Truth or Dare game creates commotion | BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4, Day 15 Highlights


Bigg Boss Tamil, 5 contestants in the eviction list this week! Truth or Dare Task: five men army nailed; Velmurugan got tensed; Anitha cried!

5 contestants in the eviction list this week!

Truth or Dare Task: five men army nailed: Velmurugan got tensed; Anitha cried!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with 'ethanai santosam' song. Today there was some enthusiasm improvement as most of the HMs came out and danced. So, BB won't reduce the luxury points. He (BB) ensured HMs are dancing to his tune - Kudutha Kaasuku!

Today there was a change in the fighting venue. Generally, ‘fights’ will start in the kitchen. But today it happened in the bathroom - Sanam started the argument which led to a massive fight. Sanam asked Suresh not to wash his clothes in the washbasin while Suresh due to his back pain, was trying to wash his clothes there. Suresh said he was finding it hard to bend down and wash his clothes; so, was using washbasin. Sanam offered to wash his clothes, but Suresh refused and asked Aari to help him. Aari washed his clothes. It's not decent for a female to wash clothes of random men, or vice versa. When Suresh discussed this matter with Balaji, since Sanam was involved in this matter, it was like halwa for Balaji... In spite of Suresh’s objections, he went to Rio (captain) and reported the matter to him. Rio gave permission to Suresh for washing his clothes in the washbasin, and to clean it afterwards. Balaji informed the same to Suresh. Sanam compromised with Suresh and gave a fist bump.

But but but... sigh... this matter again fired up when Sanam asked Rio that when Suresh is ready to clean the toilet why he cannot wash his clothes? Gabri, who was there with Rio then, immediately interfered and asked Sanam to stay out of Suresh’s personal matters. She also reports it to Suresh. This time Suresh got wild and shouted at Sanam. Sanam reported the matter to Captain Rio and said she didn't want to be in Suresh’s toilet cleaning team. Rio replies, "Workwise Suresh will never say no. Whatever works are given, he will attend. Other than that, it's a personal issue between you both. So I cannot change the team." With that, Sanam kept quite. Don’t know why Sanam is inviting problems? Is it to seek attention, or is it her nature? She is poking her nose in everything. From this fight, we could understand Suresh started getting support from Balaji and Gabri. So far, Suresh was all alone.


Nomination for eviction:

Next, BB asked HMs to nominate the names for eviction this week. Sanam and Velmurugan won the ball task, so their names cannot be added in the nomination list. Rio being captain of the BBH and Archana being new entry, their names also cannot be added in the nomination list. Out of 16 contestants, four names were not included. So nomination was among 12 persons only. As I mentioned in my earlier review, Suresh got maximum votes of 9. Rio while nominating Suresh’s name was so happy. He sees him as a hugggge competition. Jithan while nominating Suresh, said he is in the habit of koluthi podradu. Contradicting he also said Suresh is seeking sympathy. Balaji while nominating Nisha said, ”Nisha is acting as a side artist for Rio”😃 Suresh, Aari, Anitha, Balaji and Ajeedh were nominated for eviction, this week.

BB while announcing the names in the eviction list, he hinted the reasons for nominating their names by other contestants. As Suresh said, BB is Kusumbukarar. Naradha!

Anita started polumbifying, since her name came in the eviction list. I think this whole week, we have to hear her polambal. Anyways, Ajeedh is having e-pass. If he gets the least votes, he can use this pass and save himself. Contestants who nominated him said that they want him to use the e-pass soon, as he should not make use of the pass for long and be freely roaming inside the BBH. Good strategy.

Truth or dare task:

The five contestants whose names are in the eviction list were in one group. Other 11 contestants were in another group. Rio spun the wheel with the 11 contestants’ pictures. The person whose face the needle points to should go for truth or dare. The five men army can ask any question to that person, and he should give the true answer. Or in case they select action, the five men army can ask them to do any action.

Balaji asked Nisha three questions, but Nisha objected for this. But the five men army compelled her, and she agreed because of no other way. The one interesting question was, she was asked to choose three persons apt for ”simply waste, no comments”. This was the name tag Balaji got from Archana. Nisha named three persons, including Velmurugan. Velmurugan started burning hearing Nisha’s answer.

Rio while answering his question, whom he wanted to eliminate, first said Suresh’s name. Five men army said he should only name from the 11 contestants whose pictures were on the board. Rio argued. Balaji and Aari read the conditions. Before completely reading the rule, the answer to Rio’s question came. It said the selected person should listen to the five men team. Suresh said the rules were clear. Rio got wild. Suresh said if anything not followed correctly, BB will interfere and correct. Rio said ”Mela irukuravanuku vera velaiye illaya sir... Neenga ethavadhu nonditae irupeenga avaru vandhute irupara!" According to me, BB’s work is that only. In case of any dispute, he is the final authority. Rio is the one who raised a query, but he showed his face to Suresh because he didn’t like Suresh and his interference. Aari and Balaji completed reading the rules and convinced Rio.

Vijayakanth in Ramana will say ”Tamilil enakku pidikada varthai manippu”. For Rio, the most disliked name is Suresh, inside the BBH.

Sanam had to choose three for 'Nallavanga madiri nadipavar'. She chose Velmurugan as one. Gabri also referred Velmurugan’s name among three for the question “Ullae ondru vaithu veliyae ondru pesubavar”. Velmurugan got pissed off and started shouting. He felt, unnecessarily the other contestants were dragging him and spoiling his name. He behaved very immaturely. After all, this is just a task. I think he didn't have the knowledge about this show. Rio and Archana were comforting Velmurugan who seemed to slowly relax. Balaji was thoroughly enjoying Velmurugan’s tension.

Suresh was telling Ramya that like last bench students, he simply observed and enjoyed this task. As he said, BB started his Naradhar vellai. Narayana! Narayana!

After completion of the task, Rio was talking with Aari about the argument he had during the task regarding the rules. In between Anitha interfered and tried to talk something. Since Aari and Rio were discussing, they didn't hear what Anitha said. OMG! Immediately she started yelling and ended up crying! She was continuously blabbering that no one is ready to listen to her. No one is allowing her to speak. She is not a kid. She is married and working as a newsreader. She even reads news on politics. She is the person heading her house... Blah, Blah, Blah!

She is always like an angry bird, with 'sidu sidu' face. She is scared to face the eviction, moreover, is bothered about her image a lot, which is preventing her to be normal inside the BBH. She couldn't bear this two weeks of pressure. Am wondering how she will manage in the coming days! It’s better if she checks her BP daily as long as she is in BBH.
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