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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 DAY 32, Highlights: RJ Archana, Sundal Somu, Veembu Thatha Suresh!

Bigg Boss day 32 highlights
Bigg Boss day 32 highlights

Bigg Boss houses witnessed Outstanding performance by Archana as RJ yesterday!

The Day in Bigg boss house started with the song ’Athangarai orathil’, with Shivani waking Balaji up. She is following the orders of Samyuktha, the house captain, perfectly!

Suresh who regularly dances well, was sitting alone, with a rigid face. Veembu thatha!

Somu and Ramya were dancing together. It looked nice. We could see progress between the Somu-Ramya and Balaji-Shivani pairs!

Somu-Ramya pair reminds me of Ramanichandran novels, while Balaji-Shivani pair reminds me of Pushpa Thangadurai novels!!

Morning task:

The HMs were asked to sell Pattani and sundal. First, Archana started. Noteworthy pattani, sundal sellers were Aari and Somu. When Aari was selling the Pattani and sundal, Samyuktha was talking to Gabi. He immediately stopped selling, and sarcastically asked if he could continue with the task. There was a pin drop silence. But instead of continuing with the task, Aari stopped, and left.

Aari was like an angry bird most of the time. He has ’Mookuku Mel kovam’, though I feel it is reasonable.

Somu while selling sundal to Ramya, told “kadalai than podalai, (at least) sundal vangikonga”, for which Ramya said “Thank you da thambi”. Other HMs teased Somu.

Bigg Boss day 32 highlights
Bigg Boss day 32 highlights

’Semma kalai!’.

Later, the women were playing Anthakshari game in the bed room. As usual, Shivani and Balaji were in one bed. And as usual, Balaji was lying on his bed and Shivani was sitting next to him, with a romantic look.

The ladies sang ’Manmada rasa’ song followed by ’Looseu pennae’ song. Shivani and Balaji were in romantic mood!

Nisha was making breakfast- lemon rice. Later, Suresh came to the kitchen and asked Nisha who made the breakfast. She said it was she, who made it. He then took the rice.

I would like to mention here about the lunch as well, so that it would be easier for the readers to join the lines.

During lunch, Suresh took only the plain rice. He didn't touch the sambar. Nisha told him that it was she who made it, and asked him to eat sambhar. But Suresh said he saw Samyuktha preparing the sambar, and hence won't take it.

He took only the rice, mixed it with water, and ate! Paavam.

I would like to take a moment here, to remind the readers of what had happened yesterday, in the Vivadha mandram task, when the hearing in the case of Suresh versus Gabi was going on.

Samyuktha, after the conclusion statement was given by both the teams, interfered and asked the judge to add ‘if Suresh is also a kusumbu’ in the question she posed to the other HMs. This unnecessary, unwarranted interference made Suresh angry.

Bigg Boss day 32 highlights
Bigg Boss day 32 highlights

Poor thatha Suresh:

He does not know that Nisha has been nominating him for eviction every single time. When he gets to know after he leaves the BBH, he is going to be very embarrassed, for eating only the food prepared by her.

BB called the captain Samyuktha to the confession room, and asked her to advise the HMs to speak only in Tamil. Generally, Samyuktha, Gabi, Archana, Suchi and Balaji speak in English a Lottttttt.

Then, the Vivadha Mandram task for the day began. Today the case of Rio versus Nisha was taken.

Rio vs Nisha:

Rio filed the case against Nisha for being over-affectionate with all the HMs. He also said that Nisha always needed help to execute any idea she had. Both allegations are sooooo boring!

Nisha countered that showing affection on HMs was not a bad character. She said she will continue to be affectionate with everyone. Sabbah! Idhellam oru caseu!

For the second point, Nisha said there was nothing wrong in seeking help from others, to execute her ideas.

Ramya argued for Nisha, and Aari argued for Rio. This time Suchi decided to put her brain to work, and made the decision herself, instead of asking the HMs to vote. She decided in favor of Nisha. And in a big turning point (way bigger than the twists and turns happening every minute, in the US election!) Rio felt happy for Nisha. He told her that when Suchi entered the house, she called Nisha an ‘Aama Samy’. But now, she herself ruled in favor of Nisha. Seri, ok, lets move on.

And conveniently Bigg Boss also closed this task!(What happened to the cases, Sanam vs Balaji, Ajeedh vs Rio, Samyuktha vs Aari! Kadavulukuthan velicham!)

