BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode72 Review: Golden eggs! Kozhi and Nari task!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode highlights

Today's episode started with the morning song followed by the Kozhi and Nari task!

Today's episode started with the morning song - kokkara kokkara ko from the movie Gilli. Vijay, as even a small child will know, is the Hero of the movie. He is Definitely, my current favourite. And such graceful dance moves! After Prabhudeva, the Michael Jackson of India, Viay, in my opinion, is the best dancer in Kollywood!

After the morning song, Shivani and Aajeedh were talking with Ramya. Shivani said that with the merger (I know, big words!) of the kitchen and vessel washing teams, she felt like she was always in the kitchen! She said that she could wash vessels, but can’t cook. Aajeedh, also said the same. Shivani said that she could do the work in five shifts. Morning tea, Breakfast, lunch, evening tea, and diner. Aajeedh objected to this, saying that 5 shifts were a lot.

Then, Ramya volunteered for washing lunch vessels, and Bala volunteered for the post dinner wash.

Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan

Ramya called all the HMs and informed the same. Aari said that additional volunteer work should not be taken into consideration for the best performer prize. Lol! Bala said that it's an individual’s wish. Aari pointed out that Bala raised this point once in the past, and said that volunteer work should not be taken into account. Now, he was changing it when it suited him.

Bala replied that since the HM count was down, and will be on this trajectory, it should be each individual HM’s wish to keep a criteria that they think is fair.

Aari said that there was no need for five shifts of cleaning, as there were a lot of people in the vessel washing & the kitchen team. He however asked them to do whatever they want to, and left.

Task of the day: Kozhi and Fox

Bigg Boss, then announced the kozhi and fox task. BB would give two golden eggs at a time to two HMs. (each one). The other 8 HMs would act as the foxes. Only one Fox could attack the kozhis at a time.

Bigg boss tamil todays episode promo
Bigg boss tamil todays episode promo

BB gave 200 rupees to kozhi. If a fox touched the egg of a kozhi, the kozhi should give 200 rupees to the fox. If a kozhi pulled the tail of a fox, the fox would be out of the game.

Aari kozhi and Bala kozhi:

The first golden eggs were given to Aari and Bala – one each. Aari and Bala put an agreement with the foxes.

Aari put an agreement with Rio that he should attack his egg last, and that Rio should give signals to Aari when a fox was coming to attack him. Other HMs were teasing Rio, that Aari had bribed him and purchased him.

Aari put the same agreement with Somu as well. Later, Rio and Somu were talking, and Rio got to know that Aari was repeating the agreement with others. He hence, cancelled his agreement, and played individually. Gabi too, didn’t enter into any agreements.

Bala put an agreement with 4 HMs- Archana, Anitha, Ramya and Shivani, that he would give 20 rupees each, for not touching his egg.

Again, with Aajeedh, he put a separate agreement asking him not to touch his egg. Bala would give 100 rupees to Aajeedh. Similarly when Aajeedh play as kozhi, Bala said he would not touch is egg, and get 100 rupees from him.

Instead of attacking one by one, all the foxes attacked Aari at a time. Aari got tensed, and shouted at the HMs for attacking in a group. Aari then said that if attacked by a group, kozhi would strongly defend his eggs, which may lead to physical violence.

But Archana and Ramya didn't agree, and they attacked him in a group. Anitha touched Aari’s egg. When Aari tried to defend, Anitha fell down and got hurt (in her leg). Of course, it was nothing serious. But as Aari said, it was risky.

Aari gave his 200 rupees to Anitha which was to be shared among four foxes as per the agreement.

As usual Bala made mess:

As Bala already made an agreement with most of the foxes, to not touch his egg, no one tried to go near him. Only Gabi and Rio tried to touch, as they didn’t have any agreements. Even they were reluctant to go near to Bala, as Bala sat on his egg.

Bigg boss tamil highlights
Bigg boss tamil highlights

Whatttttttt!!!! Another mishap by Bala in a task. This guy really needs to read rule.

