BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, EPISODE 70 Review: Nisha Evicted today!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Aari tuned Anitha and Bala well!

Bigg Boss Highlights:

Rio's frequently changing opinion; Gabi’s irritating fight with Aari (guilty conscience); Archana over the top acting and Nisha evicted.

Bigg boss contestants reactions on Jithan Ramesh eviction:

Nisha was crying inside the jail, since Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) was evicted from house directly, from the confession room. Archana, Somu, Rio and Gabri were consoling her.

Inside the house, except the Anbu gang, others were talking about PP Jithan’s eviction. They were reiterating Kamal’s comments, that if they play in pair, they would be evicted in pair, and if in group, they would be evicted in group.

On the other side Archana was telling her minions, how those people (non Anbu gang) could laugh at someone’s eviction? Rio was commenting that ‘they’ were laughing as if they had won the war.

The Anbu gang did the same when Suchi and Sanam left. Boomerang!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Anitha
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Anitha

I remember reading somewhere. It was probably related to the US political scenario. Or, the COVID retaliation against China. Or, probably related to the right versus left fight that is happening in India, US, … actually everywhere in the world. That the best way to break and divide people, is by creating an Us v. Them! The ‘Us’ are always perfect and good. The ‘Them’ are the villains that need to be crushed. I am not comparing the BBH to the world politics. But definitely, the ‘Us v. Them’ happening in the BBH, as sowed and carefully grown by Anbu gang thailavi Anbarasi Archana, is interesting to watch.

Nisha released from the jail:

BB asked Rio to release Nisha from the jail. Nisha, Gabri, Archana, Rio and Somu were talking. Nisha asked Gabri how was Jithan’s reaction and response was, after he left. She said that from the stage, he smiled, wished, and left.

Over to Kamal:

Today, Kamal entered with a full blue color suit. He looked very majestic. He gave an advise to everyone, to live individually. One can take another person as an example, but should not copy others.

For example, he said that actor Jeyaraman does mimicry like Kamal, but he won’t copy his acting. He said that he was repeatedly advising the HMs to play their game individually, but that they are not following his words.

Quotes on individuality:

Individuality is very important

For a full human life.....


To be yourself in a world

That is constantly

Trying to make you

Something else

Is the greatest


-Ralph waldo Emerson

Then, Kamal Agathin vaziyaga agathirkul sendrar.

Kamal appreciated the HMs costume today. He informed the HMs that today was the 70th day. Kamal asked the HMs to sit in two groups, Bala and Archana group, as in, the robot and human groups.


Then, he asked Bala if he felt that anyone in his group favored the opponent. Bala said Nisha and Rio were biased to the Archana. Kamal asked Archana if anyone showed favoritism to the opponent team, from her group. She said no, but that Shivani every now and then sat with Bala, and she (Archana) had to drag her from him.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Aari too, said that Rio and Nisha showed favoritism to Archana. Obviously, they both denied. Then, Kamal asked Rio if he showed favoritism to Gabri. As usual, Rio denied. But Kamal mentioned that he had spoken a few things to Gabi in the lawn during the break, which seemed like bias. Rio said it was part of a task, and that he was trying to bring fear or a smile on her. Further, Rio said that an atom bomb was waiting for her after their talk. He meant Aari. Kamal mentioned that, that itself was favoritism. But He didn’t go deeper into it, and cut for a break.

It was worthy of a kurum padam. But Kamal let Rio get off easy.

During the break, Aari asked Rio why he showed favoritism to Gabi? Gabi interfered and said that Rio didn’t do any favor to her, and that it was also a part of the task. Gabi raised her voice, and Aari asked her not to do that. He said that he was talking to his human and robot task team mate, Rio. But, Gabi went on a full blast. I think she was just afraid of getting caught.

In between, Bala interfered, and said that Kamal sir had said that Rio spoke with Gabi during the break.

Though no kurum padam was shown to the HMs, we know what Rio said to Gabi, and who were all there. There was clear favoritism shown by Rio to Gabi.

Jithan’s eviction: an analysis:

After the break, kamal asked about the reactions of the HMs, for Jithan’s eviction. General opinion was that he failed to show his individuality, after he joined the love bed / anbu gang. He hid himself behind the shadow of Archana.

Rio said that he didn’t expect it. Shows what fantasy world Rio and the rest of Archana’s minions are living in!!


Then, Kamal asked the HMs to name the HMs who were wearing masks and being fake. Most of the HMs said Rio, Archana and Nisha.

In a shocking twist, Rio said Nisha’s name! Gawd! I think he guessed that she would be leaving. But still, back stabber? He never really said anything to her when she was showing her paasa mazhai. And then, humiliated her in front of Kamal and the world!

Kamal then asked about the changes in Bala - manamatram. Yes, lots of changes in Bala during this week, after Kamal’s comment on mental block last week. Ajeedh said he himself was wearing a mask. He is controlling his anger inside the BBH said Ajeedh. I think he once tried showing it to Sanam, and was quickly put in his place.

