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BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights

Today’s episode started with the Friday morning opening ’sathiyama nee yenaku’ song. Everyone danced well. Shivani surprisingly came out of her room and danced, but maintained 6 ft distance with everyone!!😁😁

Sanam said to Balaji that she is not interested to take part in the captain task. When Balaji asked for the reason, she said she was placed in the 15th position by the HMs. In case she becomes the captain, her name will not be in the nomination list for eviction. But..., but she wants to come in the eviction list as she knows Makkal will save her, and help her show the HMs that she is better than a 15th place holder.

Wow! How deeply she thinks Aari and Ajeedh were released from jail. The HMs welcomed them with shawl and bouquet, inside the BBH. Rio welcomed Aari with a note that ’Arivurai soliyae jailku pona Aari varuga varuga’! Ramya, Gabri, Jithan and Aari teased Sanam for her dialogues against Suresh, during kings and demons task. I can’t believe this has become a fun topic now! A grown man actually broke down and cried because of that.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights

Gabri’s love track:

Later, Balaji, Gabri and Ajeedh were talking. Gabri asked Ajeedh to guess which girl Balaji likes the most inside the BBH? Ajeedh said Shivani. Balaji said to Gabri “only two young girls are inside this BBH. You are like a sister to me, so Ajeedh must have said Shivani.” Gabri then asked Balaji not to call her a sister. She is just his friend. It looks like Gabri is trying to use love as her trump card, to get limelight among the public. Even If they both walk in the love path, it will be only as far as they both are inside the BBH. Once they came out of the BBH, they both will move on. We are witnessing this for the past three seasons.

Balaji demanded mutual respect:

All HMs were gathered in the dining room. Balaji said he wanted to give one important announcement to all, and said he didn't want anyone to address him as vada poda. He also added that he only addresses Ajeedh that way. Mutual respect is a must. Address him as Bala, he said. Nisha felt bad about this. Rio told her that Balaji said this to everyone, and not just to Nisha.

All HMs dropped comments about Rio’s captaincy in the comment box.

Next scene, Alwarpet Andavar ‘s Dharshan. He started with an appreciation, that all were looking colourful. But two things I noted - one, that Balaji and Gabri dressed up in the same colour. Second, Sanam was wearing half- saree. I didn’t think it suited her.

Anyways, first Kamal was appreciating the involvement of the HMs in the nada/kada task, especially Suresh, Archana, Nisha, and Rio, for taking his beard and moustache. He teased Jithan for not taking his beard. He confessed he was also initially like that, and afterwards got involved in the characters he played and changed himself accordingly.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights

Kamal asked all about Rio’s captaincy. Archana said under his captaincy Anandam was there inside BBH. She also said that Rio ensured all HMs were gathered at the dining table during lunch. Rio said he had a tough time streamlining the kitchen, but Archana took care of it. They both were praising each other. Shabbah!!

Kamal then asked about last week’s task. Aari said he learnt ‘Nalavana irukartha vida Valavana irukanum.’. He also added that he was branded as ‘advise master ‘by other HMs. Even while coming out from the jail, Rio commented that advise ‘Panni panniae‘ he went into jail. Aari requested Kamal to help him put an end to that. Kamal correctly said if you do some other thing, jovially, this brand will automatically go and the new name will come.

Suresh said there were too many activities the past week, and he got into tension/confusion. But now, he is relaxed and out of stress. Ramya, Samyuktha, Nisha and Anitha said they enjoyed all the tasks thoroughly.

Kulandai Balaji:

Sanam said she regretted what happened on nada Kada task. She felt bad for scolding Suresh badly. Kamal said he would come to that point afterwards and asked other HMs how they enjoyed the tasks. Shivani, Aajeedh said it was nice, and they enjoyed thoroughly. Gabri said she enjoyed the passing of the box task. Balaji said he didn’t like the way Archana was calling him a ‘kulandai’. Archana and Nisha told that he wanted them to address him Vanga ponta instead of vada Poda. Kamal said he supports Balaji in this. He said, since he started acting from childhood, even after he grew up, others would address him in the singular form. So Kamal started addressing everyone respectfully, Vanga ponga, irrespective of their age, gender and status. Automatically, others started to call him respectfully. Good example!

Then he came to the main topic, the dispute between Sanam and Suresh. He asked the HMs, who were all supporting Sanam. Most of the HMs raised their hands, including Suresh.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights

Since Suresh also raised his hand in favour of Sanam, Kamal started the discussion with Suresh. Suresh admitted what he did was wrong. He should not have hit Sanam even if was unknowing. Sanam shouting was reflexive. So nothing wrong on her side, Suresh said.

