BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 75 Review: Archana won the captaincy task!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest updates
Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest updates

Archana likely to become the captain next week! Who will Vijay TV pick as the scapegoat to evict this weekend?

Bigg boss Highlights:

Following the morning song, Archana won the captaincy task. ‘plan panni pannanum’ song of Rio was released. There was Gabi’s Birthday celebrations! And ofcourse, there was the important and funny unther Balti by Bala in the hopes of becoming a hero one day!

Morning song:

Today's Episode started with the morning song ’10 Mani valkulae ’, from the movie Devi. Tamil nadu is lucky to have the great dancer Parbhudeva! No one can beat his grace while dancing! My grandson who can hardly speak a word of Tamil, loves Prabhu Deva! We sometimes need to play ‘Guleba’, for him to eat! Noteworthy to mention Gabi’s dance today. Quite good!

Gabi inside the confession room: BG, Bigg Boss Gabi:

It was Gabi’s turn today, to go into the confession room. Bigg Boss asked about her travel inside the BBH so far. She said that she has been feeling uncomfortable for the past 2 weeks, especially with Anitha branding her as someone tagging along with Rio. Gabi also felt bad for Aari commenting that she is unfit for the game.

I think appidiye vitrunda Gabi would have forgotten it (it was done during the task), and been fine by now. But it is Archana’s tactics to make sure Gabi has it in her mind all the time!

BB named her BG, Bigg Boss Gabi, and asked her to inform her new name to the HMs. BB asked what she wanted for her Birthday. Gabi said that she wanted the footprint of her dog Diya, msg from her friends, and food from her house.

Gabi came out of the confession room and informed happily to the HMs, that BB named her BG!

Key note:

On seeing the 75 days travel of Gabi inside the BBH, I feel that she needs someone’s support all the time. Initially she was close to Bala. But when Bala and Shivani became close, Gabi moved away from him and joined the lovebed group. She became friendly with Somu. Now she is more friendly with Rio. She is playing her game, yes. But she seems to need a validation and support. But that said, she is way way better than other contestants her age. When compared to Ajeedh and Shivani, who are pure mixture parties, and do nothing, Gabi holds her own, which is commendable. She turned 21 today. Happy Birthday Gabi!

Bala continues backbitching:

Bala was telling Ajeedh, ‘Aari thanudaiya vai mattum Nambi vandirukar. He is always telling that others are unfit, showing favouritism, groupism, and commenting that Ajeedh is china paiyan!” Ajeedh told that Aari might enter the finals! For the past two days, Bala has been bitching about Aari behind his back. But he tries to be pally, when he needs to discuss the love bed strategies and capitalize on Aari’s analysis and maturity.

As I mentioned in my review yesterday, Aari nominated Shivani as the worst performer. Shivani instigated Bala, and asked him to question Aari. Bala said that only Shivani has to argue for herself. For that, she said that Aari also dragged Bala’s name, that he shared her bounty with her, in the Kozhi and Nari task. This is probably why Bala is bad mouthing Aari.

ரம்யாவையே அதட்டிய பிக்பாஸ்... பாலாஜி எனும் காளியின் ஆட்டம்... ஆரியின் 'தகுதியில்லை'! – நாள் 75

Ramya in confession room:

BB asked about her travel in the BB for past 75 days. As usual, she didn't give a direct answer, and asked BB to give tips for her to improve. I think she can join politics. Vaaiyaleye vada sudranga Ramyamma! BB got annoyed, and asked her to answer his questions. BB then asked few questions, and Ramya replied very safely, as usual. While Ramya was inside the confession room, ‘ethanai kalamdan ematruvar indha nattilae’ song was played. Apt song for Ramya. BB asked her to be open and said bayandhavelaiku agadhu! Imagine this in BB’s voice!!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Ramya
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Ramya

Key note:

Ramya is very selfish. She says she is neutral, but would be seen with the person whose support she would most benefit from. This is her game strategy. I doubt if someone can adopt this personality just for this game, for 100 days. I don’t think one can be like this in BBH, if they are not like this outside BBH, if this isn’t their real self.

Anita and Aari:

Aari asked Anitha to read a news about Ramya, Archana and Anitha inside the confession room. She did extremely well.

In mean time Ajeedh joined with them. Anita asked Ajeedh to sing a song, and said that she would read news from those lines. Ajeedh sang ‘udha coloru ribbon’song – amazing songgggg! Anita from two lines of that song, read news. Brilliant performance by both of them. Aari enjoyed it and laughed. Seeing Aari laughing inside the BBH, was like seeing the Blue Moon – rare.

