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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 85 Review: Aari scored today!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest updates
Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest updates

The day was Aari's day!

Today’s Bigg boss episode had open nomination. 5HMs are in the eviction list! Udhayam parupu sponsored a task. House keeping issue played a major rule. Balaji Murunga Maram Eridichu.

Today’s episode started with the morning song valliyae sakaravalliyae!

Open nomination:

BB asked the HMs to nominate two persons each for this week eviction list.

Aari being captain could not be nominated, said BB. Bala openly admitted that for the past 12 weeks, he was nominating Aari and now, he had to think of a new HM.

Atleast Bala said it openly. Rio’s mind voice was also the same. But he does not dare to say it loud.

- Ramya nominated Aajeedh and Gabi

- Rio nominated Ramya and Shivani

- Somu nominated Aajeedh and Shivani

- Bala nominated Somu and Gabi

- Gabi nominated Shivani and Aajeedh

- Aajeedh nominated Ramya and Somu

- Shivani nominated Gabi and Aajeedh

- Aari nominated Shivani and Somu

Somu, Gabi, Shivani, Ramya and Aajeedh were in the nomination list.

Interesting nominations which created ‘upsets’ among the HMs:

Gabi, Ramya , Somu and Shivani nominated Aajeedh for less involvement.

Aari nominated Somu saying that his judgement on Levista coffee was not fair.

Since Ramya nominated Aajeedh, he in turn nominated Ramya.

Live bigg boss tamil season 4 updates
Live bigg boss tamil season 4 updates

Cool comment:

Lol. She might end up leaving the Bigg Boss House this time. Hahaha. Same happened to Archana as well. Aajeedh took a turn and nominated her – she got evicted.

Bala nominated Gabi saying that she was yet to open up.

Rio said that for the first time he is nominating Shivani. (Because Aari could not be nominated)

Gabi said that first time she is nominating Aajeedh.

No one nominated Bala and Rio!

Cool comment:

After 12 weeks, finally Rio and Gabi got to know that Shivani and Aajeedh were showing less involvement.

Late nyanodayam! But at least they finally got this. But, as far as Bala is concerned, Shivani and Aajeedh are amazing players.

Since Aajeedh’s closies nominated him, saying ‘less involvement’, he was upset that he’s being branded like that. So he hit his hand on the rest room door in anger and covered his palm with kerchief. Later when Somu enquired why he had his palm covered, the truth came.

Somu, Rio and Gabi were teasing Aari for nominating Somu for his judgement in the Levista coffee task. Idhellam our mattera, they wondered!

On the other side, Bala also teased Aari for the same reason, in his conversation with Aajeedh. Bala was ROFLing.

At the end of the episode, it was shown that Somu and Aari were talking inside the rest room. Somu said to Aari that he finally got why he nominated him for his judgment in Levista task and asked sorry to him, for teasing him. What made Somu understand Aari’s reasoning was not shown. I believe, it was captured in ‘unseen’. (Vijay TV’s tactics to make people watch unseen also!)

Gabi was cribbing inside the rest room with Somu about Bala’s comment while nominating her, saying that she was not open. She said she even spoke openly about Bala in Kamal’s session.

Key point:

lol. That was the exact reason why Bala nominated her. Off late, many times, Gabi has spoken against Bala. He of course, had the vengeance in his mind, and nominated her, but of course, he cannot give this reason to nominate, so made up something. When compared to Aajeedh and Shivani, Gabi is much better. Why he didn’t nominate them? Because they are his assistants and edipidis.

Aajeedh was surprised that Aari didn’t nominate him. He told this to Bala. Instead of motivating Aajeedh, Bala diverted the matter and started teasing Aari for nominating Somu. He also said that once Gabi disclosed to Archana what he (Bala) told her (Gabi) in a private conversation.

Key point:

Has not Bala backstabbed people many times? He has shared what Aari told him in confidence, to others, so many times. When Aari and Rio participated in the captaincy task, Aari said to Bala that he gave up for Rio. Bala openly told this to Archana, Nisha, and all. The other HMs cornered Aari.

Anyways, today’s open nominations proved that politics and favoritism exists inside the HMs.

Key point:

Two things played important role in today’s nomination.

1. Aari’s name could not be included because he is the captain of the house.

2. Open nomination.

Had it not been open nomination, I think Ramya’s name might not have been included – Aajeedh nominated her, only because she nominated him.

Had Aari name been included for today’s nomination, Ramya might have escaped. Rio, Bala, Somu, Gabi, Aajeedh, and Ramya herself – everyone would have nominated him.

Shivani and Ramya backbiting Aari:

Shivani and Ramya were later bitching about Aari. Ramya said that she could not understand from the Hamam caller’s words, if people liked Aari or not.

Adhu dhan Vijay TV smartness!

Shivani said that Aari’s comments on Groupism and favouritism were right, but when it comes to him, he sometimes plays selfish game.

Ramya said that it was not sometimes, but he always projects others as worst, and wherever and whenever he gets chance, he will try to prove himself correct.