Then kamal asked Ramya and Nisha whom was Suresh hitting before hitting Sanam. They both said they saw it as a game. He was involved too much in the game and even used a broomstick to hit them, saying he was driving the ghost.

Sanam said the hit was painful, so she shouted. But That she uttered unparliamentary words, and so afterwards asked sorry to Suresh.

Suddenly, as a twist, Kamal told Sanam, it was not reflexive. She had already planned to scold him. She had rehearsed with Velmurugan as well.

Velmurugan’s confession:

Then, immediately Velmurugan confessed that Sanam told him that she didn’t like that Ramya and Nisha were ok with Suresh hitting them for fun and that if he ever did that to her, she’d tear him apart without any deference to him being old. So Kamal made her accept that she already made up her mind to target him and was waiting for the chance.

But one thing, Sanam immediately accepted that she was waiting, but she said it is not preplanned. She said when Suresh was in demons role the previous day, he used that opportunity to speak badly to her. Then she kept quiet, as it was a task.

Even before the task, they were not in good terms. She was carrying that baggage. So, when she got the chance, she used it. Kamal reiterated that in Sanam’s subconsciousness, she was carrying hatred and that she planned to make use of the chance. It was not spontaneous. He also said Sanam’s words and language had to be edited. He used a punch dialogue - ’Van Murai veliyil Iruku, ullae Irkuka Vendam.’

Sanam asked sorry to Suresh, but Suresh again said it’s his mistake. It could mean no-ego, good, matured but also strategy to escape from any situation.

Bulb moment to Archana:

Then Kamal asked Archana without knowing the facts; what had happened, you made Suresh ask sorry so many times. Suresh asked sorry not only to Sanam but to everyone. Even Balaji scolded him. Suresh got hurt more when Balaji scolded at him than Sanam‘s scoldings. Balaji said I asked sorry to Thatha, but he is upset with me.

Then kamal told how Suresh cried inside the confession room and asked Suresh to tell HMs what he said in the confession room. Suresh said he requested BB to send him out because he made a mistake. But BB consoled him and asked him to continue the game as he had not done it intentionally and sought sorry.

Ramya told he already informed what had happened inside the confession room.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights

Then Kamal drilled Archana for making Suresh say sorry so many times. He said you had forgotten your role inside the BBH. He took himself as an example and gave tips to Archana. He said he directed the film Virumandi and acted in that film also. After completion of the film, when he saw the rush out of the movie, he had realised that as a director he extracted work from the co-stars, but he failed to act properly in his character. His body language was reflecting ‘hey ram’ movie character. So again, he re-shot his portion. Kamal indirectly advised Archana to be as one of the contestants in the BBH and not as Panchayath thalaivi.

Archana didn’t understand fully what kamal said. She thought he was referring to the specific incident. During the break, she was telling Sanam she should not have interfered. Hereafter, if any fight or any dispute comes in BBH, She will not be bothered, she said.

Sanam again tried to ask sorry to Suresh. But Suresh said it does not matter if your action was spontaneous or pre-planned, as it was his mistake.

Kamal saved Balaji first:

After the break, they put up a board with the pictures of those in the eviction list, Suresh, Aari, Anitha, Balaji and Aajeedh. Kamal asked the other 11 HMs to put a tick next to the pic of the HMs whom they wanted to stay back inside the BBH.

They have to put a cross mark next to the HMs whom they want to go out of the BBH.

Most of the HMs except Rio’s group,(Rio, Archana and Nisha) ticked Suresh name. Somu ticked Anitha’s name. Kamal sir joked that if Somu didn’t tick Anitha’s name, then Anitha would start fighting with him. Velmurugan diplomatically said he would follow the other HMs and ticked Suresh. Kamal immediately spoke on diplomacy and explained to Velmurugan, the meaning. He also said ‘Alavukku minginal amurthamum Visham’. So so much diplomacy is also not good, he said.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights
BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4: 20th day: Highlights

Balaji and Ajeedh got the more cross. Again, known facts, Rio’s gang put a cross mark for Balaji. Few HMs crossed Ajeedh on the grounds that he is having e-pass, and anyways he will not go out.

Then Kamal said I could save one from these two maximum crossed HMs, and saved Balaji first. With that, Kamal said goodbye to all and left. HMs congratulated Bala. Gabri felt very happy, but Nisha and Archana were blunt while congratulating him.

Tomorrow, we will get to know officially who got least votes. The latest news says that super singer got the least votes, but used his Eviction pass and stayed back.

Surprisingly today there were not much punch dialogues from kamal. He spent a lot of time advising the HMs. At least tomorrow can we expect few punch dialogues from Kamal, without which it is like we are not seeing the true Kamal.

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