BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 68 Review: Ramya new captain! Bala - good sportsmanship!

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Today's Bigg boss episode started with the argument between Rio and Anitha.

Special note: (Before going into the highlights of Bigg Boss)

Reminiscing Mahakavi Bharathiyar on his Birthday!

A Tamil writer, poet, journalist, Indian independence activist and a social reformer, Bharathi has made every Tamilian proud with his contributions.


Today’s Bigg boss episode started with an argument between Rio and Anitha, followed by the launching of the Triples web series trailer, and the captainship task. Ramya became the captain of the new Bigg Boss house.

Day 67: Evening

Today's episode started with the argument between Rio and Anitha.

Ramya, Shivani, Ajeedh were there, with them. Balaji joined later.

Rio vs Anitha:

Rio took Anitha’s ‘favoritism’ allegation against him, while nominating the worst performer. She said that Rio mentioned that he didn’t like both her and Nisha going against him. Nisha went against him, to bring up Archana’s dad into the conversation, while Anitha went against him in naming the Robots. But, he proposed Nisha for best performer of the week (overall), but called Anitha out as the worst performer. Rio gave an uppu chappu illa, ‘its so stupid, than even a 3 year old wont believe him’ sort of an explanation for this. He said that he thoroughly disliked Nisha’s action, but was only bored by Anitha’s. So, he called Anitha’s name for the worst performer, but planned to ‘nominate’ Nisha for ‘eviction’ next week.

Tamil poet Bharathiyar
Tamil poet Bharathiyar

Looool. DO we look like we were born yesterday?

Also, Nisha’s name was in the captaincy task. If she wins, she cannot be nominated! Its also possible that Nisha, who is in the week’s eviction list might go out tomorrow. Having so many uncertainties, how can Rio say that he was planning to punish Nisha with eviction nomination. It is a jokeu!

Ramya also supported Anitha, but Rio gave the same reply. Bala asked Rio how he could nominate Nisha as the Best performer when she acted against Rio’s basic request. Rio said that he picked her, as she did the captaincy task well (which she lost as you all know). Anita pointed out that though Nisha did well in captaincy test, it was she (ANitha) who had one it, by performing even better. She also said that she did a lot of work as a captain. She stuck to her favoritism allegation against Rio.

Archana vs Anitha:

Archana was later shown cribbing to Somu about why Rio was unnecessarily entering an argument with Anitha. Then, seeing the conversation head against her love bed group, Archana joined the conversation. She told Anitha that she was very upset with Nisha bringing her dad into the conversation, and charged her (Nisha) severely for it. Henceforth, she asked Anitha not to bring the topic. Anitha said that she would bring the topic, if it became necessary for the game. Good response! Stick to your guns, girl!

Archana then asked Nisha if anyone asked her why she brought her father’s topic. Nisha said no. She said that Bala had asked her what she asked, but that Nisha only gave him the high level details.

Nisha lied to Archana. The Lovebed group will split shortly. No doubts about it.


Amidst everyone shouting outside, Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) was in his favorite Anandha sayanam pose inside the jail. Even on the floor, he had a wondrous sleep. I think that will be my wish for 2021. To be able to sleep like PP Jithan, with no care in the world!! Lucky guy!!

Nisha is only a friend:

Nisha didn't come out for the diner. Somu asked Rio what happened to her, and Rio said he didn’t know (didn’t care). Somu wondered about Rio’s callousness, as he was (like) her brother. Rio said that he does not consider her his sister, only a friend. It was Nisha, who goes around calling him her brother.

Rio is coming out with this statement on 68th day! Until now, he was enjoying her sister sentiment, and all the perks that come with it. Now, it is becoming a burden for him, and is preventing him from playing properly. Finally he is realizing it. Better late than never! Well, but, it might also be because Kamal would be giving his darshan today, and Rio might be trying to set things right.

Somu asked Archana what happened to Nisha? Archana said it was Pre-Saturday fever.

BB announced the launch of Triples web series by Disney+Hotstar. Trailer was shown. BB then announced the triples web story task.

Triples story Task:

HMs were split into groups. Each group had to tell one story.

Rio, Somu and Gabi – Group 1

Aari, Anitha and Bala – Group 2

Archana, Jithan and Nisha - Group 3

Ramya, Ajeedh and Shivani – Group 4

Bigg boss tamil
Bigg boss tamil

BB telecasted only two groups performance’. It was probably (but unbelievable) that the other two groups’ performance was worse. Yes, the first two groups’ story and overall performance was bad!!

BB then announced that dinner would be supplied to the HMs.

Ramya, Archana, Nisha and Shivani were teasing Aari (in his absence). Ramya sang a song using Aari’s name as the main word.

