BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 64 Review: Anitha captain of the Bigg Boss House!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode
Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with a discussion among Aari, Anita, and Bala.

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with a discussion among Aari, Anita, and Bala. It ended with a discussion between Aari and Bala! Anita became the captain of the Bigg Boss House! 6 HMs are in the eviction list! Also, Bigg Boss did a massive viewer manipulation and saved Archana from coming in the nomination list!

Day 63 Evening:

Shivani was crying. Bala was consoling her. He said that even if gets evicted, she should go out happily. He asked her to be herself and play her game. Also, as a consolation, he told her that at least she didn’t get branded as a domestic violence victim.

I understand Bala was simply to console her. But I would like to put this out here. It is not the victim’s fault in domestic violence. It never is. And no, it is not a brand.

Day 64:

After the morning dance, today’s episode started with the discussion among Aari, Anitha and Bala. Initially Shivani listened for few minutes, but left the place later. She does not even participate in discussions. She is interested only in eating mixture.

Aari was telling Anitha and Bala that individual players were going out. This week Sanam was out. Next week one of them might be in that place.

Aari further said that the love bed team would first try to evict others. Archana was holding the group. Archana is acting as Sakuni (the love bed folks being the Gauravas!!). After her entry, the love bed group had became strong, Aari said. She was trying to create an illusion to the viewers that only the love bed group was performing well. According to Aari, Archana is not interested to enter into finals, and her motive is to make her group enter the finals said Aari.

I don’t think so!! Archana is waiting to eliminate the strong (non love bed group). Once they leave, she knows that the remaining people (love bed) is easy to beat. Archana vavadhu mathavangalukkaga edhavadhu seiradhavadhu. If needed, she will throw her love bed under the bus without feeling an ounce of guilt!

Bala said that he was saying the same, a few weeks back.

Anita was also said that their group was playing to save each other. Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) was not doing even a small work. PP Jithan has been simply sitting. Even the captaincy duties were performed by Nisha. Actually, Nisha has not let PP Jithan do any work, house related or personal. She even washes his clothes and his plates. Actually Nisha is not the victim here! She is by her own will doing all this, probably in the hopes that the Producer Pulla will help her get opportunities in movies and help her career. In my personal opinion, Nisha has created a dent for all women in general (by taking up these domestic duties that the society had for ages thrown to women, which they are trying to come out of). She has also badly damaged her image among the public.

Also, I am surprised Kamal has not yet questioned this practice of the older Love bed group ladies doing the domestic work of PP Jithan and others. But then again, Kamal probably does not watch the show, and has better things to do with his time. There will probably be the prompters who give him pointers (into the earphone or Bluetooth) during the show, but they generally avoid giving pointers that go against the Vijay TV chella pillais!

Anitha predicted that the coming week, she would go out of the BBH.

Captaincy task: ( memory game)

BB announced that all the HMs would be participating in the captaincy task.

While Bala and Shivani were playing, Archana imitated Shivani and tried to dance like her. It was so irritating to watch. When Shivani dances, it at least looks good. Why doesn’t BB edit all this? I had to watch Archana dancing ☹.

Bigg boss anitha nisha
Bigg boss anitha nisha

Nisha and Anitha were playing in the final round, and Anitha won the game. Anita is very intelligent, has a good memory and keen observation. But after winning, she hugged Bala & Ramya, and laughed. Just like before, her laugh was weird, and sounded like a dog barking. And, she laughed for so long. Thankfully my baby grandson was not near me then. Last time she laughed like that, he got scared, and cried for awhile!

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 63 Review: Sanam Shetty evicted!

Team allocation:

Anita was allocating the teams. She gave Somu house cleaning work. Aari was given kitchen work. Aari said Somu has not been in the kitchen team so far, and hence suggested to include his name in the kitchen team. Somu got annoyed, and said that Aari had not done bathroom cleaning work so far. Aari said that he was ready to be in the bathroom cleaning team, but that he has been in that team earlier. The argument went on for some time.

Love bed team said that Anitha being the captain, should decide.

Anita said that the team was formed, and wont be changed. Good standing the ground, Anitha. Somu and Aari were arguing unnecessarily, and Anitha coolly said that the decision was already made. Good scene.

After the team decisions, Somu apologized to Aari saying that he was cranky earlier and so got aggressive.

Nomination process:

BB called Aari to the activaties room. There was a surprise for Aari. BB said that as Aari got the first position in the ranking task, he was saved from the nomination list this week. BB asked Aari to nominate someone else who was not in the nomination list, providing two reasons. The options were PP Jithan, Gabi, Somu, Ajeedh and Rio.