Within a few minutes, Bala’s egg broke due to his weight. Aajeedh touched the broken egg, and said in front of the camera, that he touched Bala’s egg. Stupidity to the core. What nonsense were we watching today?

BB announced that since Bala broke his egg, he was out of the game, and disqualified for other rounds as kozhi. However, he could act as a fox.

`பாண்டியன் ஸ்டோர்ஸ்' முல்லை கேரக்டரில் அடுத்து யார்? - வதந்தியும் விளக்கமும்

Ramya kozhi:

Next one golden egg came to Ramya. Now, the Archana group (nari group) agreed to attack the kozhi one by one to avoid physical violence. Somu touched Ramya’s egg, and got full 200 rupees from her.

Aajeedh kozhi and Somu kozhi:

Then Aajeedh got a golden egg. Since Aari and Bala had been kozhis before, the fox group (only 4 HMs, Archana, Ramya, Anitha and Shivani) allowed Bala and Aari to go first for the attack. Rio, and Gabi played individually.

Aari touched Somu’s egg. Bala was targeting Aajeedh, and Aari was targeting Somu’s egg.

Aari made an agreement with Ramya. He said that after touching Somu’s egg, he would distract Bala. In the meantime, Ramya could go and touch Aajeedh’s egg. If Ramya touches, Ramya and Aari would split the money (Ramya 125 rupees; Aari 75 rupees). Similarly when Aari touches Somu’s eggs, he would give 75 to Ramya and keep125 rupees.

But, in a turn of events, Gabi touched Aajeedh’s egg. She took hold of the full 200 rupees as she played individually. But she also did not play fair. Aajeedh was generally angry, and shouting. When discussion was going on, she stood very close to him, and touched his egg. She should not have done that. The rule was for her to stand with other foxes, and each fox had to come one by one, to attack.

Rio questioned Bala and Aari attacking Aajeedh’s and Somu’s eggs. Archana said that an agreement was made. Since Rio played individually, and did not join in any agreement, he was not informed. Rio said that if they went with the consent of other foxes, then he was fine with it. The HMs discussed among themselves, reached into a solution on how to play the game tomorrow.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

With this today's episode got over.

Valid points from today’s episode:

Yesterday, Shivani was crying in the confession room that she was in depression and under pressure. She said that she is being herself. But today, she told Ramya that she felt like she was working round the clock. Lol. Finally, Ramya and Bala had to volunteer, to wash the vessels during lunch and dinner.

She is reluctant to do work, or to do tasks. The only two things she likes is applying makeup, and chatting with Bala. Zero percent contribution in work and tasks.

Today in kozhi and nari task, her voice was not heard at all. Waste!

This week, her name is (again!!!!) there in the eviction list. She is scared that she would get evicted. But her insta fans would save her. Don't worry, Shivani.

During the task, Archana deviated from the rules and framed her own.

When Aari was kozhi, she attacked in group, said that nari always attacked in group. For other kozhis she said that only one nari can attack at a time.

Similarly, when Rio made an agreement with Aari, Archana teased him Rio “velai poyachu”(bought for $). But she herself put an agreement with Bala, Ramya and Somu. Semma bongattam Archana! Very dishonest lady!

Bala was as usual, spoilt his game. He sat on the egg and broke it.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Aajeedh got angry since Gabi was standing very close to him at the back, and touched the egg immediately on hearing the buzzer sound. Aajeedh said that in the next round, he would be lying down next to his egg! Lol

Aari and Rio played a good and fair game. Especially, when Somu approached Rio to put an agreement, he said no. He didn't join with anyone and said he wanted to play individual game. After Kamal’s session, lots of changes in Rio. Good job, Rio.

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BB announced that who ever got maximum BB currency would get special power. Let's see who is getting the most currency, and what kind of power BB is going to give! I hope it does not end up in Archana saving herself from eviction. Senjaalum seiyum, indha Vijay TV!

’Edirparadhadai Edirparungal’!

அடுத்த கட்டுரைக்கு