in the Malaysian programmes. But, the one inside the BBH was not playing for herself. He commented that Nisha’s act inside the BBH was like ’namathupona appalam.’

I remember, Anbarasi Archana was yesterday, venting that Aari’s jovial comment on Nisha’s standups would affect her career for 5-6 years! What about this, Anbarasi? Will you dare poison your love bed group about what Kamal said?

Kamal said PP Jithan was supposed to call Sanam, and asked him if his not calling her, was a calculated move, or fear. PP Jithan agreed that it was fear.

Kamal asked if anyone was ready to help Sanam finish the second part of the call center task. Aari raised his hands. Kamal said that Sanam would get her chance to be the call center employee, after the break.

During the break, Nisha was quite upset. Anbarasi Archana, Rio and Ramya were consoling her. Ramya rightly said that Nisha acted (and was) very intelligent when she was outside. Kamal wanted her to show her intelligence inside the BBH as well.

Nisha is undoubtedly a good comedian. She should start playing her game individually, instead of acting like Anbarasi Archana’s and Rio’s pet puppy.

Jithan called Sanam:

After the break, Kamal asked PP Jithan to call Sanam. Time given was only 5 minutes. First question PP Jithan asked, was why she entered the BBH. Sanam was giving a lengthy reply. PP Jithan interfered in between and started asking the next question. His second question was about the lemon issue that caused a fight between Anbarasi Archana and Sanam. Before Sanam could reply, the buzzer went off. Kamal asked PP Jithan to rate the call. PP Jithan gave 4 stars to Sanam.

Just for name sake BB arranged the call to put a check mark against the call. BB could have arranged this before Kamal’s weekend session. Anyways, better late than never!

Bala’s slipper shot issue:

Next, Kamal took Bala’s slipper shot issue. He said amidst COVID, everyone used two slippers. One for outside, and one for inside the house. But Bala had got 3 pairs of slippers – one for outside, one for inside the house, and one for hitting himself on his face. Bala moonji surungi pochu.

Kamal said that his act was ‘violence to the core.’ Things like this can easily dissolve into domestic violence, Kamal rightly pointed out. Kamal also mentioned that Bala himself was a victim of domestic violence, and should know better. Bala said he felt for his act.

Bigg boss season 4
Bigg boss season 4

Anbu on medical leave:

Kamal pointed out that when there was a problem for Sanam, no one generally comes forward to support her. He asked Anbarasi Archana whether her Anbu has gone on medical leave?!

Kamal gave the best example. If any accident occurred on road, the passers by would take videos on their phone, instead of saving the person. Same way, no one came for Sanam’s support, said Kamal.

Anbarasi Archana said that she told Balaji that what he did was wrong.

Kamal asked Bala that when Aari spoke to him, pointing finger, he asked Aari to not talk like that – ‘Kai neeti pesadae’, but he did the same thing to Sanam. Kamal said that body language matters.

Kamal told Bala ’practice what you preach’!.

Sanam and Bala tried to speak, but Kamal cut them off saying that he knew what had happened. Kamal told Bala ’practice what you preach’!.

Aari clapped, but no one else did. Ofcourse Aari was the affected person, and he showed his happiness openly. Mathavangalukkelaam Balana bayam. He is so big. Adichittana? And ofcourse Anbarasi Archana is on a different boat. Instigate panradhey Amma Archana dhaney! She is bringing a bad name for all real ‘ammas’ in the world, with her vesham. If Sam used motherhood as a tool to try and take down Aari, Anbarasi Archana is causing an emotional wreckage on Bala, with ‘motherhood’

During the break Sanam asked Bala to say sorry. He said that he could not. Archana addressed Bala, “thangam, please ask sorry for my sake.”

Bala said no, as if he apologized, it would prove that Sanam was correct.

Kurumpadam for the second time of this season:

After the break, Kamal discussed about the captaincy task. Bala said that the counting was wrong. He didn't hit a single ball of others. Kamal asked for kurumpadam. Week after week, we are having Kurumpadams.