Aari nominated Jithan Ramesh. He said that PP jithan does not do any work, even when he was the captain. Only vice captain, Nisha was doing all the work in addition to washing his clothes and plates.

BB asked Aari not to disclose it to anyone until the nomination list was announced.

When Aari came out, the other HMs asked him what happened. Aari said that they took COVID test. Lol!!

BB then called Bala and saved him since he got 2rd place. He asked him to select another HM to take his place in the nomination. Bala nominated Gabi, as he felt that she didn't play a fair game in the call center task, and saved Somu.

Bigg boss house
Bigg boss house

Then, BB called Archana. He said that since Sanam was evicted from her second place, Bala moved to the second place, and Archana moved from fourth to third place. So, BB saved her, and asked her to select a replacement from Ajeedh, Rio, and Somu. She didn't want to nominate Ajeedh, because he saved Rio by cutting his call. Between Somu and Rio she nominated Somu as he was not playing his game properly.

She must still be pissed with him for supporting Aari for first place. Dangerous lady!

Yesterday I had written that even with Archana being nominated, viewers can not have our way by eliminating her, as Vijay TV will do some last minute vote rigging. But Vijay TV went a step further, and used smart tactics to remove her from the nomination list! Ok Vijay TV, you win.

After coming out, when others asked what happened inside. Archana told the HMs that BB asked her not to disclose till the nomination list is announced. She made it sound like she unintentionally disclosed this.

BB announced the nomination list. He said that since Anitha was the captain of the house she was saved. The 6 HMs in the nomination list were, Gabi, Ramya, Shivani, Nisha, PP Jithan and Somu.

Immediately Nisha guessed that Aari, Bala and Archana swapped others in their place. Nisha is no doubt an intelligent lady. But she is not bringing her intelligence out, in this show.

Archana was later discussing with Nisha about the nomination. She

said that if Aari’s name had been there, she would have nominated

him. But she was forced to nominate Somu. She said that she will

definitely share this with him, as she can’t keep it in her chest. Thangalaaaaaaa!

BB kept the nomination board outside, and all the HMs analysed it. Somu correctly guessed that it was either Bala or Archana would had nominated him.

Aswini Hair oil promotion:

Ajeedh and PP Jithan were the judges. Remaining HMs divided into two teams, team A and team B.

Team A: Rio, Bala, Somu, Archana and Shivani

TeamB: Aari, Nisha, Anitha, Ramya and Gabi

Winning team was to get a gift from Aswini hair oil.

Team B won the task.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Aari and Bala were talking in the lawn. Aari said ’neeyum naanum pazhaya baggage vachi sandai pottute irupom! Bala said ’ Love bed mokka joke panni finals poiduvanga!

IIpavachi purinja sari!

Aari said’ unakavadhu Shivani irukanga unkooda pesuradhukku, enakku yaaru iruka, first dayla irundhu ipdi than iruken’. Poor thing!

Bala predicted and said that ’Sivani would go out in a couple of weeks’. Aari said ’ thaguthia kaati, fair ahh play panni cup ahh eduthutu poganum. fair ah adanum, nalla fight pannanum, periyavanga or chinnavana illa, yaaru venuna title eduthutu pogatum, but they should play fair and genuine game’ . Very right.

Aari and Bala have realised after 60 days that it would be difficult to fight alone with love bed, and play individually.

Bala also felt that people closest to him - Suresh, Suchi and Samyuktha were evicted one by one, and that his group became weaker now. Only Ajeedh and Shivani are there. Ajeedh is slowly moving to the love bed group. Ramya, he can't trust. She is like a cat on the wall. True. No one can trust her! Small fox Ramya! I think she will give a biggggu bulbu to Somu!

While this Aari-Bala combo is good, Aari can't trust Bala fully. Bala has a history of back stabbing (history in the show.) Bala would disclose Aari’s secrets in a heart beat, if he thought it will help him, just like he did when Aari shared with him that he let Rio win captaincy.

Bigg boss Aari Bala
Bigg boss Aari Bala

Aari is taking a big risk with Bala, but he does not have an option. Anita might also join with Aari and Bala, because she is also playing individually. Her weakness is that she gets upset for the smallest things. She seems very image conscious.

Rio, PP Jithan and Somu moved close to Aari. Especially Ari and Rio, after coming out from the (jail), became close. But Archana is not allowing them to move closely with Aari. She is having a stick in her hand and doing a ring master job. That's why Aari wanted to send her out, but BB is saving her, and ensure that her name is not in the eviction list.

Let's wait and see how the game is changing!

அனிதாவின் தெய்விகச் சிரிப்பு, பாலாஜியின் தோல்வி, ஆரியின் அர்ச்சனா வியூகம்! பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 64

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