ஷிவானியின் குறுகுறு பார்வைகள்... ஆரியின் தொண்டைச் செருமல்... சோமின் மன்னிப்பு! பிக்பாஸ் - நாள் 85

Udayam parupu task:

Udayam parupu celebrated their 85th anniversary. A task was organised. HMs were divided into two groups and were asked to prepare dosa and vada. They also had to say a catchy slogan. The group which prepared the more quantity of dosa and vada would be the winner of the task.

Rio, Bala, Somu and Ramya’s team won the task.

Latest bigg boss episode review
Latest bigg boss episode review
Bigg boss tamil promo
Bigg boss tamil promo

New year resolution: (mathi yosi task)

Chits with the names of the HMs were kept in the bowl. HMs had to take a chit and tell what positives, the HM should carry to next year, and what negative they should shed.

Aajeedh spoke about Shivani

Shivani spoke about Somu

Somu spoke about Rio

Rio spoke about Bala

Bala spoke about Ramya

Ramya spoke about Gabi

Gabi spoke about Aari

Aari spoke about Aajeedh

While taking the chits, everyone was scared if they would get Aari’s name. Are they scared or allergic to Aari?

When Aari got Aajeedh’s name others teased Aajeedh. His face changed.

But Aari’s advise really motivated Aajeedh.

Aari appreciated Aajeedh for giving tough fight inside the BBH. He asked him to increase his fighting spirit and carry this. Negative aspect – he said that Aajeedh is very shy while conveying things. He asked him to shed it.

Later, Aajeedh discussed with Aari and asked him to explain better.

This is a good development from Aajeedh.

Bala’s bad behavior:

Aajeedh was the house keeping captain. Bala told Aajeedh that he could not sweep the floor. Aajeedh went to Aari and conveyed this. Aari said that he wanted the house to be cleaned. Aajeedh went to Bala and conveyed this. Bala asked him to ask Aari to send volunteers. Aajeedh went to Aari and conveyed this. Aari himself volunteered and came.

Aajeedh was the mailman between Aari and Bala. So sad!

Aari told Bala that the HMs numbers was reduced, but the house area was not. Aari also reminded Bala that last week, he co-operated for Bala’s captaincy, and expected the same courtesy.

Aari asked Aajeedh to divide the cleaning area, being the captain of the house keep team.

Bigg boss tamil season4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season4 contestants

Key point: Aari’s day!

Aajeedh being captain of the house keeping team, did not dare to ask Bala to do the work. He wanted captain of the house, Aari’s support. Aari wanted to bring Aajeedh forward and hence made him the captain.

Bala wanted to pull down Aari and was using Aajeedh as his puppet.

Let’s see how Aari manages this week as a captain.

However, today was Aari’s day.

- Ramya and Shivani back bitching about Aari helped him to increase his score with public.

- Rio and Bala mocked Aari for nominating Somu for the silly Levista coffee task. Somu later said that he understood Aari’s rationale, and asked Sorry to him. Aari scored here also.

- New year resolution, Aari’s advise to Aajeedh made him happy. I think hereafter Aajeedh would change his hatred towards Aari and not blindly listen to Bala’s words. Aari’s graph increased here as well.

- Aari easily managed Bala’s non-co operative movement in the house keeping work.

- Altogether Aari scored today!

Bigg boss tamil season4
Bigg boss tamil season4

Special note on Anitha’s travel inside the BBH:

Anitha was bold, and had clarity in her speech, though it was lengthy. Of course she has experience as a news reader. She played her game individually which was more appreciable. Best Content creator for the BB season4.

At the same time, she was very much camera conscious. Image oriented. Over calculative and irritating character. She always thought she was right. Never listened to others. She would point out others’ mistakes. She got over confidence and over attitude, after Kamal appreciated her 2 weeks back.

புதிய வகை கொரோனா: `இந்தியர்களுக்கு பாதிப்பு குறைவுதான்!' - நிலைமையை விளக்கும் பிரிட்டன் வாழ் தமிழர்

She became close to Archana after Kozi and Nari task and joined the lovebed group. She even cried to Archana, sharing intimate things about her family. She thought it was not telecast, but it was. LOL. With over confidence, she miscalculated and charged Aari which backfired for her. Had she continued her friendship with Aari, she would have been one of the finalist.

As kamal said, theedum nandrum pirar thara vara. She dug her own pit.

More than this, her eviction took place on Saturday (shooting time) as per the practice in vogue. But the evicted contestants are asked to not have any social media presence till it is telecast on Sunday. But Anitha, before the episode was telecasted, posted a tweet saying ‘Thanks for Everything’ which was not right. This is Anitha. Ofcourse, the loss is her’s. Vijay TV will cut the pay for her hard earned work.

My rationale for finalists prediction:

- Ramya will leave soon. She is over smart, and is against Aari, which is reason enough for Aari fans to send her.

- Bala will stay for finals, as Vijay TV is keen on promoting him for the reasons known to them.

- Aari has to stay, else, Vijay TV will lose its TRP. And ofcourse he is the only decent person in the show. And the public will vote for him and keep him there.

- Rio is Vijay TV man (product).

- With 3 men having a sure place in the finals, Vijay TV would need at least 2 girls for gender balance – Shivani and Gabi! Shivani has proved that it is better to stay quiet and eat mixture, than to negatively get involved.

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