After the slow motion video where Bala’s hits were marked in a different circle using graphic effects, he realized the truth, and accepted that he lost the game. After kurumpadam, Aari gave a salute, to Kamal and Rio put a siluvai across his chest. Aari and Rio were very relieved. Kamal blamed that all the HMs were carrying baggage. He said that he shad to arrange a porter to carry the baggage.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 live
Bigg boss tamil season 4 live

Kamal said that Bala had a mental blockage against accepting anything Aari said. He said that Bala acted like it was ‘his way, or highway’, and cut a political joke (about taking permission while needing to travel on highway due to Corona lockdowns).

Kamal’s sorry to Sanam:

Then Kamal said that if someone did something wrong, they should ask for sorry. Sanam said that during the break, when she asked Bala to apologize, he refused. Then, Kamal asked Bala to say sorry to Sanam, Bala said that he didn’t want to create drama in front of everyone, and will ask her later. Then, to teach a sharp lesson to Bala, Kamal said he didn’t see any drama in it, and said sorry to Sanam (on Bala’s behalf) for what happened. It was shocking to everyone. It put Bala to instant shame.

At least, I think it did. If even this act of Kamal did not make him realize his mistake, I don’t know what will. Anyways, after this, Bala said sorry to Sanam (vaai varthai I am sure). During the break, when Sanam and Archana asked him to say sorry, he said ‘no’, but when Kamal asked, he said he would ask later, when he sees her alone. Lame excuses. Lame excuses. Bala twists his talks. Just that he does not do a good job with it!

Kamal’s politeness:

For awhile now, viewers have been upset with Kamal for not being strict enough with the HMs. There have been mumblings that he is lenient on Bala and love bed gang, and there have been comparisons with Salman Khan and Nagarjune (who host Hindi and telugu bigg boss respectively). Indirectly addressing it today, Kamal said that he didn’t know what was happening in other Bigg Boss shows, but he would continue to host in a polite manner. He also asked the HMs to be polite with each other.

When kamal was hosting the first and second seasons, he was quite strict and was consistently taking the HMs to task. But now, he was visibly become very polite and nice. I think the difference is, in the first 2 seasons, he was primarily an actor. Now, he is also a politician!

Archana tried to act over-smart here. She said that ‘on behalf of the HMs’ she wanted to say sorry to Sanam, and said ‘sorry’. Kamal said, thank you! Anbu tholla thangalai. Archanavai konjam yaarachu nominate pannunga please! viewers will take care of the rest!

Saved from eviction:

Kamal asked the 7 HMs who were in the eviction list, to go to activity room. He said that today he would save two HMs. He said that he wont read the names of the saved HMs, but a distinct light will flash on them, in the room. All the HMs went inside. First, Aari was saved. Next, Ramya was saved. With that, he said goodbye, and completed his session.

Sequences Inside the Bigg Boss House:

Rio and Aari were speaking about the kurumpadam. They both were very happy n thanked god!

Bigg boss Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss Aari Arjunan

In the rest room, Archana was as usual, trying to keep her side clear. She told Sanam that she had asked Bala to say sorry, but he didn't. It was his wish, and that she could not compel him. Uhm, many many decades ago…, just kidding,… just a few episodes before, didn’t Archana force Suresh to say sorry to Sanam, again and again and again!? I remember one proverb here. ’Nakulae narambilame pesadae’.

Somu, Gabi and Ajeedh were later shown talking. Gabi was wondering how Ramya got second place (in being saved). She didn't do much when compared to Sanam, Gabi wondered.

Saving Ramya after Aari is game strategy for Bigg Boss, so that the Housemates get confused about makkal’s spport.

Bigg boss Ramya Pandian
Bigg boss Ramya Pandian

I know the eviction will come only tomorrow, but multiple channels have aired that Sanam has been evicted. Though Sanam interferes in everything and can be irritating, she seemed like a good hearted person, and always gave a tough fight in all tasks, She was involved.

Lets wait till tomorrow to see who was evicted. If it was Sanam who was sent out unfairly by Vijay TV, it would be pained for her fans. Tomorrow Kamal might discuss the ranking task. Lets wait and see!

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