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Today's BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Episode Highlights, DAY 30: Bigg Boss Vivadha Mandram

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30

Today’s Bigg boss episode highlight was Vivadha Medai. Suchitra was the Judge.

Suchitra was the Judge. Bigg Boss contestants were asked to write a letter about any one of the other housemates, detailing an event where they felt the other contestant did something improper. This ended in a very heated argument between Sanam and Archana!

Vivadha Mandram: Kutram: Edhu Unnmai?! Nadandadhu Enna?!

It has been a month since Bigg Boss started!!!! Happy Monthsary folks!!

Today's bigg boss episode started with yesterday’s (Day 29) event. Rio gifted an emoji to Archana.

The emoji consoled Archana, who was upset with the 'silence' Emoji given to her by Suchi.

Navarasa Expressions:

Day 30 started with the song ’Aei Vetrivela’. The Housemates danced as usual, without any enthusiasm.

Shivani asked the other Housemates to show their Navarasa expressions. She started with the 'happy' expression, moving on to 'sadness/tears'. As expected, Aari was able to bring out tears without any glycerin.

Then, Suresh showed the Navarasams with a classical performance. It was outstanding. He proved that he is a very good dancer.

Samyuktha and Balaji were talking about Suresh. Samyuktha told that he (Suresh) was upset about Balaji saying that he 'made' Suresh win in the box passing task. Balaji in turn said that his (Suresh) interference in the eye candy comment Suchi made regarding Shivani and himself, and he (Suresh) acting as if he is a savior of Shivani was not correct, as Balaji himself said No to Suchi when she advised him to maintain it, for the public. He felt that Suresh projected it wrongly to Shivani. Samyuktha advised him to go and talk to Suresh, as they were both friends.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30

Vivadha Mandram:

Bigg Boss announced the day's task of Vivadha mandram. Each Housemate was asked to write a letter about any one of the other contestants, detailing an event where they felt the other contestant did something improper. The other Housemates, on their own volition can pick a side and support. The Bigg Boss added that the decision of the judge would be final. The winner will get 200 points extra in the luxury budget.

Puppet Somu:

Somu and Archana were discussing this task. Archana asked him to write about Balaji’s comments about Somu being a puppet. Somu said he didn't fully understand the context in which Balaji said that. I was wondering, even for writing this letter, Somu was consulting his Thalaivi Archana, and she was giving him suggestions. This is such a clear data point to prove Balai's puppet comment. Grow up, Somu!

Anyways, first Balaji went inside the confession room and wrote about Sanam. Then Suresh went inside, and also wrote about Sanam. Then Samyuktha, about Aari.

Next, it was Sanam's turn. She wrote a letter against Balaji. She asked permission to use additional papers, and used three cards. Since she was taking a long time, the other Housemates were teasing her from outside. BB asked her to inform the other Housemates that the task was time being stopped temporarily, until further orders.

No Assistant, No writer:

Anyways, Judge Suchi announced that the court was in session. She asked everyone to be seated. She was solo. She didn't have any writer or hawaldar. Nisha didn't have much of a role today. At least avarku, if they had given the writer role, she might have cut a few jokes. Jithan could have also been given the hawali role. He was just resting most of the episode, watching the fights. 0% participation!

Since this was supposed to be like a true court, I don't understand how Jithan was allowed to lie down on the bench? Isn't it considered COURT AVAMADHIPPU? Maybe Jithan thought he was invisible, like he was in his famous movie!

200 luxury points should be cut for Nisha and Jithan! 😁😁

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30

Balaji vs Sanam:

First case was Bala's case against Sanam. He spoke about the lemon issue, mundirikottai issue, and tharthalai issue against her. He said generally, Sanam had the bad habit of never sorting out things at the moment, and would drag them for long. He said she was doing it to get attention from us, viewers. He repeated his arguments from yesterday, on the tharthalai issue.

Sanam asked the judge to give permission, to argue her stance on these issues. But Judge Suchi refused it!!!! Aari supported Sanam, and asked the judge to consider Sanam’s request. Judge refused, and Sanam presented her side on seeing Balaji’s compliant card. She said Balaji should have used those words (even jovially) only when nobody but the two of them were around. Since he used those words in front of everyone, she (Sanam) became a laughing stock of the BBH. She said his comments, 'mundirikottai' and 'tharuthalai', were humiliating.

