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BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights: Anitha’s transition to Suresh

BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started with the song ’ponnmagal vanthal’ - beautiful song!

Anitha’s transition to Suresh; Bala rude and vile. Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the song ’ponnmagal vanthal’ - beautiful song!

Aari was talking to Rio, complaining that Anitha is not doing her work in kitchen. Morning onwards, she was not talking with anyone. Rio also told Aari that he advice Anitha (on Suresh matter), but she did not listen.

No break, No signal:

Aari went to Anitha and told her be positive, and to start her day. Anita said everyone was supporting Suresh. She felt, Suresh had Sanakya moolai, and was calculatively carrying the widow issue for long (and didn’t accept her sorry), so that Kamal will address that during the weekend. He accepted Sanam’s sorry, but not her’s. She said her husband advised her not to go, as it was a tough game. Bla bla Bla

My God! No break, no pauces, nothing when she talks! It was like a tape on repeat.

Aari really he maintained his patience. He said ”no one said your view is wrong, just that unnecessarily you dragged Suresh’s name.”

News reader and journalist:

Again Anitha went off on the topic. She said she is a news reader, and journalist, and that there was nothing wrong in dragging Suresh’s name. Since he got hurt, she wanted to say sorry. But he created a drama and ran away(!). She said only Bala was supporting her, and no one else was. What bullshit? Everybody was telling her that her opinion was right, but not her way of bringing Suresh in it. She feels her dragging him is right. Ok, fine. But still opinions differ. How can she expect others should support whatever she says? Aari got tired and left.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights

Bathroom crying:

Suddenly, there was a loud wailing sound heard from the bathroom. Nisha heard the voice first, and called Rio. Rio, Aari, Velmurugan and Somu rushed. Nisha and Rio told it was Anitha’s voice. Everyone was calling out to her. But she didn't respond. So Rio asked everyone to come out and asked Nisha to stay back. After a while, Anitha opened the door and allowed Nisha in. Nidha consoled her and brought her out of the bathroom.

My doubt is whether Anitha took a mike with her inside the bathroom or if she swallowed the mike?

Her crying was so loud! Even my toddler grandson can't match her!

Sanam asked Anitha to be herself. Anita didn't respond, and left. Somu tried consoling her, .... Readers, please re-read my paragraph on Anitha’s conversation with Aari, to know what she told Somu.😁😁

Nisha, Archana and Rio were discussing the Anitha matter. Nisha told Anitha was feeling lonely and was upset that Suresh Sir did not accept her sorry.

Rio and Archana told she unnecessarily dragged Suresh’s name. Suresh had clearly said that henceforth, he will not talk to Anitha. Archana also added that Suresh was controlling his anger till the Asuravatham drama was completed.

Samyuktha and Sanam were discussing this issue with Suresh. He said for any matter, Idam, porul are important, and Anitha talking about that issue on national television on a festival day is wrong. I don't agree with this. What archaic notions! Anita brought an important point, and her viewpoint on the issue of widows is right. But, she also tried to use this to wrongly cast Suresh in a bad light, which is wrong.

Anitha’s transition to Suresh:

Anita was in confession room. BB reminded her to say Hi😁😁

BB asked her to speak. Readers, please, once again re-read my paragraph on Anitha’s conversation with Aari, to know what she told BB.😁😁

BB advised her to play her game and to do as per her conscience. BB told her that he is in touch with her husband. Her husband asked him to convey his love to his ’kannukutty’. Immediately, Anitha started crying. BB asked her to relax for some time and leave.

Later, she was cribbing to Bala that only he was supporting her. Bala rightly asked her to stick to her opinion, and not bother about others. Ramya and Shivani were also asking her not to feel alone, as they were all there.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights

Thanga Surangam task:

The HMs were divided into four groups. Each group had to go to the gold mine separately and collect gold till they hear siren. The gang that collects most gold would be the winners.

The HMs faces were not clear due to the kind of dress they wore, and as it was dark inside. Only from their voice we could identify the person.

First Bala’s group went. Bala took a shawl to collect the gold. Sanam objected to this. Bala asked her to not poke her nose in everything. Sanam told as per rule, he should not take a shawl. Balaji said there is no such rule.

Next, when Sanam’s team went inside, she took a shawl and Samyuktha asked why she suddenly changed the ’rules’. Sanam said she was not aware earlier, and asked sorry to Balaji. Suresh asked her to say sorry later, and concentrate on the game first. Sanam’s group went inside and collected gold.

The other HMs could watch from the living room, what was happening inside the good mine.

Next, Gabi’s group went and collected the gold till they heard siren.

Fourth group was Archana’s team. They went inside and collected till they heard siren.

The rule is for the teams to keep their gold carefully. Every one was allowed to steal gold from the other teams.

Bala was complaining about Sanam to Gabri and Ramya. They told him that, that's the opponent’s job, to stop the other teams. He should have focused on his game, they said. Gabri, Samyuktha, Ramya and Shivani are all vivaramanavanga. They open their mouths only on an as needed basis. It's good.

