Kings and Demons: Today's Episode of BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4 | Day 16 Highlights

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights

Kings and Demons: (Naada illa Kaada?) Sanam stubborn; Ramya Gorgeous! Today’s Bigg Boss episode started with a song from Mari. Anitha semma kuthattam. Rio tried to pose like Dhanush but in vain. Lol. Keep dreaming, Rio.

Kings and Demons: (Naada illa Kaada) Sanam stubborn: Ramya Gorgeous

Today’s episode started with a song from Mari. Anita semma kuthattam. Rio tried to pose like Dhanush but in vain. Lol. Keep dreaming, Rio.

Aari expressed his displeasure to Suresh about the comments he made to Kamal about him. Even after two days, Aari is carrying this in his mind. Yawwwwn. Move on Aari. Aari said that he used to advise only Aajeedh and not others. Suresh very casually said what he said to Kamal was his hearsay. By the time Aari opened his mouth, siren came from BB and Suresh escaped from the place.

Today’s full episode was covered with a task named Kings and Demons. 16 Housemates split into two groups named the King group and the Demon group.

Kingside: Velmurugan as King; Nisha as Queen; Somu, Balaji and Rio were the Princes; Sanam, Samyuktha and Ramya were the princesses. Ramya looked gorgeous.

Rio even shaved his moustache and beard. He commented that he looks like a baby without moustache and beard. Thank God, he didn't compare himself with Amul Baby!

Demon side: Suresh was Thalaivar; Aari, Jithan, Archana, Anitha, Gabri, Ajeedh, and Shivani were followers. All were dressed according to their characters. Suresh looked like Mansoor Ali Khan.🤣🤣

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights

Concept of the task:

Sorgapuri is the richest state. The demons living in Mayapuri wanted to grab the money from Sorgapuri. Sorgapuri got boon from God. As per that boon, during the first siren, one person from Sorgapuri kingdom will come out. During the second siren, that person will sit as a statue at one place. Before hearing the third siren, the demons should try to shake/move that person from that position, or make him laugh, cry - anything. Basically, the demons should try to release the person from staying in statue position. If the person stays like a rock, she/he will go back to his/her kingdom. If failed, he /she will join the demon gang.

First Sanam, a princess from the kingdom, came and sat like a statue. Demons tried to make her move and react. Suresh used the opportunity thoroughly, to attack Sanam. The grudge he had on her came out in full force. For ex: Suresh said to Sanam ”You are poking your nose in everything, that's why your nose is so big”. But Sanam was so stubborn! Demons could not shake her before the third siren. So Sanam entered her kingdom again.

Sanam gave tips to his group, how the Demon group was trying to attack. After Sanam left, Archana commented that Sanam is a very strong-minded person. Anitha also said She had a bitter experience with Sanam and will disclose at a suitable time, in the task.

At least Suresh openly showed his hatred to Sanam in the name of the task. But Archana and Anitha were backbiting.

Next, Somu came. He could not maintain his statue position, so he joined with the Demons. The third person from the kingdom was Balaji. When he entered, the demons pushed him, and there was a small argument between Balaji and the Demons. The Demons claimed that Balaji lost his game, but Balaji objected. BB interfered and asked him to again re-enter from the kingdom. However, Balaji lost his game.

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights

Next Rio entered. The Demons tried their best, but Rio won the game. Suresh was the first person to appreciate Rio and shake his hand, though they are not in good terms.

Next, it was Samyuktha’s turn. She too won and went back to the kingdom.

Suresh, while trying to shake Samyuktha said ”You are sharing your bed with a snake. How are you managing? Join us.” Here, he referred Sanam as a snake (Paambu). Samyuktha and Sanam are sharing their beds. Immediately Anitha interfered and asked him not to attack someone who is not there.

With this BB stopped the task today with a note that it will be continued tomorrow.

During the task, Nisha told few mokkai jokes. She projected herself as Bahubali Rajamadha! 😁 Even Rio got annoyed and asked Nisha to keep her mouth shut. Most of them were laugh less jokes. Velmurugan was nowhere in today's episode.

Similarly, in the demons group, there was absolutely no involvement and participation from Ajeedh or Shivani. They both are very young. It isn’t surprising that they are aloof!

After the task, Anitha murmured about Suresh to Aari. That when Samyuktha was in statue state, to shake her, Suresh compared Sanam with a snake, which is not correct. She also added Balaji asked her why she stopped Suresh from commenting more. Had he commented more on Sanam, he might have been cornered by others. Balaji is dead against Sanam. This is called 'Kulir kaivadhu' by Balaji.

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 16 highlights

The same Anitha told Archana that she had a small rift with Sanam. She said she would disclose it at the right time, during the task. As if she is perfect, she is talking about Suresh. Of course, no one is perfect. Everyone is having a bad mouth in Big Boss. Even Archana told it is difficult to gel with Sanam. She is always in none-sync mode.

At the end of the episode, suddenly Archana started crying. 😢😢 Immediately HMs ran to her except Aajeedh who was busy eating. Lol. The reason was, there are no sufficient groceries to make food, and she was feeling discomfort. Is she fake or real!?

Anyways, again tomorrow the viewers have to see this King and Demon drama. Hopefully, at least, tomorrow, King Velmurugan will open his mouth and show his power. Only Queen Nisha was performing today, as the Queen in chess.

Similarly, Demons should come out with new ideas to make the opponents shake, unlike today.

Who do you think had the best appearance in the Kings side and in the Demons side?

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