Not in 1st and 2nd position:

Then, kamal asked the HMs to name the two persons whom they don’t want to be in the first two positions in the finals. Everyone hesitated. Kamal asked them to write it in a paper, and announced the break.

After the break, before entering into the BBH, through the Agam TV, kamal introduced the book, ‘Nalai matrumoru nalae’ written by G. Nagarajan.

Tamil book Nalai matrumoru nalae by  G. Nagarajan
Tamil book Nalai matrumoru nalae by G. Nagarajan

Then, he went inside through the digital TV. He asked them to name two HMs whom they don’t want to be in the 1st and 2nd place, in the finals. Most of the HMs named Archana, Rio and Nisha. Few named Shivani, Anita and Gabri. Archana named Aari. No one named Bala, Ramya or Ajeedh. Again, in a twist, Rio names Nisha!

The Hamam caller of the week called Ajeeedh. He asked Ajeedh, why he has not performed much, except call center task. Ajeedh said that henceforth he would try to put in more efforts.

Eviction process:

Yesterday, Somu and PP Jithan were asked to stay in different rooms and later PP Jithan was evicted. So, Somu thought that he got saved, felt happy, and thanked BB and audience before camera. But kamal gave him a bulb moment. Kamal said that his name was still in the eviction list. Today, Kamal asked him to be happy, and said that he was saved.

Kamal then announced that Ramya and Gabri were saved. However he asked everyone, especially Ramya not to play the safe game.

Only two HMs, Shivani and Nisha were left. Kamal asked the HMs whom they wanted to save between the two. Except Anita and Archana, everyone wanted Shivani to be saved. Even Rio said Shivani should stay

(and Nisha should be evicted).

Nisha evicted:

Finally, Kamal showed the card. Nisha got evicted. The Anbu team gave her a very emotional and tearful send off. She distributed her coins to everyone from the piggy bank.

Bigg boss tamil Nisha eviction
Bigg boss tamil Nisha eviction

Two funny things stood out here.

1. Archana’s extreme, over the top, dramatic response and crying to Nisha leaving. When Nisha was at the gate, ready to leave, Archana cried – “pogadhada, pogadhada”. I don’t think people even cry like this, when their loved ones go away for long periods of time (when grown up kids go for further studies, when daughters get married and move out, or when husbands go to Dubai and other places for work). I would surprised if Archana’s kid cried like this, when Archana left the house to come to the Bigg Boss House, for almost a 100 days (including her quarantine)! But Archana cried!

2. Ramya Small fox’s sly smile in the background when Nisha was leaving!! Caught on camera. If you missed it, rewind and watch! Such chanakyathanam in that smile. I am sure this lady will survive till the finals.

Nisha met Kamal on stage. She agreed that she had lost her originality inside the BBH and was trapped in Anbu.

Her Video clipping was shown to her. As usual, Kamal appreciated her talent and wished her luck for her future.

With this today’s episode was over.

This week, two contestants got evicted from the Anbu gang, which caused a stir among the love bed group and the other contestants.

Even now, Archana was seen brain washing her love bed group, saying that the other HMs (she mainly meant Aari) negatively portrayed Nisha, saying that she is unfit for the game, and left a bad impression among the viewers. Viewers enna avlo dhadhiya!? But the love bed gang is, since they seemed to believe thanaiya thalaivi Archana’s every ‘vishathanmai vaindha’ word.

Bigg boss tamil season todays promo
Bigg boss tamil season todays promo

It’s high time Rio, Somu and Gabri realized the reality and play their game individually.

Rio today made unther bulti. He said he wanted Shivani saved, between her and Nisha, and also said he didn’t want her in top 2. Two days back, Rio said to Somu that Nisha is just his friend, and not his sister. Rio smelled something was off, and wanted to be away from Nisha. Anyways Nisha is evicted. Let's see if his newfound brains would help him to save himself from Archana.

There is a drastic change in Bala’s activities. He controlled his anger and arrogance. He is polite and patient while speaking to others. Today, he even advised Aari not to get angry in his argument with Rio and Gabri. I didn’t write about it in detail, but Gabi was in her irritating best! If she gets nominated for eviction this week, she would be evicted for sure. If Archana is not in the list, there is! But then again with Archana, Vijay TV might swoon in with some last min tactics to save her! Lets see!

Kamal’s advise and remarks about domestic violence and mental block to Balaji changed him a lot. Moreover, Aari’s advise to Bala also brought changes in him.

And, whatever Anita spoke today, was Aari’s words. Aari, while discussing with Anita and Bala, put valid points (unseen footage). She took those points and presented it very well. We could see a new Anita. Old Anitha would have given lengthy speeches. New Anita has confidence, and talks to the point. This confidence should not turn into over confidence.

We can expect lots of changes in coming days.

Tomorrow is nomination day. I think Aari, Archana and Rio’s names would be there for sure. Let's see!!!

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