Today's episode of BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 26 Highlights: Aari Anitha in jail

Here's the latest Bigg boss Tamil episode review and highlights! Aari and Anitha in jail! Samyuktha new captain of BBH!

செய்திகளை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்துகொள்ள... இங்கே க்ளிக் செய்து இன்றே விகடன் ஆப் இன்ஸ்டால் செய்யுங்கள்!

In Today’s Bigg Boss episode, the major role played by....... CHAPATHI! Aari broke the truth about prevailing groupism and favouritism inside the Bigg Boss House! Suresh and Archana, best pair!

What happened inside the Bigg Boss House today, Let's take a tour:

Today's Bigg boss Episode opened with the song ’Ennama pannalam, discovuku pogalam, where is the party’. Since it was raining, Everyone danced in the corridor. Well, not really danced, more like shook their body! Morning warm-up exercise! Shivani was dancing in the open holding an umbrella. Today's song was apt for today’s programme in Bigg Boss House, as it was party time for the contestants. A fashion parade, followed by gifts and gift vouchers from the sponsors were provided to House Mates today!

Serving food:

Aari was serving food to the House Mates. While he was serving Ajeedh, he asked him if he (Ajeedh) wanted more. Archana didn't like Aari asking if someone wanted more (as in her opinion, it would make people conscious and eat lesser than they normally would), and started serving the food herself. Aari didn't like Archana taking over. He didn’t say anything then, but it all came out later.

Anita, Sanam and Aari were talking while sitting in the corridor. Anita said she spoke less than Rio the previous day when each of the HMs had to talk about whom they missed the most. Sanam said what Samyuktha did (interrupting Anitha) was wrong. Anita expressed her displeasure that no one supported her when Samyuktha interrupted. Sanam said that she would have supported, others were already branding her someone who pokes her nose into everything. But Sanam apparently asked Sanyuktha about this afterwards. Samyuktha heard this, and told the other contestants that though Anitha was silent, Sanam was 'triggering' her. Waste of time and waste of energy, she said.

Best Bigg Boss performers:

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to select the best performer from the ’Thanga Surangam Task’. The House Mates selected Bala as he collected more quantity of gold, and Nisha who put the most efforts in the task. Then BB asked the HMs to select The best performer for the week (in tasks and household work). Somu won this! The three winners - Balaji, Nisha, and Somu are the contestants for captaincy next week.

Latest updates on Bigg Boss
Latest updates on Bigg Boss

Least performers in Bigg Boss:

Bigg Boss then asked the contestants to select two House Mates who performed the worst in tasks & overall house hold activities this week. Almost all the contestants voted for Anitha as the least performer, for two reasons: a) Being the kitchen team captain, she didn't involve at all (zilch, nada) in the kitchen work, b) she didn't do the anchor job with enthusiasm during Dusshera celebs. Ayyoyo, because of this, will she again cry!?

My mind voice: Anitha thought she got less space to talk, when she was the anchor of the celebrations! With that less space, she created the whole Amagali problem with Suresh. What would have happened if she got even more space to talk!?

After Anitha, most of the House Mates named Aari as the least and boring performer (as he collected the least quantity of gold, and also as in Rajangam task, his contribution was less). Sanam nominated Balaji as boring and least performer, as he slept without doing his cleaning work. But Archana objected to this, because he had already been selected as the best performer. Sanam started arguing, but BB interfered and said Balaji’s name cannot be nominated for least performer. Balaji teased Sanam, and Sanam casually told him to not behave like a child. I wonder, if Archana and Balaji had not compromised, would he (Balaji) have been voted the best performer or worst performer? I am fairly certain Archana herself would have nominated Balaji as the least performer. Naturally, Archana's gang would have followed Archana's lead in this.

So Archana being the captain of the house, informed BB that Anitha and Aari were selected as a the boring performers. BB then asked both of them to go to jail. This is the second jail term for Aari.

Samyuktha became a candidate for captain instead of Nisha:

As a surprise, Bigg Boss announced that since Ramya got the first place in the ranking task, special power was given to her. Ramya could change one or two candidates selected for captainship, based on her wish. Ramya wisely selected Samyuktha in place of Nisha since Sam can take firm decisions on her own without any biases. And also because Nisha belong to Rio's group, I am assuming. Bold and Good move!

Before going to jail, Aari raised Anitha’s issue to the other House Mates. Which issue, you may wonder, as there are several issued going on with Anitha. He raised the issue of Sam interrupting Anitha yesterday, when she was talking about whom she missed the most. But Anitha didn't want to discuss it, so he dropped it, but firmly mentioned how groupism and favouritism exists still, in the house. He said that if it keeps continuing, he will detail it out next week, and bring out names. Rio and Archana asked him to say give details then and there.

