BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 86 Review: Shivani’s mom = Losliya’s dad 2.0

Bigg boss tamil season 4 live review
Bigg boss tamil season 4 live review

Today’s morning song was ‘Yennoda rasi nalla rasi’ - Thalaivar Rajini’s song.

Bigg boss Freeze task week! Gabi cribbing to Aajeedh! Shivani mom’s visit and Bala’s brother’s visit caused a hugggge stir and some fun moments inside the BBH!

Morning song:

Today’s morning song was ‘Yennoda rasi nalla rasi’ - Thalaivar Rajini’s song.

BB was Indirectly conveying Rajini’s decision of permanently shelving his entry into politics!! Btw, connecting the song with today’s episode, Balaji’s rasi turned downward, because of Shivani’s mom’s entry!!

Freeze Luxury Task:

After the morning song, Rio was reading this week luxury task. As per BB’s circular, the HMs were not following the rules properly during luxury tasks. Hence, this week no rules were given to HMS. BB took the rule book, and said that Whatever BB said, the HMs should follow. In other words, the BB would micro manage the HMs, like a kindergarten teacher. Serves them right!

Immediately after a few minutes, BB said ‘freeze’, and after some time, released them. This was just for warming up the HMs!!!!

Shivani was inside the rest room. ‘Aararao aariraro’ song was played. Beautiful and very touching song!

BB said ‘freeze’ to Shuvani. Then,…………..

Shivani’s mom entered into the Bigg Boss House:

Shivani hugged her mom and cried. Her mom had tears, but didn’t hug her enthusiastically, like Shivani did. On seeing the mom and daughter reunion, all the HMs got emotional.

Her mom didn't talk to anyone in the beginning. She just asked Shivani if they could speak alone. Shivani took her to the sofa in the corridor.

Shivani’s mom didn't enquire about her well being, nothing. She directly jumped into the attack. ‘edukudi ingae vanthae?’, she fired.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Shivani
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Shivani

Shivani’s mom asked many questions, might be more than 15 questions. I have noted a few:

1. Nee yenna ingae aaya velai pakka vandhiya ?

She referred to Shivani taking on the duty to wake Bala up, etc etc

Jolly note (or serious) – you can decide:

Thank God! Samyuktha was not inside the BBH. when Samyuktha was captain of the house, she posted Shivani as Bala’s PA and asked her to wake him up everyday. She also asked her to change the battery for his mic. I am certain Shivani’s mom would have asked Sam this.

Samyuktha narrowly escaped.

2. For Aari’s comments ’Kadhal kannai maraikudhu’, Bala got very angry and said that he didn't love Shivani and informed her of the same. Shivani’s mom asked why she didn't give the fittest reply to Bala that she didn’t love him either.

Serious note:

I am with Shivani’s mom on this. As a female, and as a mother, it was humiliating to watch.

3. She accused Shivani, for not having individuality. ‘Bala munmozindal nee vazimoziyariya? she asked. Shivani’s mom pointed out how Shivani follows Balaji’s steps in nomination.

4. Shivani’s mom asked her why she gave the Christmas gift that was sent to her, to Bala? Are there no other ladies inside, she asked.

Key note:

This was not telecast. It seems Shivani gave her gift to Bala. This would piss off any mother.

5. Sondhakaranga, grand parents enna ninaipanga? Was it jodi no.1 show? Or Bigg Boss, she asked. She also accused Shivani if she inquired about her with BB?

Shivani was pleading her mom not to shout, but her mom was very hyper. She used some unparliamentary words, which were muted. The other HMs were inside, but could hear everything as the door was open. Bala was also standing inside the rest room and over hearing what Shivani’s mom was saying.

Shivani was very embarrassed.

Key point:

As a mother I can understand Shivani’s mom’s feelings. Any mother would react like this. She is the one who is going through the pain as ‘mom’. At the same time this is National Television, and is telecast worldwide. I do feel she could have kept this in mind and toned herself down a little. Just like we still remember Losliya’s dad’s episode after a year, this episode, and Shivani’s mom’s verbal attack would be remembered for years. People might have in all probability forgotten Shivani’s and Bala’s closeness in BB Season 4 after a few years (several couple become close, things don’t work out, they break up), but they will remember the reaction Shivani’s mom had. Well, I hope not.

Shivani’s mom praised Aari:

Shivani was crying and her mom just left her and went inside. On seeing Aari, she said ‘Sir, you are doing too good. Keep it up! ’She made Aari fans happy and made their job easier.

Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan

She said she likes Gabi and Ramya. To Aajeedh, she mentioned the pillow fight. She spoke with everyone but didn't even look at Bala. She just ignored him.

Shivani’s mom left BBH nearly after two hours:

Then she went out, and when she was talking to Shivani, BB announced that her time was up. She asked Ramya to take care of Shivani. While leaving she hugged Shivani and advised her to play individual game for the remaining days.