Samyuktha, Suresh, Shivani (any surprise??), Gabi and Archana supported Balaji. Aari, Ramya and Anitha supported Sanam.

On hearing both sides, the judge asked the audience to raise their hands if they felt what Balaji said was an intended insult. Only Aari raised his hand.

Even Sanam’s supporters Ramya and Anitha didn't raise their hands. Then the judge asked to raise their hands if they felt what Balaji said was an intended as comedy. Most of the HMs raised their hands. The judge declared that Balaji won the case based on the votes. So so so so weird. Didn't India abolish the jury system several decades ago? After the Nanavati-Prem Ahuja case? Which judge in India decides by asking the audience to raise their hands? So weird.

Suresh vs Sanam:

Next case was Suresh vs Sanam. Suresh made the complaint that Sanam was in the habit of poking her nose when any two people or group of people were talking, even if the subject is irrelevant to her. Sanam said she would interfere only if it it was relevant to her. Surprisingly, Balaji stood on Sanam's side here. Wow! Suresh must have been soooo pissed. Aari, Ramya and Anitha also took Sanam’s side.

Initially, only Samyuktha took Suresh side. I think Samyuktha treats Sanam as her competitor as both of them are in the same field. Bala argued for Sanam, and Samyuktha, for Suresh. Then, Shivani, Rio and Archana also joined Suresh as supporters. The judge asked Suresh and Sanam to engage one person from their supporters' group to give a final home stretch speech. From Suresh's side, Rio said that Sanam is free to know what is happening, and discuss the issues later, but cannot interfere when a private discussion is going on between people. From Sanam's side, Balaji spoke. He said though Sanam's interference can be irritating, she had the right to know what was happening, and take part in conversations. If the Judge decided that she should not, then, it would be applicable to everyone.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30

The judge was preparing her judgement, and allowed the HMs to discuss among themselves. That time, Sanam told that Archana was lying in two aspects. She said that while discussing the kitchen matter (when Aari and Anitha were inside the jail), Archana said that Sanam interfered, but in reality, she did not.

The judgement was given in Sanam’s favor and she won the case.

Balaji’s ’U ’ turn:

Aari and Anitha were discussing Balaji’s ’U ’ turn, in his support to Sanam. Aari felt that after yesterday's fight with Sanam, Balaji wanted public support from her fans, and also wanted to take Suresh down for the eye candy issue. So, ore kallula rendu manga.

In a parallel convo, Balaji accepted to Archana and Suchi that he supported Sanam as he was angry with Suresh. He also bloated that the side he supports will always win. That is gethu, he said. Ayyooo.. Suchi thought he was just playing his game. I feel the same about Anitha as well. She supported Sanam today, after complaining about her many times.

On seeing Balaji and Anitha’s game on Day 30, I remembered these two quotes:

’Arya koothadinalum kariyathil kan’. 'Be roman when you are in Rome’.

Nan poi sollalai;

At the dinning table, Archana brought up with Sanam, the issue of Sanam saying that Archana lied about 2 things. They spoke about whether Sanam interfered in the kitchen team discussion awhile ago, and if she left immediately after being told that it was a kitchen team matter, or if she persisted. This went on for awhile. Sanam maintained that she left immediately after being told that it was a kitchen matter. She cried and shouted, ’nan poi sollalai’ and ran from that place. It was scary to watch. Suresh, Anitha, Aari and Ramya ran behind her to console.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 Day 30

Sanam said she would cool down after some time. Anitha advised Sanam to take it easy, and not take what others say to heart.

After sometime, Archana came in with the house captain Samyuktha. Samyuktha told Sanam that Archana wanted to talk to her in person. But Sanam refused, and said she didn't want to talk about this until Kamal showed up on Saturday.

With this, Bigg boss Day 30's episode is completed:

Balai said Sanam told him that Archana lied in two places. Onnu indha kitchen matter. Innonu ennadhu? Can we expect it to be shared tomorrow?

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