Latest updates on Bigg Boss
Latest updates on Bigg Boss

Balaji interfered and asked if Aari was giving them a warning. Aari asked him to take it however he likes. And then there was some random to and fro convo on diplomacy and being diplomatic. It went for awhile. After 'quarantine', the other word that I have heard the most this week is 'diplomatic'. Its becoming the new 'trigger'. Sigh!

Archana was telling her group she wanted to clarify with Aari, the groupism and favoritism issue. Balaji instigated Archana by quoting the other incident which Aari shared with him. Balaji said to Archana that Aari complained to him that Archana and Nisha each gave one additional chapathi to Rio. And that they did not not openly, but with eye signal.

Aari was asking Ramya the reason for nominating Balaji as the best performer, when he was reluctant to do cleaning work and slept. Ramya said that the best performer ought to be selected based on the performance in the task as informed by the BB, and since Balaji did the task well, she nominated him. Fair enough!

Archana was in full form, to fight with Aari, and went to the jail. Aari and Anitha were inside the jail. Suresh, and Somu were also there with Archana. When questioned, Aari said he was offended when Archana took over the serving when Aari was serving Ajeedh. Archana said you asked Ajeedh if he wanted "some more food, which she didn’t like, as it was rude to ask someone that. Balaji again instigated Archana to ask about the 'chapathi' matter also. Payyan Ammakku eduthu kudukran! Aari said that Archana and Nisha gave additional chapatis to Rio when others got less. Archana said Nisha and herself gave their share to Rio, and didn’t take from the common pool. Adhukku, Aari said that they could have done this openly, and didn’t have to give a signal.

They were fighting for the two chapatis given extra for Rio. But seriously. Why is Bigg Boss giving such less food to people? I understand they want to make living in the BB House tough, and prone to fights. But at least saapadu ozhunga kudukkalame? Looks like Rio, who is not a very big person, requires 2 additional rotis than what is allocated to him. The women (his friends) are sacrificing their rotis. Sabbah... Konjum adhigama ration kodunga Bigg Boss!

Also, Aari felt that Archana was interfering in everyone's work, and was not a good leader. In my opinion, leading can be done in two forms, he said - first way is to extract work from others by ordering - being bossy. Second way is doing all the work onself, in the name of affection - it could be mother, sister, friend whatever! Anball kattipoduvadhu! I think Archana is following the second one. As Aari pointed out to Anitha, it could be Thaimai also. Or maybe it is just her game strategy?! Kalam than Padilla sollum!

Latest updates on Bigg Boss
Latest updates on Bigg Boss

Captainship task:

Later, Bigg Boss announced the captainship task. Three baskets with smile balls were kept in the garden area. Balaji, Samyuktha and Somu were the three contestants. The other HMs would throw the balls. Whomever collects the maximum balls, was to be the winner.

Balaji gave whatever balls he collected to Samyuktha. Suresh, Nisha and Archana objected to this. Balaji coolly said there were no rules and that he can share what he collected with whomever he liked. Samyuktha become the captain!

Aari and Anitha asked why he gave his collections to Samyuktha and made her the captain. He said it was not the time for him to become captain, and he will, when the time is appropriate. Wow, he is talking like someone offered him the CM post!

This captionship task is like Halwa to Kamal. Tomorrow Kamal poondhu vilaiyadvar with regard to current politics.

Fashion show:

'Sponsored apparels' were provided to the HMs for the fashion show as HMs danced to the song ‘kalasa kalasala “ from Osthi. First Archana and Suresh danced for the topic ‘Prisma happiness across generation‘. It was good. Balaji and Shivani later gave a romantic dance. Only these two pairs had given notable performance.

First place went to Archana and Suresh. Prismatic supplied cake to the winners.They cut the cake and celebrated with their house mates. Next a sponsor gifted loungewear to all the HMs in addition to Rs. 5000/- per head.

Sanam showed the gift to Anitha and Aari who were still in jail. After she left, Aari was commenting to Anitha that Sanam actually good hearted. But that sometimes, her behavior is weird. Anitha said Sanam is like a comedy piece, and she doesn;t know how to express. Uhm..., Yaaru Yaara Solradhu? Anitha is talking about how to express things.

Latest updates on Bigg Boss
Latest updates on Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss announced the release of Aari and Anitha from the Jail. All the HMs went to jail to receive them except, Suresh and Bala. Suresh said they both are rude, and he didn't want to receive them. When Archana was opening the jail gate, only Anitha came out. Aari was in meditation and he didn’t open his eyes, despite Anitha calling out to him. With this today's episode got over.

Tomorrow Ulaganayagan is coming on stage. So many incidents happened this week right from Anitha’s transition to Suresh in the confession area, Archana's and Bala's mother son bonding, Samyuktha earning her captainship and Aari's note on groupism/favoritism!

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