ஷிவானி அம்மா ஏன் அப்படி நடந்துகொண்டார்... ஆரி ப்ரோதான் சிறந்த போட்டியாளரா? பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 86

Special note:

Shivani’s mom spoke telugu and Tamil, mixed! Her Telugu was bad! As a fellow Telugite born and brought up in Chennai, my Telugu is far from pure. But still, I can say that Shivani’s mom’s telugu was more Tamil than Telugu! Anyways...

HMs conveyed New year wishes to her and vice verse. She then left.

Gabi & Aajeedh:

Gabi and Aajeedh were talking about this. Initially, Gabi was very close to Bala. After Shivani & Bala’s friendship and after Bala once said that Gabi was like his sister, she moved away from him. Gabi told Aajeedh that even when she was close to Bala she would point out his mistakes. But Shivani would just listen. That’s why Bala used her for his comfort.

Bala & Aajeedh:

Bala was sitting alone and crying. Aajeedh consoled him and asked him to talk to BB and that he would counsel him. Bala said that he was feeling guilty. He said that Shivani does not even have Aajeedh’s maturity. She is literally a Schoolgirl, he said.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

Key point:

I think Bala was trying to escape from his act, and guilt. First, I don’t think Shivani is that immature. She truly believed Bala had feelings for her, and cared for her. This has nothing to do with age. Only thing is, an older woman might have seen Bala’s safe game better. Also, even if she is an immature child, where was Bala’s brains? Did he not know that he was leading her? This was common sense. Archana while entering the BBH, clearly said that their relationship is wrongly projecting outside, and creating a negative impact on Shivani.

Even Suresh once told that Bala was using Shivani for content purpose. He openly told this to Shivani also.

Special note:

I do think there should be a minimum age for entering into BBH. At least the contestant be 21 years old. Time and again, we are seeing the young ones (Shaarik, Aajeedh, Shivani, Yaashica) having issues and struggles (of different nature) with the new found freedom, isolation, and cut throat competition. BBH is no place for formative young adults.

Afterwards, Shivani and Bala didn't talk with each other. Or, it was not shown.

Bigg boss tamil Ramya pandian
Bigg boss tamil Ramya pandian

Entry of Bala’s brother:

Again a song played. BB said freeze. Bala’s brother entered. HMs had a very jolly and fun time with Bala’s brother. He made the house mates at ease and brought back the HMs to a normal position.

When Ramya offered him to have lunch, he said that he had already seen how Upma was made. Others said the person who made Upma had gone out. Bala cut timely joke that bananas and apples are tasty inside the BBH. So the HMs mostly live on fruits!!

When Bala’s brother spoke alone with Bala, he said he was playing well. When Bala asked if there was any fault on him, and how his friendship was projecting outside, he said that many enquired about this. But he told them all that he knew Bala well and there was no chance for any relationship.

Bala’s brother asked him to become the old Bala, that is rough & tough.

Shivani was not seen when Bala’s brother was there. Only before his leaving, she came out. They didn't talk, anyways.

Key point:

The differing responses of Bala’s brother and Shivani’s mom to how their relationship is being shown outside, sadly reflects the male-female dichotomy in our society. Leaving aside the fact that Shivani is not playing her game well and is seen as too dependent on Bala, their closeness is brushed aside as a non-issue by Bala’s side, but is a serious ‘veleila thala kata mudiyadha’ thala vali for Shivani’s side. This is our society, ‘values’, culture.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Aari & Somu:

BB said freeze to Aari when he was talking to Somu, and again fast forward to him. Aari and Somu were running and playing. I think now, Somu is becoming friends with Aari. This would help him stay for the next weeks. Thank God! Archana is not there to control Somu!

Ramya & Sivani:

After switching off the lights, Ramya and Shivani were talking. Shivani told that before the show, her mom asked her to not take the memes seriously. But now, she was badly affected by the audience reaction.

She also asked Ramya if her mom spoke with Bala. Ramya said no, but he was feeling guilty.

She said she didn't understand fully what her mom said, though a few things were right. Ramya consoled her.

Special note:

Shivani should sit and think well, and she would get clarity.

So in the coming days, we could hopefully expect the change in the game of Shivani. Bala as well.

Moreover, HMs should think twice about Shivani’s mom praising Aari. At least they should know by now that Aari has got public support and stop cornering him.

Live bigg boss updates
Live bigg boss updates

Somu asked sorry to Aari: ( yesterday episode )

Answer for yesterday’s unknown question, of how and why Somu sought sorry to Aari. It was not telecast. However in unseen, it was shown in detail.

Aari nominated Somu for eviction saying that his judgement in the Levista coffee was not fair. Even Rio, Somu and Gabi were teasing and laughing.

In the Levista coffee task, two teams had to prepare coffee and cake. Somu being Santa, had to taste both, and decide the winner. But Somu who does not like coffee, tasted only the sweets and declared Gabi’s team the winner.

Bigg boss tamil Aari
Bigg boss tamil Aari

Aari ’s point was that since Somu was the judge, whether he likes coffee or not, he should have tasted the coffee made by the two teams and then given his judgement.

This is what happened. Great mystery revealed!

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