Key note:

Anita may be irritating as she speaks on and on and on, often goes out of mood, and ofcourse her laugh is scary – very scary. But her news reading talent is exceptional. Give her any circumstance, she frames it into news. 💐💐

5 Star task Announcement:

HMs were divided into two groups. Aari and Bala were the judges. A Video clipping would be played. The HMs had to eat their 5star and watch the video without getting distracted. If any one of the team member got distracted, a funny punishment would be given to the team members.

Team A: Archana, Rio, Somu and Gabri. (The love bed!)

Team B: Ramya, Anitha, Shivani and Ajeedh.

Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights
Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights

Team A won the task. Gabri was declared as the winner of 5 star.

In Ramya’s team, Ramya lost her game. She laughed when the video was played. As a punishment, Anitha acted as a kozhi; Shivani ate three green chillies; and, paste was applied on Ajeedh’s face. Ajeedh did a small bit from the movie joker, which was good.

Bala in Confession room:

BB asked Bala about his travel in BBH for 75 days. He said the HMs were commenting on his body language and his high tone. He said that it was his nature. But now, he changed his mannerism and lowered his voice. Moreover he said that he was straight earlier, but now, was acting out of box. He became emotional. BB asked him to be himself and get back to his original form. Bala said henceforth he would be himself and said good or bad, he wont have regrets.

Bala also said he felt BB was his elder brother and asked him to call him ‘thambi’. BB did. Bala felt happy.

Bigg boss tamil Bala
Bigg boss tamil Bala

Key note:

Here, Bala showed a different face. He got emotional and cried. But is it authentic??

Captaincy task:

Archana, Bala and Ramya, who were selected as the Best Performers, participated in the captaincy task. Archana won the task.

Rio informed to BB that though all the three contestants deviated the rule initially, Archana played fairly well and finished the task first. BB congratulated Archana for winning the task. Archana dedicated her win to her daughter.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Key note:

Having won the captaincy task, Archana would become the captain of the house next week. But her name is in the eviction list and it's airing that she got the least votes and is in 7th (last) place. Ajeedh is in 6th.

We have to wait and see what Vijay TV would do. Will they honor audience’ decision, or will they pull a wool over our eyes! If they decide to evict Ajeedh, then Archana would become the captain of the house next week, and being the Captain, she can not be nominated. In case Archana gets evicted, runner up Ramya might become the captain. BB can ask Archana to nominate someone as captain. Let's see.

Also, Bala so many weeks ago made Samyuktha the captain of the house, by giving his balls to her. At that time he said that he would become captain when he wanted to, at the right time! Paavum, he has been trying for the last 5 weeks now, kedaikala! Paavum.

Song release of Plan Panni Pananum:

Plan Panni Pannanum movie song was released from Rio’s movie. Yuvan Sankar Raja was the music director and Premji had sung the song. Song was good and Rio also danced well.

HMs congratulated Rio. Rio told the HMs that the movie is a happy popcorn movie.

Bigg boss tamil Rio
Bigg boss tamil Rio

Suddenly Bala stood up and said he wanted to get offers in movies, and was struggling for it. He said he wanted to say sorry to two persons whom he had hurt most in the BBH - Aari and Rio!!!! He asked sorry to both of them. The both hugged and comforted him.

Key note:

Morning, Bala was back bitching about Aari. Middle of the day in the confession room, he cried. Evening, he asked sorry to Aari and Rio. What a pachondhi! I don't think his sorry is real. He too wants to enter movies. Realizing that Aari and Rio have already made it (not as successful actors yet, but at least they have stepped inside), Bala might have thought that it is in his interest to be in their good books. Also, he probably does not want to be low-voted by Aari/Rio fans!

Gabri’s Birthday:

Gabi cut the cake. As she requested with the BB, she got the card with her dog, Diya’s footprint and few messages from her closes. A video clipping was shown where her puppy was running.

I pity the channel’s camera person. She/he ran after Gabri’s puppy and took a video to fulfill her wish. It was probably an intern trying to fill his/her resume with Vijay TV experience.

Gabri’s mom, her relatives and her friends conveyed their Birthday wishes to her.

Bigg boss tamil Gabi
Bigg boss tamil Gabi

With this today’s episode was over.

Tomorrow is Kamal’s session. More than his session, I am looking forward to the news leaks on eviction! Fingers crossed. Lets wait and watch folks!

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