BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 74 Review: Bigg boss house Selection of Best & Boring performers!

Bigg boss Tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss Tamil season 4 highlights

Shivani and Gabi sent to jail!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the customary morning song, followed by the selection of best & boring performers by the HMS. Shivani and Gabi were sent o jail. Bala, Ramya and Ajeedh backstabbed Aari, as expected. Aari was brought to tears, in the confession room ☹. Nippon paint sponsored today’s task.

Morning warm up task:

After the song, a jolly morning task was performed by the HMs. Ajeedh led the task. Ajeedh played the role of a foreigner, and taught the HMs to sing the Tamil song ‘Sentamil thenmozial’ with a Bristish accent.

Bala had more currencies:

After the song, BB asked the HMs to inform how much currency they each had with them. Bala had the maximum (460 rupees), and Rio had… wait for it… wait for it… 0! BB announced that since Bala got the maximum currency, he would be given a special power, which would be informed later. I don’t care what the power is! I just hope it does not get used to save Anbarasi Archana from eviction!

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Nomination of BPs (best and boring performers):

Coming to the main point, BB asked the HMs to nominate the Best and the Boring performers. Bala and Archana were selected as the Best performers based on the kozhi and Nari task. Bala, I understand. But Archanavaaaaaaaa!!??

What did she do, except for manipulating rules, fighting, and giving a veiled threat to the men?

Ramya was selected as the Overall best performer, for both the task, and involvement in the house hold work.

She did do a good job overall.

Shivani and Gabi were selected as the boring performers, based on the performance in the task and also their lack of involvement in the house hold work. They went to jail.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Shivani Gabi
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Shivani Gabi

Key point:

For the past two episodes, I, appreciated Rio for his individual play in the task. He was the one of the few that understood the game, followed the rules, and played fairly.

But today, Rio nominated Archana as the best performer, even though she broke rules and kept changing her stance based on her mood and convenience. Maybe Archana did a viboothi mandram on Rio yesterday. A faithful Rio wagged his tail today, and showed loyalty to Archana.

All the HMs nominated Bala as the best performer. He played individually and earned more currency. Also, none dared to question him in the task. Whenever he wanted to go and attack a nari, others would step back. He will go and touch the egg. He was able to attack any number of Kozhis one after another, without giving a chance to other Naris.

Bala even before the buzzer sound was heard, lied down before Rio’s egg, and touched it in lightning speed once the buzzer came. No body, including Rio, dared argue with him.

Also, Bala nominated Shivani as the best performer, as she got 205 currency in her hand. Bala helped her win some of it. If you remember, he touched most of the eggs and shared the currency magnanimously with Shivani. However, most of the HMs know this, and nominated Shivani as the worst performer.

Ajeedh nominated Gabi as the worst performer because she stood very close to him without giving him space, when he was kozhi – the same thing that Bala did to Rio.

Anbarasi Archana nominated Aari as the worst performer stating that he didn’t follow any rule and kept arguing.

Hahahaha! My biggest fear is that a few kids watching this show might take after her! Hope not.

Another interesting thing to note is that, most of the HMs nominated Ramya as the Overall performer, but Ramya nominated Aari as the overall best performer. She said that despite his leg injury, Aari did his household work perfectly. This is how a real nari acts.

Back to game:

Bala, Ramya and Ajeedh backbiting Aari:

Bala, Ramya and Ajeedh back bitched about Aari. Bala said that Aari always pointed out to others that they are not deserving of the game.

Ajeedh complained that Aari nominated him on the grounds of not performing for the past 70 days. Ajeedh wondered how the audience would still vote for him and support him, if he was not entertaining! They were saving him, which means they like him, Ajeedh deduced, using his ultra logical reasoning and deductive power! Engalukku dhane unma theriyum, edhanala Ajeedh ulla irukannu!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Bala Ramya Aajeedh
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Bala Ramya Aajeedh

Ramya also contributed to the bitchin’ session and said that Aari was pointing out others as useless and unfit, to establish to the audience that he is the only person fit to play this game and go to finals.

Key point:

Aari didn’t say like any of this. If am correct, Aari told, “thagudhi paduthikonga, nermaiya vilaiyadunga, cupa eduthuthu ponga!”

Also, Ajeedh surprisingly forgot one thing. He was supposed to be evicted in the third week itself. He got the least vote, but escaped using his eviction pass. Otherwise he would be out by now. Convenient Amnesia! Of course, Ramya, Bala did not point this to him.

Aari earlier said that a few HMs were not showing any involvement in the game and said they were unfit for the game. He meant Ajeedh, Shivani, Gabi and Somu. Previously, Jithan and Nisha were also in the list, but they are evicted from the House now. Even Bala said that they were not doing any work and called them verkadalai parties. He himself said many times that Shivani and Ajeedh don’t contribute anything in the house. In fact Bala, Aari and Anitha discussed about mixture eaters many times.

The reason why Bala back bitched against Aari in this conversation, was:

1. Aari nominated Shivani as the worst performer whereas Bala nominated her as the best performer.

2. More than this, Ramya nominated Aari as the overall best performer. So Bala wanted to pull Aari’s image down. Ramya also has a strong dislike for Aari. But for whatever reason she nominated Aari as the best performer, Bala wanted to break it.

3. Bala discussed many times with Aari about Groupism and favouritism, and took shelter under Aari when needed. Now he was back bitching. This, my friends is Balaji Murugadoss. This is his character. He cannot be changed. He is pasu thol porthiya puli. He can go to any extent, directly or indirectly for the sake of game. No ethics. And I think he will toss out Shivani in a heartbeat, if he thinks it will help him.

Bigg Boss then announced the release of Gabi and Shivani from the house.

Ajeedh in Confession room:

BB asked Ajeedh whom he was missing a lot. He said, his mom. BB asked him what was his future ambition. Ajeedh said that apart from music, he likes acting and wanted to shine in the industry. BB asked him to act, and gave him a situation - that his girlfriend was blackmailed by the villain with a gun.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan

Ajeedh acted well. BB called him a hero, and wished him.

BB generally increases the footage of the person who is going to be evicted, 2 days before their eviction. They are showing Ajeedh a lot! Does that mean that Vijay TV is again going to manipulate us and send Ajeedh away. I don’t care much for the non-performing mixture saapadra Ajeedh. But his eviction would mean the extended game of Anbarasi Archana which is unfair, as viewers clearly want her to go.

Aari in Confession room:

BB asked Aari whom he was missing. Aari said that since his parents are gone, his daughter and wife are everything for him. BB appreciated the way he plays the game. Aari become emotional. He said thank you gurunadha. BB said ok sishya. In Bigg Boss season 3 used to call Sandy as his sishya. In season4, BB is calling Aari as his sishya. He felt happy and left the room.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aajeedh
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aajeedh

Nippon paint Fibra uri Adi task:

HMs were divided into 2 groups. Archana and Rio were the judges. Bala, Shivani , Ramya and Ajeedh were in one group. Aari, Somu, Anitha and Gabi were in the other group.

They had to find the Nippon paint cards based on clues given by the judges. After they find out the cards, they should break the pot and make the fiber in the pot to fall.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

First, Bala’s team performed.

Bala’s team finished in 24 minutes and Aari’s team in 19 minutes.

Nippon paint gave (cup) ice cream to all the HMs, and also gifted paint to them, for coloring their houses, during Pongal.

With this, today’s episode was over. While the lights were switched off, we could see through the glass door, Aari teaching silambam to Rio.

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