Aari and Suresh were taking. Aari was telling Suresh, Balaji would surely try to steal the gold. Suresh told thief job is to steal. One should keep their things safe. Later, While Aari was in deep sleep, Suresh and Ajeedh stole his gold and hid it in the bathroom.

Again, BB announced that all the 16 HMs could enter the mine and collect gold. There was a special gift for the one who collected maximum gold.

Jithan tried to grab gold from Nisha. Jithan and Ajeedh tried to grab from Anitha. Shivani grabbed from Balaji. But when he asked, she returned it. And Bala said he would give it back to Shivani afterwards. Something! Something!

Aari asked Shivani who stole the gold from him. Shivani said Suresh and Ajeedh stole, but didnt know who all shared it.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights

Lion vs Foxes:

Today’s task was over. Most of the Bigg boss contestants were taking rest. Balaji was in deep sleep. Aari, Suresh, Rio and Archana were inside. Archana being captain, told today, the house keeping team didn't clean the house. But Bala had already slept. Rio asked her to inform Velmurugan who is the house cleaning team leader to arrange for the cleaning work.

She called Velmurugan to call his team and start cleaning. Velmurugan tried to wake Balaji up. But couldn’t. Then Ajeedh woke him up. But Balaji said he would not come. Ajeedh told him that the house was not cleaned the day before either. For this, Balaji said no one worked the day before, due to the celebrations. As he was feeling sleepy, he could not come and would do the cleaning work tomorrow. Ajeedh left the bedroom and joined his team to clean the house. Archana also joined them and cleaned the house.

Archana again insisted Velmurugan to call Balaji for cleaning work. Velmurugan said he his not waking up. She asked Ajeedh if he spoke with him. Ajeedh said yes, but he was sleepy and could not come. Ajeedh asked Velmurugan to call him, being the captain of the house keeping team. Again Velmurugan went and woke Balaji up. Balaji said he was tired and could not come and do the work tomorrow. Moreover, he said it was not fair to wake up a sleeping person and ask him to do work. Suresh offered to do the work, since Archana was working from morning and was tired. Balaji asked him not to go, but despite that, Suresh he went. But Archana didn't accept his help.

Archana asked Velmurugan what Balaji said. Velmurugan said Balaji said he was sleeping, and so could not work. Then, Archana mentioned that Balaji was not really asleep, as he peeped outside to see what was going on, earlier. Rio offered to help in the cleaning work and relieved Archana. Jithan, Velmurugan, Ajeedh and Shivani along with Rio, were cleaning the living room.

Hearing Archana mention about him taking a peep outside, Balaji came out, and asked if a captain has kombu? Summa veembukaga koopida kudadhu. If I become the captain, I will ask to grind in the Ammistone, he said! 😄😄 Then Balaji while cleaning, asked Velmurugan who asked to wake him up. Velmurugan said, it was he, to share the work. Balaji told he was tired, that's why he slept.

Rio on hearing this, said ”you should say in advance if you were not well, before going bed. Then no one will disturb you.” Balaji said I never said I was not well, only that I was tired. There is a difference between these two. Further he said, Rio should not interfere, as he is not in cleaning team. Rio was dumbstruct, and said ’Thank you, Thank you.’ sabbahhhhh😁😁

Archana came and asked Balaji if he told anyone that he was unwell. Balaji said he informed his captain.

Archana asked Velmurugan if Balaji informed him. Velmurugan said no. Balaji said, ”I am saying now, I was tired and sleeping. Why did you wake me up?” Archana said ”you should have finished your work before going to sleep.”

BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL SEASON 4, Day 23 Highlights

Balaji was shouting at Velmurugan. ”Tomorrow, I would have swapped with Shivani and compensated for my time. It is not mandatory to wake a sleeping person and ask him to do the work.”

Inside the bed room, Archana was informing to the room mates that Balaji told ’adutha varam ladiesai Ammiyilae vechi aripen’. When Archana was telling this, Balaji entered inside with a glass of juice. His pose with the glass of juice reminded me of ’Vasanthamaligai Sivaji ’with a glass in his hand. 😄😄

Suresh asked Balaji if he said ’adutha varam ladiesai Ammiyilae vechi aripen’? Balaji said ”no I didn't say that. I only said, if I became captain, I will make others to grind in the Ammi.”

Rio reacted and yelled, and there was some silky bickering between the two. Yawwwwn... The same Bala who made Rio caption by carrying him in his shoulder is attacking him. 😁😁

Balaji was rude, and vile in this saga. At the same time Rio’s group is generally cunning, dominating, bosses others. Seems like Rio’s group is not a match for Balaji.

Archana was shouting inside the room. None of the other HMs reacted. Balaji was walking in the open area & talking holding the mike, and said ’expected’.😁😁

With this, today’s episode concluded. In the coming days we can expect more.

’Edir paraathathai Ethirparungal’.

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