BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 69 Review: Double eviction this week!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Jithan Ramesh evicted today!

Bigg boss highlights:

Kamal’s costume was very good. It gave him a younger look. Before showing the Friday’s clipping , Kamal informed the viewers that today there’d be double eviction, since the HMs were playing in pairs. But ofcourse, we know that it is because they missed an eviction during Diwali, and with wild card entries, there are too many people inside.

Friday clipping:

Few HMs were sitting around the dining table. Nisha was teasing Somu about his toilet issues. Somu got angry, and asked Nisha not to tease him like that. Nisha got upset, since a few other HMs were there. Nisha went inside. Archana then told Rio that when Gabi teased Somu, he didn't react, but when Nisha teased him, he got pissed. Naaraayana.. Naaraayana..

Archana is now trying Divide and rule policy!

Somu took apologies from Nisha for showing his anger openly in front of the other HMs. He agreed that he should have told her in person.

Unnecessary drama. This BBH is becoming like a family with a lot of emotional issues and toxic interdependence. Especially the love bed gang! Come to reality, guys! You are not a family. Just a few contestants in Bigg Boss Season 4. Pretty soon, the show will come to an end, where you will have to start facing off each other!

Over to Kamal:

Announcing double eviction:

Kamal without any decorative words, said that Somu, Gabi, and Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) played in pairs and saved each other in the call center task. But BB kept a twist in the eviction nomination, and saved Aari, Archana, and Bala, and added them instead! Kamal asked the 3 musketeers - Jithan, Somu and Gabi, if could guess who nominated them.

Jithan correctly guessed Aari. No marks for this. It was easy peasy. Somu said that Archana told him that she nominated him. Gabi then said that it must be Bala, who would have nominated her, but she didn't expect this. Bala said that Bigg Boss asked not to reveal the conversation, so he didn't want to deviate from BB’s instructions. Kamal appreciated Bala for following the rule. Rulesai eppozhudum kadai pidikkum Bala!

Kamal then directly attacked PP Jithan, and asked him whether he used the opportunity given to him as the captain, last week. PP Jithan said he did captaincy task well and became captain of the house. Subsequently, he got eye infection. So he could not do the work, and delegated it to Nisha, he said. Kamal asked the opinion of other HMs. Except for the love bed group, others said that only the vice-captain Nisha did all the work. Only her voice was heard.

PP Jithan said that as the captain of the house he gave keys to the vice captain, and she did the work. He also said if anyone slept, she would come and report to him. Kamal asked whom he woke up most often. PP Jithan mentioned Anitha’s name. Even after dog barking , and waking her up, she would sleep, he said. Anita said that she was the not one who was always sleeping.

PP Jithan’s response is a typical, privileged kid riding on his father’s glory response. Its like someone saying that I passed the medical exam (somehow), and dont have to prove myself by performing successful operations anymore! He deserved to get evicted today. Unfortunate that he stayed 1 week longer than a hard working survivor like Sanam.

Analysis of robot and human task:

Kamal pulled Nisha apart, for using father’s sentiment to defuse Archana when she was a robot.

Kamal said that in Nisha’s Malaysia programme, he saw water and fire in her act. But in the Robot task, he witnessed acid in her act.

Very sharp comment by Kamal against Nisha. I think he personally could not digest what Nisha did, and it was not something that was just coming from his assistants who watch the show and brief him.

Bigg boss tamil eviction promo
Bigg boss tamil eviction promo

He asked Nisha as to when she came to know about Archana’s family matter. Nisha said that it was after she became friends with ‘Archanaka’ in the Bigg Boss House. Kamal quoted Jayakanthan’s ’Andharangam Punithamanadhu’ and blamed her for disclosing the intimate matters and for using it to win a game. Nisha said that she didn't do it purposefully. Unknowingly, she committed that mistake, she said. But Kamal didn’t buy it!

Then Kamal asked Archana’s comments. She said that it was twenty years vaccum that came out in tears that days. Archana is a great speaker, and spoke about how she already lost her father, and didn’t want to lose her friends (Nisha) as well. So, accepted her apology.

Then Kamal commented about Archana touching Rio’s feet, and how it made Rio uncomfortable. He cut a political dialogue saying that it (feet touching) is becoming our culture! Then, Kamal said that there would be douple eviction, and cut for break!

The HMS were left sitting with gaping mouths!

During the break, Nisha told Gabi that she would be evicted this week. Gabi was consoling her. Nisha said that she was scared to face the audience and give interviews.

Archana and Rio were also talking. Rio said that the second eviction might also be from a person not in the eviction list. Some HMs Might be evicted through red card said Rio.

Anita and Aari were talking on the other side. She is having the format of the BB show in fingertips. And definitely has a great grasp of things. She said that generally in the 10th week, only 9HMs would be there. But as, there were 12 HMs in season 4, on 10th week, they were evicting additional people, she said. Hence, double eviction. Aari got stunned on hearing her statistiscs.

