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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 84 Review: Kannukutty evicted!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Today's episode started with the mass entry of Kamal. Kamal’s brown suit suited him very well.

Today's Bigg boss episode had a good analysis of both the Ball and catch task and the ranking of it. Bhoomi teaser was released. And…. Kannukutty was evicted! And lets not forget – the eviction process Ajeedha kadupu ethudhu! Uhm, who’s he again?

Today's episode started with the mass entry of Kamal. Kamal’s brown suit suited him very well.

Kamal spoke about the year that is getting over, and how a miracle could happen any second. He spoke about COIVD, and how we have overcome it to an extent. Next year, COVID will be negative, which is a positive he said. Good note!

Analysing Ball & Catch task:

Kamal correctly pointed out that a team game should be played as a team, and an individual game should be played individually.

Kamal asked the comments of the HMs.

Kamal started with Gabi, because there was an issue from the start (team divisions). Gabi said that when Bala suggested Somu and Gabi to be TLs, Ramya immediately said that she wanted to be in Somu’s team. This hurt Gabi, and she no longer wanted to be the leader. Oh Gosh! Someone give this girl some self confidence. Gabi also said that the TL selection was Bala’s game strategy. To this, Bala responded that he himself joined a team based on bottle twirling.

Kamal then asked the opinion of the other HMs. Everyone appreciated Bala for forming the rule. Rio said that Bala deviated from his rules. He crossed the line, Rio said. Kamal said that due to Bala’s height and broad shoulders, crossing line was inevitable, but it did not seem intentional.

Aari also said that Bala being the captain, contributed fully to forming the rules, and ensured that the task was completed without any dispute.

Bigg boss tamil season4 review
Bigg boss tamil season4 review

Key note:

True that. Can we compare the nari kozi task to the ball task? The nari kozi task that happened when Ramya small fox was captain, was a huge mess. Ofcourse, Anbarasi Archana was in BBH then, which was not a small factor. She led most of the nastiness that happened in the task. But still. Comparing both tasks, we can definitely see that Bala having stepped up as the captain helped have a good Ball Catch Task last week.

Analyzing the ranking:

Next Kamal spoke about the ranking of the Ball and Catch task. Kamal asked Aari and Rio about their argument. Aari said that the female contestants supported the team, and should have been given equal points while validating the ranking. Aari said that he hoped that atleast now Rio understood what he spoke. Rio said he understood what Aari said but that Aari could have conveyed this first, without having a lengthy argument.

Key point:

Aari clearly explained that the lady players were to be given equal treatment while tallying scores and ranking , though it was lengthy. Rio definitely understood what he said, but he pretended not to understood because he didn’t want to loose his first position. Rio seems to be getting away with giving half baked answers to Kamal, slipping away from being pronounced the guilty party, every time. I don’t know if Kamal lets him off easy because he does not have the full context (as he is probably not watching the show), or if he is sparing Rio of the embarrassment/

Most pathetic of this, was Gabi. Her self esteem seemed so low that she supported Rio in his rationale to pushing her last in the ranking. She even laughed at Aari with Somu after coming from the jail, saying that it was just an hour’s punishment, and Aari fought for her for that! God!! Pathetic

Hamam caller of the week:

After the break, Kamal introduced Hamam caller of the week. First, the caller asked Kamal a ‘Modiji’ type of question. You know, how Modi is often considered the Superhuman who sleeps only 2 hours a day, and works non-stop? The caller asked Kamal a similar question. Kamal answered that he rests whenever he can. And that meeting people, public, makkal, was his relaxation!

Then the caller asked Aari his question. The caller said that Aari’s character is similar to Annian Ambi who follows rules strictly. Since Aari tells his opinions openly, he is not able to maintain friends inside the BBH, the caller said.

Aari said that before entering Bigg Boss House said that there are no friends or enemies inside the house. All are contestants. Also, since he is a social acitivist, he wanted to use this platform to spread good qualities! Clap! Clap!

Bigg boss tamil season4 live updates
Bigg boss tamil season4 live updates

Key note:

HMs (at least the smart ones), would now get to know from the caller’s question that Kamal has started canvassing for his party .

Further , if the HMs (again, the smart ones) think a little deeper they can catch that Aari is getting more votes and being saved because he follows BB rules and is overall a person with some honesty.

Boomi movie promotion:

After the break, Kamal invited Jayam Ravi on stage. Jayam Ravi spoke highly of the contestants. He also gave a tip to the contestants, that seeing the game from outside, it looked ‘different’ than what they were presuming from inside.

Key note:

Outwardly it looked like none of the HMs got what he said. If they are smart, Instead of cornering Aari they should think why he is getting more votes, and start analyzing him, as Aari analyses others. If at all any person is capable of this in BBH, it is Ramya. And knowing her, even if she figures this out, she will not share it with other HMs, as she now knows (yes, I think she is the only shrewd person in the BBH who can join the dots) that people are sending those HMs who are being rude to Aari.

Jayam Ravi’s Bhoomi trailer was shown on the BB stage. The film is going to release on Pongal Day on Hot Star. The trailer was good. The main theme of the movie is based on the farmers, said Jayam Ravi. Today, finally, after 33 days Kamal mentioned the farmer protests. High time he acknowledged this, considering that he has political ambitions.