Aari nee oru mari

Aari nee vera mari”

Others were dancing. Later, Shivani saw Aari coming their way. But, Ramya said that she was not scared of him, but then stopped singing! Very bad attitude!

Shivani finally realized the truth:

Later, Shivani was crying. When Anbarasi Archana asked, she said that she didn’t do anything for 70 days, and didn’t know how to play the game.

Until now, her only claim to fame in the BBH has been her providing entertainment to Bala. Finally she realized that she is the princess of mixture gumbal. I wanted to type queen, then changed my mind. Queens do do some work!

Archana then took Shivani inside the rest room. Ramya also went inside. Bala went inside and asked if he was the accused. Shivani said no. He left. That’s all that mattered to him! If he caused the worry. When he was cleared, he had nothing else to ask about!

Captaincy task:

BB announced the captaincy task. Cubes with pictures of the contestants were kept. The Contestants had to arrange them properly.

Bala joked, ‘again cubea?’ lol!

Bala completed the task first, Ramya came second. Nisha didn't understand the concept at all. Aari and Rio got tensed seeing Nisha’s inability. It was that bad.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

BB congratulated Bala for winning the task, and he became the captain of the Bigg Boss House.

Well, for a few seconds.

Bala’s good sportsmanship:

Later, Bala asked all the HMs to assemble at the living room, and informed that he had made a mistake while arranging the blocks. He told his mistake, and said that Ramya had to become the captain. Then BB asked Anitha being the existing captain, to check thoroughly and declare the winner of the task. Anita checked and said that Balaji’s two cubes were arranged wrong, though he finished first. So, Ramya who stacked it right, became the winner, and next captain.

BB congratulated Ramya for becoming captain of the house, for the second time. Good job!

I think Bala’s pendulam has swung the other direction. Last week, he fought wrongly for captaincy. This week, he pointed out his mistake himself. Scared of Kamal, or scared of nettizens? Not sure! Anyways good change!

Allocation of team:

Kitchen team : Ramya asked Archana to be in the team. Archana asked who all wanted to join her. Aari raised his hands.

But Archana said Aari had been in the kitchen team for two weeks. So, she asked some one else to join. Gabi volunteered and joined to kitchen team. Aari pointed out that she had been in the kitchen team for three weeks. Lol. But since Gabi is a part of the love bed group, Archana didn’t have any objection to Gabi. Anbin chinnam Archana took Gabi in. Anbin innoru chinnam Ramya allowed this as well. Archana, Somu, Gabi, PPJithan and Bala formed the new kitchen team.

Ramya as usual took rest room cleaning work. Every week, she is voluntarily taking the rest room cleaning work – that too alone.

I think she just liked her peace!

Ramya then allocated vessel cleaning and house keeping teams.

Bigg boss tamil season 4  Ramya pandian
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Ramya pandian

Anita, Aari and Bala:

Anita, Aari and Bala were later talking. Aari was discussing the team allocation. He pointed out Archana’s blatant hypocrisy.

They discussed about Gabi not doing any work and getting a bad name, for the past 3 weeks. To protect her, Archana took her in, Aari said. Now, they would project Gabi as a hard worker, he said. Bala said that it was a known fact - leave it Anna!

Archana, Somu and Rio:

Archana, Somu and Rio were later discussing. Archana told that she was not upset that Nisha lost her game in the captaincy task. But what was upsetting was, Nisha failed to understand the concept, in spite of Archana explaining it to her many times. Nisha was scared of eviction, Archana said. She herself was worried, she exclaimed.

Bala and Anitha:

Later, Bala was talking to Anitha. He said he was feeling like an odd man out in the kitchen team. He wanted to come out from the kitchen team. Anita also said something was going to happen to Bala, since he got trapped among the love bed group in the kitchen team. Either they would try to pull him to their side, or they would brand him worst performer.

BB sent meals for them, for participating in the triples story.

With this today’s episode was over.

Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights
Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode highlights

Positive Changes in Bala:

Last week kurumpadam was showed for Bala for his captaincy task. Moreover Kamal’s comments like mental block and domestic violence hurt Bala and brought lots of changes in Bala.

His arrogance has come down. Positive changes are noticed on Bala. Hope he continues it. If he does so, there are bright chances for him to become a finalist.

கமலுக்கே `பாபநாசம்' டெக்னிக்கா... அன்பு கேங் அர்ச்சனா - ரியோ கபட நாடகங்கள்! பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 69

Tomorrow is Kamal’s session. Many issues were raised during robot and human task. Groupism, favouritism, father’s sentiment, etc. Lets see what he does!

அடுத்த கட்டுரைக்கு