BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 63 Review: Sanam Shetty evicted!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Today's episode started with Kamal’s entry. He wore a fully black suit, and looked handsome as ideal! Today Kamal analyzed the verkadalai eaters, and discussed the ranking task.

Towards the end of the episode, he announced Sanam Shetty’s eviction. She looked so beautiful, and made a highly graceful exit.

Day 63:

Today, Kamal made a mass entry with black suit. He looked really classy! But nothing surprising about it.

Today is Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s and Nel Jayaraman’s death anniversaries, Kamal said, and remembered them for their contribution to humanity. Then, he went into the Bigg Boss House through digital TV.

Dr. B R Ambedkar:

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, also known as Babasaheb Ambedkar was an Indian Jurist, economist, politician and social reformer.

Born: April 14, 1891.

Died: December 6, 1956.

He was independent India’s first Minister of Law and Justice, and is considered as the Chief architect of the Constitution of India.

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar | Nel Jayaraman
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar | Nel Jayaraman

His greatness is not just his standalone contributions to Indian law. Taken in the context of his personal life and social status, it is awe inspiring. Dr. Ambedkar belonged to a very low caste, and thrived despite several insults in day to day life, even after achieving greatness in law. A well known incident is when Dr. Ambedkar had just returned with degrees from Columbia University (US) and London School of Economics (UK). Having come back to India, when he went to work (as a renowned legal Mind), a separate water jug and glass were kept for him, a little away from the common use water jug, as the others (his lower ranked colleagues) considered him an untouchable.

Nel. Jayaraman:

Nel. Jeyaraman, is a farmer and consumer activist who had revived more than 170 traditional paddy seeds. Born in the year 1965, he died on December 6, 2018, of cancer. He was so popular in the agricultural sector, that the word Nel(paddy), became part of his name.

Miss. J. Jayalalitha:

I would like to mention here (in addition to the two personalities that Kamal spoke about), that December 5th happens to be the death anniversary of Ms. J. Jayalalitha, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

Born: February 24, 1948

Died: December 5, 2016

Ms. J. Jayalalitha’s courage, boldness, and command over several languages was admirable!

Over to Bigg Boss House:

Everytime, the HMs would first appreciate Kamal’s costume, but today Kamal appreciated the HMs costumes before the HMs could comment on his!

Before moving further, Sanam thanked him for his good gesture he showed towards her, in yesterday ’s episode.

Would have been a bit awkward to evict her after all this!? What to do? Vijay TV decides!

Verkadalai comment:

Kamal put Balaji in spot today! Ahahaha!

He asked Balaji whom he was talking about, when he said a few people were simply eating ‘verkadalai’ (I call it mixture), and doing no work, but were getting saved. Balaji was silent. Kamal then asked Anitha (who was with Bala when he said it). She said that he was referring to Nisha, Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan), Somu and Gabi as they had failed in the call center task. They had cut the call purposefully, to save their friends. What about Anbarasi Archana who saved Ajeedh, and Ajeedh (Bala’s thambi) who saved Rio!? Nisha and PP Jithan both got annoyed, and argued with Anitha, in front of Kamal. PP Jithan said that Anitha claims to have no baggage, but carries it with her all the time.

Bigg boss tamil Anitha, Sanam, Shivani
Bigg boss tamil Anitha, Sanam, Shivani

Next week this issue may flair up. There is also no Sanam next week, who would generally interfere in these things, and was nice to Anitha so far. Good luck Anitha! I think Sanam’s exit will affect the most.

Kamal then asked Anitha about why she mention his name in her call to Rio. (“Adiyen perum adipatudae”, Kamal said). Anita said that she thought that it would be cut (in editing). Haha! Kamal said that the editing team knows what to relay and what to edit. Anita said that Rio had wrongly accused her in the paati sollai thattadhey task. When that issue came up in Kamal weekend episodes, Kamal didn't question Rio, Anitha said. Kamal said that she had misunderstood Rio’s statement. Moreover, Rio had apologized already.

A small discussion on the ranking task:

Kamal spoke about the ranking task. Since Sanam got the opportunity to have her second call (as receiver), kamal asked the HMs if there was any challenge to Sanam’s 2nd position. Everyone agreed to her runner-up place. Even Balaji agreed! What else can he do, in front of KH! Kamal appreciated the change in Balaji.

Archana said that she would prefer Rio for 1st place. Kamal asked others. Somu too said he would vote for Rio as the winner. Uhm, wasn’t it Somu who nominated Aari for 1st place? Now, why was he supporting Rio!? But Kamal didn’t ask this question. I have a strong feeling Kamal only watches the scenes his assistants mark for him to watch – the condensed quick skimmed version. But even then, what about the people who prompt things in his ear during the show? If Gopi from Neeya Naana has prompters who give him pointers while talking, I am sure Kamal does as well! Anyways, I think Anbarasi Archana brain washed the love bed gang to support Rio as the winner. Please, someone nominate her. Yesterday, I said that, viewers will take care of the rest (if someone nominated Anbarasi for eviction)! But I am not so sure anymore. Vijay TV seems to be the final decision maker. There are serious allegations that they tactically increased votes for the mixture gumbal (Ajeedh, Shivani), and Ramya – Vijay TV chella pillais, to save them in the last minute, thereby kicking Sanam out!