Jayam Ravi disclosed one secret - that he worked as an Assistant Director in Kamal’s Alavandhan Movie. Kamal said that he came to know about this only at a later stage.

Kamal asked Jayam Ravi to assist him in saving two contestants.

Jayam Ravi asked Rio to get two boxes that were kept near the Christmas tree.

Kamal asked Ajeedh and Shivani to open the first box. Gabi’s name was there inside the box. Kamal said Gabi was saved. Second box Kamal asked Anitha and Gabi to open. Shivani’s name was there. Kanal said Shivani was saved.

Ajeedh’s cribbing:

During the break, Ajeech was cribbing to Bala that everytime he was getting saved at the last. Bala consoled him, but rightly said that Ajeedh was supposed to be evicted in the third week itself. People have been saving him on seeing his gradual improvement.

Anita came and asked Bala to motivate her as well. Bala hugged her and consoled her.

Key note:

Ajeedh should think about what Bala said. Eviction pass saved him from going out of BBH in the third week. Subsequently, for a few weeks, his name was not in the nomination list. So he escaped from eviction. Then, when people were ready to evict him, Archana and Anita dug their own graves by being vile, and miscalculating, respectively. So, people prioritized them. Anyways, instead of always backbiting Aari with Bala and Ramya, he should focus on himself and get involved in the BBH.

After the break Kamal introduced the Book ‘karaindha nilalgal’, written by Shri. Ashokamithran.

Kamal sent the digital viewers off with New Year wishes and entered into the BBH through the digital TV.

Anitha (kannukutty) evicted:

Kamal asked Ajeedh if he realised why every time he was coming at the near end of the eviction list. Ajeedh said that he is giving his best. Anita had an intuition that she was gonna leave, and said that she was felt that she would be fine to celebrate the New Year with her family. Kamal then showed the eviction card. Anita was evicted officially.

Live updates on Bigg boss tamil season4
Live updates on Bigg boss tamil season4

Anita while leaving the BB, didn't want to break the hundi as she said that she saw her husband’s face in it. This woman beats herself in sentiments every time. New drama and new show today, even while leaving! BB categorically said that the hundi had to be broken, and Bala finally helped break it systematically, without cracking the face of Prabha, I mean, the lion.

Tamil book review karaidha nizhalgal
Tamil book review karaidha nizhalgal

Anitha on stage with Kamal:

Video clipping was shown for her, which was very nice. Of course Anitha gave a lot of content. Kamal appreciated her boldness and said she was in positively trending, but suddenly slipped because of her rift with Aari. Anitha about to say something and started “Aari”, but Kamal immediately cut her (pinna, who will listen to her rant, again!), and said Theedum nandrum pirar thara Vara!

Anitha said she thought she would be inside the BBH for not more than two weeks. But She was happy that she was there for 84 days.

She met the HMs and said Best of luck to them.

But to Ajeedh, she asked him not to follow Bala blindly. Ajeedh’s face changed. Aari advised her not to carry any baggage, and to not get confused on seeing the episodes. He Asked her to enjoy her life.

HMs conveyed her New year wishes to Anitha and vice verse.

Kamal said he would meet the HMs next year and conveyed them New year wishes. HMs also conveyed their wishes.

Then Anitha advised the youngsters who are suffering during their childhood to be brave and work hard. One day they would also be in a good status like her, she said.

She asked Kamal to convey his New Year wishes to her husband who is his fan. Kamal wished her husband and said his New Year gift, ‘Anitha’ is coming home.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha sampath
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha sampath

Over to Bigg Boss House:

Aari was telling Ramya that Anitha would hold him responsible for her eviction. He said that she said he played vengeance game against her, and he tried explaining to her before she left that that was not the case.

Before he could finish, Ramya asked him not to talk about someone who was not there, in bad light! Haen! I think Ramya did not really listen to what Aari said. Maybe because he talks a lot - people don’t have a long enough attention span to retain it. This is my guess. Anyways, Aari repeated himself. But it was not fair also on Aari’s part to talk about the evicted contestant.

Inside the bedroom, Bala, Ajeedh and Ramya were talking were making fun of Aari. Ramya said that when the caller mentioned that Aari was Annian Ambi, she wanted to laugh so badly. Lol. Sirichirndha adhutha eviction avanga dhan. Ajeedh oda ketta neram, Ramya sirikala.

Bala said Annian Ambi follows rules but Aari never follows rules. People were wrongly thinking this and saving him. I think Bala thought that by saying this, people will reconsider their opinion of Aari. How smart does he think he is!

With this today’s episode was over.

Key note:

Jayam Ravi and the caller gave hints to the HMs. Even then they failed to understand what people perceived of them. The IQ of the HMs is very low. At the same time, I think Ramya could guess to some extent, but she does not want to disclose it to others and make them aware. This is her game strategy - nothing wrong in it.

Now the HMs are divided into two groups. Bala, Ajeedh, Ramya and Shivani in one group. Rio, Somu and Gabi in the other. Aari as usual is going solo. He is very strong.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Tomorrow is nomination day. Aari being captain, his name won’t be there in the eviction list. Let’s see who all come in it. And, my prediction of finalists are: Aari, Rio, Bala, Shivani, Gabi. I will give my reasoning tomorrow along with my special note on Anitha’s travel in the BBH!

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