Do you know why girls love Maddy? | Do you know why girls love Maddy?

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Do you know why girls love Maddy?

"It doesn't matter if he is getting old, he is so manly!" Even today this is how girls go crazy about Maddy. How is this magic happened?

1. First of all, girls like the men with a macho look, Maddy smiles and scores 100% in that.

2. Girls select the guys who doesn't care about their image and Madhavan gets selected without any opposition.

3. There was a romantic dialogue in his first movie "Alaipayuthey". "I don't think you're beautiful, i don't love you , but I'm scared these are all might happen!" - . However the way Madhavan delivered it on screen made every single girl to think that 'whose gonna tell that dialogue to me' Obviously those lines gave Maddy, a big throne in the heart of all girls.

4. Killing Smile. Guys will look handsome when they laugh smartly instead of laughing out loud. Maddy got that Chocolate Boy smile. Sweet Rascal!

5. How come girls forget Madhavan, who sidelined the 'girls choice' actors of Tamil Cinema like Kamal, Ajith, Abbas & Aravindswamy during his peak period?

6. The actor who frankly says "Deepika Padukone is my favorite actress' without worrying about others.

7. Hero or Villain, Madhavan selects the role based on the quality of the character. He is the one who made a big impact even when he shared the screen space with the legend Kamalhassan in 'Anbe Sivam'.

8. Speaking about his wife and kid in all his interviews is Madhavan's speciality. This made every girl think that they should get a husband like him.

9. His graph of how he became the darling hero of Tamilnadu from a soap opera actor, his patience in getting success in 'Irudhi Sutru' as an actor and a Producer after a long wait.. Girls like him along with his profile as well.

10. He made every 80's beauties to hum 'Snehithane' 15 years ago, and now made all the millenials to enjoy 'Ey Sandakkara' . That's the magic which makes us write an article about him even on his 46th birthday!

Happy Birthday Maddy!

- Shalini Newton  / Anand Vijayaraghavan


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