Bigg boss Rio, Aajeedh, Som
Bigg boss Rio, Aajeedh, Som

Moving on to the BB events, Archana continued to question from Kamal, and said that Rio should be the winner as he didn't cut the call both as a receiver and as a caller. So did Aari! Kamal said that while Rio made the call to Ajeedh, Ajeedh helped to save him, by disconnecting the call, just when Rio was about to cut the call. Moreover, Kamal said he disclosed to Ajeedh that he was going to be his caller. Still, Anbarasi Archana argued (with Kamal) and said that Rio didn't leak out the questions. Kamal just moved to the next topic.

Nisha saved:

Ramya was falling asleep during the show. Kamal called Ramya, and asked her why she was quiet. He also commented that Shivani would speak only to Bala.

In whatever way, however, Kamal and other HMs comment on Shivani’s behavior (as Bala’s entertainer and Bala’s person), she will not change.

Bala and Anitha were commenting on Somu, Gabi, Nisha and PP Jithan as verkadalai parties. But Shivani, the strongest mixture party, Bala kannuku theriyala. How would she!?

Kamal later spoke about ‘medical checkup’. PP Jithan and others requested him not to reveal as they were maintaining the secret. Kamal said that PP Jithan’s idea worked out very well.

The top five contestants - ( in the ranking task), Aari, Sanam, Bala, Archana and Rio have not attended the contribution task till now.

Archana said that Nisha acted over smart, after the task, and that Archana was surprised.

Kamal said that he also had a surprise, and said that Nisha was saved.

Bossy Archana:

Kamal said that in the BBH, Rio didn't like the word ‘group.’ Anita didn't like the word ‘sandai.’ Archana didn't like the word ‘Bossy.’ Everyone laughed. Archana ’s drama here was unbearable. She said that she was like a pullaipoochi in the house. So, on hearing the word bossy, she cried whole night, she told.

Gabi said that she didn't name her bossy, but it was already floating in the house. Kamal said that it was Ramya who named her Bossy! Wow!

Hamam’s caller of the week:

From this week, a Hamam caller of the week, a viewer would be calling a HM, on Sundays, to talk, Kamal said. This week’s caller was Mr. Arunachalam (a viewer) from Vilupuram. He called Shivani. How many of you think that it was one of Vijay TV’s own people, or a friend/relative!?

Mr. Arunachalam’s question to Shivani, was why she cut the call after knowing that it would put her in the nomination list. Shivani’s answer was very smart and good. She said that since there are no live audience in this season, they don’t get any claps or audience feedback in Kamal’s session. So, the only way to know if people like them, is by getting saved during elimination. So, she wanted to come in the eviction list, she said.

Bigg boss tamil sanam evicted
Bigg boss tamil sanam evicted

Book intro:

Kamal introduced the book ‘Thoduvanam thedi’. Kamal on Thursday, 4th December 2020, released this book authored by Indian Institute of Technology, Madras faculty members. The book aims to help grassroots-level entrepreneurs enhance their success and sustain their business.

Vikatan offer its readers with weekly horoscope prediction from renowned astrologers!

Eviction process:

Shivani, Sanam and Anitha were the remaining contestants in the nomination list who were still unsaved. Kamal asked the HMs whom they wanted to save. Most of them said Sanam. Here, Aari made a faux pas. He thought that the question was who would go, and said Anitha! Kamal again, repeated the question, and Aari said Sanam. Lol!

Anitha is going to rip him apart!

Kamal then showed the card with the evicted’s name. Sanam. Anitha howled and seemed very upset. The rest (especially Anbarasi Archana and Nisha) seemed just shocked. They must be now feeling a bit restless, as they would have earlier thought that being vocal and doing tasks would put them in safe zone. Now with Sanam leaving, that theory is blown apart. But don’t they know that they are Vijay TV’s chella pillais, and will be kept safe!?

Sanam’s eviction was gracious. She didn't cry, or make a scene. Sanam danced with the HMs to her favourite song ’Nilaadhu vanathu mela’. She had nine coins and distributed to Aari and others.

லவ் யூ சனம்... உங்களை வெளியேற்றியதன் பின்னணி என்ன தெரியுமா?! – பிக்பாஸ் நாள் - 63

Sanam on stage with Kamal:

Sanam met Kamal on stage! Kamal spoke highly about her. He praised that she improved her Tamil, and showed her individuality inside the house. He said that she looked beautiful.

Yes, Sanam looked stunning. She has beautiful features. Generally, Kanadiga ladies are beautiful, I think.

Her BB journey was shown on screen. On seeing this, Sanam became emotional. She said it was Ananda kaneer!

She then saw other HMs inside the BBH through agam tholaikatchi.

Bigg boss tamil Sanam Shetty
Bigg boss tamil Sanam Shetty

She gave title ’Nermaiyin Chinnam’ to Aari! I remember Suchi also referred Aari as ’Nermai’! Aari said Sanam didn’t deserve eviction, and that she is a true warrior!

Tomorrow I think there won't be a nomination process. Already 8 HMs are in the list for nomination based on call center task.

The selection of Best and worst performers, and captaincy task might be there. Nisha might finally start to show her individual game, after Kamal’s strong comment. Anitha might feel lonely.

Let's wait and see!

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