Bigg Boss day 32 highlights
Bigg Boss day 32 highlights

Kitchen task:

Next, was the kitchen task. Organized by a sponsor. The HMs were divided into two groups.

Group1: Archana was the chef, and Nisha was her assistant. There were others in the group as well, as cheer leaders.

Group2: Sanam was the chef, and Anitha was her assistant. There were others in the group as well, as cheer leaders.

Archana made venpongal and Sanam made kesari. BB asked Samyuktha, the captain of the house, to declare winner. The weird thing is, Samyuktha was actually in Archana’s group for the task. Should not the BB assign the judge before the task begins, and before everybody is assigned to a group? What is this retrospective selection of the judge? ‘Ennamonu’ nadathuranga taska!

Also, important to note – Balaji (the periya manishan who made Samyuktha win the captaincy) was in Archana’s/Samyuktha’s group, and Aari (who is openly challenging Samyuktha this week) was in Sanam’s group. Any guesses on who Samyukhtha declared as the winner!? No prizes for guessing!

Samyuktha tasted the kesari and said it wasn’t sweet enough, and that the texture was bad. Funny thing was, Somu (from Archana’s team) tasted the kesari earlier (before Samyukhtha tried it) and found it delicious!!

Anyways, RKG ghee supplied sweet boxes and food for all HMs, winners and losers. Hope Suresh had the food supplied by RKG. He looked so tired and dull.

Fun task:

Next, Bigg Boss announced a fun task. FM program. Archana and Suchi were to be the RJs!

I was expecting a lot from Mirchi Suchi! But Archana’s performance was amazinnnng! It was fabulous! Did BB give her time to prepare, or was it on the spot?! Whatever be the case, she rocked.

The task was, Archana had to introduce the HMs, and Suchi would interview them. Archana introduced the HMs in a fun manner. While introducing Balaji, Archana said that the man can always be seen with one girl! And yes, even during that fun task, Balaji and Shivani were together.

Suchi organised a rapid fire round with the HMs. Only Jithan and Anitha’s rounds was telecast. Suchi asked Jithan who his favorite actor and actress are. He answered, Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara.

Bigg Boss day 32 highlights
Bigg Boss day 32 highlights

Next, Suchi asked Anitha who her favorite director is? She said Vetrimaran. And as usual, Anitha was talking long, and forgot that this was rapid-fire.

The next session in this task focused on the RJs giving out a word to the other HMs, and the other HMs singing a song starting with it.

Archana asked Balaji to sing a song starting with a flower – any flower - roja, malligai, etc etc. Shivani helped him with Malligaie Malligaie song. Balaji tried to sing it, but changed the song to ’Enna vena nadakkattum’!

Then, it was the juke box programme. Ajeedh sang beautifully.

Later, all the HMs praised Archana. Everyone said ‘vera level’! Yes, it was vera level!

Emotional support:

Balaji and Archana were later talking. Balaji asked her not to talk about him and Shivani, as it may wrongly project outside. Archana said that it has already been projected that way. Balaji said that there was nothing going on between them. They only gave emotional support to each other. Archana assured him that she would not bring their topic again, and advised him to be more careful in the matter, to avoid any problems later, with Shivani.

Bigg Boss day 32 highlights
Bigg Boss day 32 highlights

Mom-Son bonding?!

Next scene, Balaji was talking to Shivani. He told her that Archana is being projected as the representative of the BBH, and they (her group?) tried to engrave it in everyone’s mind. He added that he planned to tell Archana that the mom-son bonding can happen after they leave the house, and that inside, they would just be 2 contestants! Wow!

I re-watched/skimmed today’s episode three-four times, but nowhere found anyone mentioning that Archana was the representative of the BBH. Maybe it was edited? Maybe it will come in unseen footage!

End of the day, Suchitra and Balaji were talking. Suchi was feeling bad that Archana fared better in the FM program, and she (Suchi) underplayed.

With this Day 32 ended.

Bigg Boss organized this fun task keeping in mind that the house was in full tension after the Vivadha Medai task. But looks like it also left a few housemates unhappy. Also, a news was aired that Shivani’s ex-co-actor was going to join Bigg Boss House as a wild card entry. Whether this would be a surprise or a shock to Shivani? Let’s see!

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