After the break, Kamal spoke a bit about vote registration (December 12-13 the Election commission has asked the public to check names in the voters list). Kamal requested everyone to ensure the same.

Please note,

”Vote is not only our right,

It is our power.”

”The ballot is stronger than the bullet”

Analysis of Best and worst performer:

Then Kamal touched the topic of the week - Best and worst performer.

He asked Anitha about her comments, and complaints against being chosen the worst performer.

She gave a very clear explanation of her reasons, repeating what she had told yesterday (Kamal asked her to repeat what she had said the day before). She broke down in the middle. I sympathize with her entirely. The woman had slogged the week, as captain of the house, and had performed well in tasks. It was extremely unfair and unjust to have selected her the worst. As Kamal said, it was just a numbers game. The love bed people are more in number, and tactfully punishing the others. Shame on them. When Anita got emotional while explaining her stance to Kamal, Archana who was sitting next to her, tried to pat her! Ulaga maga nadippu! Does anyone have any doubts on who the master mind/crooked planner behind the love bed group is?

Kamal clapped for Anitha, for doing the cooking work alone for the 12 HMs, since others were doing tasks.

Kamal said that she should have refused to go to jail. Anita said that she had her doubts about doing that, since the majority (numbers game, remember?) voted for her as worst.

Kamal asked Aari why and how he selected Nisha as the Best performer. Aari gave his explanation – mostly about Nisha trying to reclaim her individuality, etc etc etc. Kamal then asked Aari if it was Arudhal parisu to motivate her. He said yes. Lol!

Bala also said the same thing.

Then Kamal asked the HMs to select the worst performer taking into consideration only the task, and asked them to exclude Anitha. Except the love bed group others nominated Nisha for using father sentiment in the task, in spite of the request to not use it. Love bed group (Archana, Somu, PP Jithan and Rio) nominated Aari as the worst performer. They said that his act as the robot was boring. Kamal mentioned that he was the only robot in Bala’s group who was still active at the end of the buzzer.

If you have not already, watch Somu’s response to this. He made a fool of himself. The guy really needs to think before talking! I am assuming here, that he has brains.

Nisha in jail:

Since Nisha got more votes for the worst performer today, Kamal asked the HMs to put her in jail as per the practice, till further announcement. Rio did the honors!

During the break Rio, tried to save his face, and told Anitha that she didn't explain with clarity, why she should not be nominated as the worst performer, by him. Anita said that whatever she said to Kamal, she also spoke that day. Aari and Ramya agreed with her.

Bigg Boss Tamil Nisha
Bigg Boss Tamil Nisha

Rio – trying to act oversmart, or just making some last ditch efforts to save his name. Not working, bruh!

Kamal gave send off to the digital viewers and again, agathin valiyaga agathirkul sendrar.


After the break, Anita thanked Kamal for giving justice to her case. Kamal said whomever was in that place, he would have reacted this way. It was his duty to point out, if any mistakes happen, he said. Thank god, finally, when the season is more than half over!

Then, Kamal started the eviction process.

Kamal asked Somu and PP Jithan to go sit in separate rooms and said one of them would be evicted today and met him on stage.

Jithan Ramesh evicted:

BB asked Jithan to come out from the confession room, to the stage. BB asked Somu to re-enter into the house. HMs got to know that PP Jithan was evicted. Archana as usual hugged Somu, and Rio. She cried.

Anita went to jail and informed Nisha that PP Jithan was evicted. Nisha’s response was golden. She said that, tomorrow, she would be evicted and will meet him outside.

Jithan Ramesh on stage with Kamal:

PP Jithan met Kamal on stage. PP Jithan accepted that he could have used this opportunity better. Kamal always sends the contestants with positive vibes when they go out of the BBH. So, he spoke highly about PP Jithan - about his business mind, and showed him the customary video clipping.

Jithan met his friends through digital video.

He (PP Jithan) asked Somu and Rio to play individual game. He appreciated Aari for his nermai in the game. Aari in turn appreciated PP Jithan, that he liked his open and bold comments.

Bigg boss tamil Jithan Ramesh Evicted
Bigg boss tamil Jithan Ramesh Evicted

With this today’s Episode got over.

Jithan Ramesh travel inside the BBH:

PP Jithan, for the first two weeks, played well. He was never scared of anyone, and gave bold comments. Whatever he thought, he spoke, without any fear. Only on Archana’s entry, he became lazy. He was enjoying the massages of Archana, and the free maid and laundry service provided by Archana and Nisha.

He forgot that this was a game show and that he had come here to play. Big mistake! Whatever image people had of him (or the lack thereof, given his invisibility in the industry (apt name – Jithan) before BB, he solidified it, or might have even made it worse.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Anyways, Anbu group lost their second wicket. They lost Velmurugan earlier.

It's aired that Nisha is going to be evicted tomorrow. In that case, the Anbu group would lose their third wicket.

Hope at least hereafter, the remaining members of the Anbu group - Rio, Somu and Gabi would play their individual game, and try to become free of Archana.

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